DeMarcus Ware on Tracking Sacks, Dancing with the Stars, Bad Math Class Memories

Brad Gagnon@Brad_Gagnon NFL National ColumnistNovember 14, 2012

LANDOVER, MD - NOVEMBER 20:  DeMarcus Ware #94 of the Dallas Cowboys celebrates after sacking  Rex Grossman #8 of the Washington Redskins during the second half at FedExField on November 20, 2011 in Landover, Maryland.  (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
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Dallas Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware is one sack away from becoming only the fifth player in NFL history to record 10 or more sacks in seven consecutive seasons.

Considering that earlier this season he joined the 100-sack club at the age of 29, he's already become a very strong candidate for the Pro Football Hall of Fame and might even have a chance to make a run at Bruce Smith's record of 200 career sacks. 

But there's more to life than sacks, both on and off the field. When Bleacher Report caught up with Ware this week, we asked him about the alternative statistics used to measure a pass-rusher's productivity, as well as his life before and after football.  

Bleacher Report: Obviously sacks are a big part of what you do, but there's a lot that goes into being a good pass-rusher. Do you feel sacks themselves are overrated?

DeMarcus Ware: I think getting a sack, making a big play, stripping the ball out, those are always game-changers. And when you have a guy that can do that, I think it's a big part of the game. It's almost like scoring a touchdown on defense and getting the offense back the ball. Because usually when that happens, there's a shorter field and they're able to score points.

BR: Do you always know how many sacks you have and where you're ranked among the league's top sack guys?

DM: I don't pay attention to it until at least 13, 14. I start getting to the end of the season and want to know where my season has been and where I compare to the other guys. I can't even tell you how many sacks I have right now, not at this point.

BR: Are you interested in the types of stats Pro Football Focus tracks, such as pressures, hurries and hits? 

DM: I do look at pressures. I look at pressures a lot. How many times can you get to the quarterback and how effective were you compared to last season? That's one thing I do look at a lot.

BR: You guys are trying to fill a major hole with Sean Lee out. How do you think you've fared as a defense?

DM: It's a big loss for us, but the thing is Bruce Carter and [Ernie] Sims, they've really stepped up and filled that void that Sean Lee left.

BR: You almost crushed Nick Foles on a few occasions Sunday in Philadelphia. Your thoughts on his debut? 

DM: He came in and he did what he needed to do as a young guy. He played really well, and I think he's going to be a good player.

BR: Should he start the rest of the season in Philly?

DM: That's not my decision, I just know he played really well when he came in.

BR: Former Cowboys Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin have both participated in ABC's Dancing with the Stars. Are you next on the list?

DM: If the opportunity presents itself, I would think that I would be willing to do it.

BR: So you're a good dancer?

DM: I can dance, but they're going to have to show me a couple moves.

BR: So you spent your off day this week back in school. You were at Lancaster High School in Lancaster, Tex. to spend some time with students and football players as part of Duracell's "Trust Your Power" program. How'd it go?

DM: Really well. ... They're a team that underachieved, but now they have an opportunity to make the playoffs with the game they have this Thursday. And Duracell's coming in and bringing in equipment and gear and devices and sort of giving them a second opportunity with their school.

I think it's just a great thing that they're doing. And they've teamed up with Texas Instruments, and they gave out like 50 calculators in a math class, so we went in there and did some math questions and stuff. It was just really good to see.

BR: Did being back in high school conjure up any bad memories?

DM: You know what? First time I pulled the calculator out I actually took the cover off of it, I saw all the Xs and Os and numbers on it and I covered it back up, and I had a bad memory that I don't want to go through again. 

BR: What was your favorite subject in school? And you can't say gym.

DM: Actually my favorite subject was computers. I loved computer class, I like messing with computers and I majored in business information systems, so I'm a computer guy.

BR: Is that something you'll be involved with after your NFL career? 

DM: I think that'll probably be something that I would get into. Some type of marketing and working with computers.


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