Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love Team Up for Epic Uncle Drew Pepsi Max Ad

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 31, 2012

Uncle Drew is back and his old buddy Wes is along, proving sequels really can beat the original. 

Pepsi Max released Chapter 2 (h/t BuzzFeed) in the Uncle Drew saga, and it features the NBA talents of Kyrie Irving just like the first time around.

This time, the video also features Minnesota Timberwolves star Kevin Love. Of course, there is a catch that makes this ad more of a memorable video than any commercial out there could do. 

Both basketball stars are dressed up and doused with makeup to look far older than they are. When they hit the blacktop at Jim Gilliam Park in Los Angeles, they are scoffed at by spectators who think they have a couple of has-been chumps on their hands. 

Instead, the young men playing street ball get old schooled. The video starts with Irving in character as Uncle Drew getting wisdom from the great Bill Russell. That's when he takes off to find his ol' pal Wes, played by Kevin Love. 

They get the band back together and embark on an L.A. court. Wes takes a while to get loose and makes some horrible plays, much to the guffaw of those watching. By the end, Uncle Drew is dropping buckets and Wes is dunking over brash street ballers. 

It's rare that a commercial offers this much entertainment, so I will savor Chapter 2 and await more adventures of this old man who has sick game. 

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