Buying or Selling These 3 Excuses for Jets Not Starting Tim Tebow

Nick Kostora@@nickkostoraContributor IIINovember 18, 2012

Buying or Selling These 3 Excuses for Jets Not Starting Tim Tebow

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    Head coach Rex Ryan and the New York Jets organization have given plenty of excuses for their continued dependence on QB Mark Sanchez and refusal to start Tim Tebow.

    Now, as the Jets sit at 4-6 on the season and continue to struggle offensively, there seem to be fewer and fewer reasons not to turn the reins over to Tebow and see what he can do with the offense.

    Still, the Jets have given their reasons for sticking with Sanchez, and some of them have validity.

    Or do they?

    Let's break down some of those reasons and buy or sell them as legitimate. 

Tebow Is Too Inaccurate

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    Tim Tebow may in fact be too inaccurate to sustain a starting role within an NFL offense. He has completed just 47 percent of his passes in his young career and struggles in the vertical passing game.

    However, is Mark Sanchez that much better?

    He ranks dead last among starters this season with a 52.0 completion percentage and has completed only three passes of 40 yards or more.

    It may be fair to question Tebow's accuracy, but when compared to Sanchez's, the drop off is alarmingly small.

    Verdict: Sell

Mark Sanchez Is the Present and Future at QB

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    Head coach Rex Ryan has repeatedly and irrefutably stuck to his belief that Sanchez is the present and future QB of the New York Jets.

    The big mystery is, why?

    Sanchez has shown few, if any, signs of growth or development since joining the league in 2009 and is not becoming a better quarterback. He has never thrown for 3,500 yards or fewer than 13 interceptions.

    Sanchez has a career QB rating of just 72.8 and seems to be more of a hindrance than a catalyst in New York's plans.

    Would starting Tebow really ruin the Sanchez-led future?

    Verdict: Sell 

Starting Tebow Would Change the Jets' Offense Too Much

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    Tebow is not a traditional drop-back passer. He uses his feet as a weapon, running between the tackles, moving the pocket and generally being a multi-dimensional threat.

    Starting him would undoubtedly change the Jets' offense, but is that such a bad thing?

    New York has scored 10 or fewer points four different times this season and ranks just 27th in passing yards. Spicing up the offense and seeing what works is not a terrible idea for a 4-6 football team with no real direction or purpose at the moment.

    Tebow was brought in to add elements to the Jets offensive attack, and at this point there is little reason not to expand his limited time on the field.

    Verdict: Sell

Final Verdict

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    All of the Jets' excuses have to be sells at this point because the returns from Sanchez have been so bad.

    New York has given Tebow only six pass attempts and 27 rushes all season, far from a large enough body of work to determine him unworthy of a chance at the starting lineup.

    He was brought in as the No. 2 QB to bring a dynamic element to the Jets' offense and challenge Sanchez should he struggle.

    Well, he has struggled, and beneath all the media hype and oversaturation is a QB in Tebow who does deserve his chance with New York.