Next Years Super Bowl Contenders

Mitchell TimpCorrespondent IMarch 14, 2009

Atlanta Falcons-Last year at 11-5 Atlanta played under rookie QB Matt Ryan. He had a good rookie season with a 87.7 passer rating 3,440 and 16 TDs. Michael Turner with 17 touchdowns and 1,699 yards last year makes it easy to say that they can make it far.

Baltimore Ravens- Like the Falcons last year the Ravens played under Joe Flacco.Β  He had a 80.3 passer rating and 2,991 yards. With improving Ed Reed and Ray Lewis and their great defence makes you wanna say that they can make it to the super bowl.

Washington Redskins- Now this team is the most spendy in the offseason. They got Albert Haynesworth to their already improving defense and they got a improving QB Jason Campbell a good pair and to tie it together you got a good team.

Pittsburgh Steelers- Not much to say about this recent Super Bowl team. They have young QB Big Ben and improving wide out Santonio Holmes along with the "Steel Curtain" and you got yourself the Steelers.

Tennessee Titans-They have just re-signed Kerry Collins and they have a great defense. Last year they barely lost to the Ravens but they have good chances. I say a second round playoff spot and maybe a Super Bowl

Honorable mentions- Vikings, eagles, and maybe the patriots if Tom Brady is healthy

That's all have any opinions just tell me.


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