25 Worst Sportscaster Fails

Zack Pumerantz@z_pumerantzAnalyst IIINovember 19, 2012

25 Worst Sportscaster Fails

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    Brain farts are a natural part of the human repertoire. Unfortunately for sportscasters, their mistakes are broadcast across the world for all to laugh at.

    While Gus Johnson taught us that any mundane situation is capable of sounding epic, many of his peers have shown us that only fails keep us coming back for more.

    From hilarious to simply awful, here are the most legendary fails in the history of sportscasting, listed in no particular order.

    Caution: Some bloopers featured herein contain NSFW language.

Dan Marino Despises Defense

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    Imagine how much that would have hurt if Dan Marino actually had a Super Bowl ring? Zing.

Lee Corso Without a Hat

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    For Lee Corso, this is called headgear withdrawal. It can get ugly.

Seasoning the Meat

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    I remember my first broadcast. It was like this, but in front of a mirror.

Eric Karros' Expert Analysis

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    Thank you, Eric Karros, for the rivetingly obvious statement. As always.

ESPN Snowballs

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    When it rains, it pours.

Getting on the Same Page

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    How to handle a shattered situation with class. Embrace the moment.

Hunting for Jim Knox

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    If we know Roger Goodell, he's trying to fine James Harrison for this hit.

Penalty Kick Astray

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    During hair-flying impact, for a slight second, that could have been Clay Matthews.

Alpaca Attack

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    Cloning the alpaca species would somehow make the world a better place. They'd keep us all in line.

Damany Lewis Can't Close the Deal

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    After a nifty punch line, Damany Lewis crumbles to pieces.

Charley Steiner's Modus Operandi

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    Charley Steiner enters every situation like a pro. And always leaves a hero.

It's Raining, Guys

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    Dear Books on Tape,

    Hire Charles Clinton.

    Love, all sports fans

Wayne Brady's Legacy

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    Dave Chappelle would be proud. As are we.

Danyelle Sargent Wired for Sound

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    Danyelle Sargent's contract with ESPN was coincidentally not renewed when it expired in the Fall of 2006. For more potty mouth, visit her on NFL Network.

Testing the Vocal Chords

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    An exhausting, yet legendary broadcast. Brilliant.

Troy Aikman Never Liked Cold Balls

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    So heat those things up.

A Graphic Commentary

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    We could just as easily be stuck in a pottery class with a hilariously colorful instructor. Hands...caressing...we're finished here. 

Sky Sports Screwup

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    What is Chris Kamara being paid for again?

Scent of a Woman

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    No translation necessary here. Your eyes will do all the talking.

Not Quite the Triangle Offense

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    Fox Sports West reporter Christine Nubla elaborates on a new strategy being popularized around the league.

It Was a Weird Day

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    Correction: "Took another sip of the potion, hit the three-wheel motion."

An Emotional Finish

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    This sounds eerily similar to the mad scientists in charge of Johnson & Johnson, a brand of shampoo that claims to be eye sensitive and...well...actually is.

Explosions in the Sky

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    This footage continues to pass the test of time. Whatever Ball State University sportscaster Brian Collins is now being paid, it's not enough.

Glorious Mike Ditka

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    Unfortunately for Mike Ditka, the lights forgot to dim on this team when the moment demanded it most. Ladies and gentlemen...Ditka.

We Built This City

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    Not much was saved during this torrential downpour. And the Sonics did eventually move to Oklahoma City.


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