Best College Basketball Team to Never Win a National Championship

Dean JonesContributor IMarch 16, 2009

There is something everyone desires... respect.

Respect is earned, not given. It is not something a school, team or player receives simply because. It is given by another individual only after something has occurred to cause it.

Why the respect is given is another matter.

What is the criteria that should be used to give respect to a team?  Is it because they have exhibited a consistent character deserving respect?

Have they achieved something extraordinary that no one else has done?

Is it how many games they win?

Is it the conference they play in or the schedule they have?

Is it their history?  Is it their present accomplishments?

Is it how many times they have played in the NCAA tournament or what their results have been?

Or is it how many championships they have won, and do only NCAA championships count or do other tournaments, such as the NIT, carry weight?

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There are far more programs who have not won a National Championship in basketball than those that have, so who deserves respect?  Tell us who you think is the greatest school to never win an NCAA National Championship and why.

This isn't a time to tell other posters why they are wrong, just why you are right. Make a good case for your school and why you deserve respect.  Don't share a particular team and year... this is about a school, a program, that has never won an NC in basketball.

My team is Memphis.  Memphis has long been a program that has been competitive.  They have been in 3 Final Fours and played for 2 National Championships, including as far back as 1973 against Bill Walton and UCLA, but so far Memphis has come up short.  Memphis has the added challenge of not playing in one of the Big 6 conferences which, at least in this day and age, results in an instant loss in respect despite the many indivdual accomplishments over the last decade. 

That is why I believe Memphis is the best program in the country to never win a National Championship.

Who is yours?

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