Most Insane Non-NHL Goals You Need to See Right Now

Tom Urtz Jr.@@TomUrtzJrContributor INovember 20, 2012

Most Insane Non-NHL Goals You Need to See Right Now

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    There may be no NHL hockey to speak of for the 2012-13 season so far, but hockey has been in full swing throughout the world in other leagues.

    Goal scoring is a huge part of NHL action, and fans love to see how superstars can step up their game as the season goes on.

    With no season, there are no goals but YouTube is a great outlet that houses tons of video featuring goals of these other leagues from the past and present.

    To help take your mind off the lockout, here are the most insane non-NHL goals you need to see right now.

Pavel Datsyuk's First KHL Goal of Season

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    This goal isn't that insane, but Pavel Datsyuk shows why he is one of the best in the world. He steals the puck at the blue line, dekes out an opponent and beats the goaltender top shelf with a sneaky little snipe.

Nice Teamwork Effort for Ilya Kovalchuk's First Goal

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    Ilya Kovalchuk has been one of the KHL's top scorers this season, and this goal is just an example of classic Kovy. Kovalchuk hangs out on the exposed side and taps in a sweet feed from his teammate.

    Kovalchuk could be in the league for the entire season, so there is a good chance he will have more goals like this.

Rick Nash Dangles in Davos

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    Rick Nash had a nice hat trick with HC Davos upon his return to the NLA, but the goal to watch is No. 2 in this sequence. The New York Rangers' sniper dangles past defenders and scores a sweet goal using his backhand.

    The lockout needs to end because tons of fans would love to see Nash doing this inside the confines of Madison Square Garden on a nightly basis.

Logan Couture Is Living It Up with Geneve

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    Logan Couture is a player who is a rising star in the NHL, and the lockout is definitely cutting into his prime years. However, the lockout isn't preventing the young superstar from scoring highlight reel goals like this.

    This between-the-legs goal just is a shot in the gut for fans who are starving for NHL hockey.

Vladimir Tarasenko Is a Boy Among Men

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    Vladimir Tarasenko is a young prospect who is more than holding his own in the KHL this season. Tarasenko has really enjoyed skating alongside NHL-superstar Ilya Kovalchuk, and Kovy did an amazing job setting up the youngster as he scored whilst falling to the ice.

    This action is being wasted in the KHL, and it is a shame that Tarasenko isn't able to skate for the St.Louis Blues because of the lockout.

Nathan MacKinnon's Highlight Reel Goal

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    Nathan MacKinnon is a player who many feel could go No.1 overall in the 2013 NHL Draft, and if he can keep up moves like this he should be able to lock up the selection with ease.

    MacKinnon is an über-talented player, and he will be an amazing player once he hits the NHL level.

Tim Stapleton Scores While Falling Down

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    Tim Stapleton had a couple nice goals in this game, but his goal that gave his team the edge is the one to keep an eye on in this reel. 

    Stapleton takes a nice cross-crease pass from his teammate and he manages to keep his balance and put the puck in before falling to the ice.

Mikhail Varnakov

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    The KHL has featured an influx of NHL players joining the league during the lockout but mainstays like Mikhail Varnakov have been having a solid season even with the increased competition.

    Varnakov scored a beauty of a goal from an awkward angle, and it helped put his team over the top against SKA St. Petersburg.

Evgeni Malkin Shows Why He Is One of the Best in Hockey Today

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    Evgeni Malkin is a talented athlete, and prolific NHL-scorer who hasn't let the lockout put a damper on his hockey action.

    Malkin has been suiting up for Metallurg Magnitogorsk of the KHL while the NHL and NHLPA have been battling it out in the boardroom, and this goal is something that tons of NHL fans have been waiting for all season.

Team Canada Connects for a Nice Tic-Tac-Toe Goal

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    Jean-Sébastien Dea scored a seemingly simple goal for Team Canada during this Subway Super Series matchup, but the teamwork effort on this goal was pretty awesome.

    When the puck is sent down the ice, Team Canada retrieved the puck and after a series of brief passes, Dea sent the puck right through the goaltender's legs.

The Mikael Granlund Show

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    The title of the YouTube video really says it all, and it is another sobering reminder of what NHL fans are losing during the lockout.

    Mikeal Granlund was supposed to make his long awaited NHL debut this season, and the lockout has currently put a damper on that plan.

    Nonetheless, Granlund has been one of the best things to watch in the AHL, and that is something that fans should take away from this highlight reel.

Fyodor Malykhin Scores a Beauty in the Shootout

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    This highlight package features a bevy of beautiful KHL goals, but pay attention to Fyodor Malykhin's beautiful goal during the shootout. 

    If this move looks familiar, I would suggest looking up some vintage Peter Forsberg clips from the early 1990s.

Anthony Mantha Picks Up a Hat Trick

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    Anthony Mantha is an NHL prospect who is having a great season in the QMJHL thus far, and he has a good chance of increasing his draft stock if he continues to put up top-end numbers.

    This highlight reel features all of Mantha's goals from this game, but pay attention to his second goal of the night.

    Mantha drives hard to net and uses his nice hands to score a sweet goal against the Saint John's Sea Dogs.

Nikolai Zherdev

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    Nikolai Zherdev is a talented hockey player who couldn't produce on a consistent basis at the NHL level. However, at the KHL level Zherdev looks like a completely different player. He is dynamic, creative and he has tons of moves in his arsenal.

    This move by Zherdev was an amazing display of ability, and it is a shame that he hasn't been able to produce at the NHL level.

Alex Ovechkin Scores off the Face-off

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    This goal may be considered tame by Alex Ovechkin's standards, but it is still a pretty amazing goal. Ovechkin rushes to the puck and uses his strength to score with a blistering wrist-shot all while being knocked down in the process.

    Ovechkin is an NHL player who could remain in the KHL for the entire season if the lockout continues, so there is a good chance he will continue to light the lamp on occasion.

You Can't Lock out Pavel Datsyuk's Magic

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    This goal is an amazing example of vintage Pavel Datsyuk, and it proves that the NHL can't lock out his magic. Datsyuk uses his speed, hands and finishes off an amazing end-to-end rush with a beauty of a backhand goal.

Ilya Kovalchuk Snipes from an Awesome Angle

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    Ilya Kovalchuk has had an amazing time in the KHL up to this point, and this goal is another reason why New Jersey Devils' fans are cringing as they watch Kovalchuk overseas.

    Kovalchuk picks up the puck after his teammate loses it along the boards, and he drives to the net and scores from a nifty angle. This goal is nothing new for the Russian sniper, and he certainly isn't missing NHL action during the lockout.


    If there was an awesome goal that was excluded from this list, feel free to put links in the comments box so readers can continue to get their hockey fix during the lockout.