Hulk Hogan, Vince McMahon: Ranking the 25 Most Hilarious WWE Fails of All Time

Andy Soucek@Andy_SoucekFeatured ColumnistNovember 9, 2012

Hulk Hogan, Vince McMahon: Ranking the 25 Most Hilarious WWE Fails of All Time

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    WWE has a proud, rich tradition of entertainment that has entertained fans for years.

    They've also had an epic fail or two along the way.

    With so many televised matches, promos, and backstage segments, things are bound to go wrong. It's even more likely when a show is televised live.

    You have to admire the men and women who have put their bodies on the lines to entertain fans, but sometimes it's still funny to watch them screw up.

    With thousands and thousands of hours of WWE programming, this is by no means the definitive list of WWE fails, but it's a good selection of what can go wrong in the world of wrestling.

    While writing this article, multiple times slides had to be rewritten as videos were pulled (somehow Linda McMahon getting tombstoned seems to have disappeared. Hmmmm...). So there are still many great mistakes to find out there.

    But here is a list of 25 of the most hilarious WWE fails of all time.

25: Steve Blackman's Acting Fail

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    Steve Blackman's promo had to make this list one way OR ANOTHER!

    Blackman and Ric Flair will never be confused for their promo abilities, but this backstage interview was just a big bowl of wrong.

    I wonder if Ken Shamrock actually felt threatened after this promo, or just sorry for Steve.

    Also, good for Terry Taylor for being able to keep a straight face while Blackman stared at him the entire time.

24: Scott Steiner's Jumping Fail

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    Scott Steiner botched quite a few moves during his short time in the WWE, but this one may be the most cringe-worthy.

    Big Poppa Pump tried his best to jump approximately four feet off the ring apron, but he took a Big Poppa Dump instead.

    Lucky for him, at least Test was a good sport about it and tried to sell the attack on his ankle as best he could.

    If one ever wonders why Steiner didn't last longer in WWE, just watch a few more clips like this and you'll understand.

23: Hogan's Chokeslam Fail

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    The Hogan and Undertaker feud was just a big mess.

    Fans gave Hogan a massive reaction when he returned to the company. It was great to see him back, but the WWF seems to have misunderstood the response.

    Instead of placing Hogan as a special attraction, they made him a full-time wrestler and pushed him all the way to win the Undisputed WWF Title.

    His entire feud with The Undertaker was just one awkward exchange after the next. The worst of it may have been at Judgment Day 2002 when a 48-year-old Hogan tried to sell the chokeslam.

    Hogan's jumping abilities weren't what they used to be, and he only managed to get a few inches off the ground.

    It was more of a choke fall than anything.

    I can't predict the future, but this may not be the last fail on this list that these two accomplished together.

22: Record Keeping Fail

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    This match was fast, but it wasn't that fast.

    For years, S.D. Jones vs. King Kong Bundy was reported to have been the quickest match in WrestleMania history.

    Officially, it was considered nine seconds long. This may have be the longest nine seconds in the history of the world.

    It's odd that the WWF seemed dead set on having this match known as a nine-second match, maybe that was just the plan all along.

    Special Delivery Jones (or S.D. if you will), looked slightly out of place for Bundy's splash and readjusted himself for the move. Maybe that cost them a second or two.

    Anyway, it's too bad that this match will no longer be remembered as the shortest in Mania history.

    Kane defeating Chavo Guerrero at WrestleMania 24 beat this record by one official second (and probably 15 actual ones).

21: McGillicutty Fails to Be Perfect

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    This was Michael McGillicutty's big moment, and he blew it.

    With a live mic in his hand, McGillicutty proved that Kaval was the much better choice to win NXT.

    And that's saying quite a bit since Kaval left the company shortly after winning.

    McGiillicutty (would they just name him Joe Hennig already? That's a pain to keep typing! Anyway...) was asked to cut a promo about his thoughts on losing during the NXT finale.

    It was time to dig down deep. To show some fire, and prove to the world that they made the wrong choice.

    That just didn't happen.

    Maybe he meant to watch some old promos from his father before the show, and accidentally put in an old Steve Blackman tape instead.

20: Jericho and the Great Ring Rope Fail

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    As good as Chris Jericho is in the ring, he's sometimes clunky.

    This one can't be blamed on him, though.

    Jericho tried to jump on the ropes and kick an unsuspecting Booker T.

    It sounded like a good idea at the time, but the rope broke and Jericho just landed on his face.

    Let's hope for Jericho's ego that it never, eeeeeeeeeeever happens again.

19: Steiner's Pants Fail

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    This moment may best sum up Scott Steiner's last WWE run.

    Batista was impressively able to lift Steiner up for a Batista Bomb, but Steiner's pants didn't want to come along for the ride.

    The Big Bad Booty Daddy showed off a bit of that booty for the crowd, though it's not quite clear how many enjoyed the view.

    Right after Steiner hits the ground, he appeared to be more concerned with pulling his pants up than selling the move.

    This was one wardrobe malfunction that probably wasn't high on your list of seeing.

18: The Feed Me Less Fail

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    I imagine that trying to lift up Tensai is no easy task.

    But when WWE shoves a wrestler down your throat, you can't help but get a laugh when he fails.

    Ryback was placed in another one of his never-ending series of squash matches. The whole point of Ryback's offense is for fans to be in awe of his power moves.

    The moves just don't look too impressive when he can't lift his opponent up.

    Ryback tried his best, but twice failed to get Tensai on his shoulders.

    He gave up and called the former Albert stupid. Well, that was just mean.

    Ryback had to think fast, went deep into his playbook, and decided to go for a clothesline instead.

    What made this finish even stranger was that Ryback had performed the move successfully on Tensai just a few days before on Smackdown.

17: Umaga Fails to Keep His Cool

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    There was quite a bit of blame to go around for this debacle.

    Two guys who aren't trained wrestlers shouldn't have been asked to wrestle a match. Steve-O probably should have known to sell better, and Umaga probably didn't need to beat the crap out of him because he was acting like an idiot.

    Umaga laid out Steve-O with a big splash. It's one of those spots where you're just supposed to lay there motionless. Steve-O though, kept moving around and slamming his hand on the mat.

    Umaga didn't look pleased with this.

    Instead of leaving the ring, he came back with a couple of stiff forearms. Then he picked the scrawny reality star up and awkwardly slammed him on his head.

    Steve-O begged off as Umaga continued to kick him.

    They wisely cut from this beating and instead started showing replays.

    In the end, it's hard to tell who the jackass was this night.

    (To see Umaga lose it, start around the 5:50 mark).

16: Guardrail Fail

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    People like Shawn Michaels so much that they're willing to risk bodily harm just to touch him.

    As the Heart Break Kid made his way down to the ring, fans leaned over the sides of the guardrail for a handshake.

    Unfortunately, there were too many people pushing and everyone went tumbling to the floor.

    Michaels tried to help a fan to his feet as Jerry Lawler laughed hysterically. It was a funny "anything can happen" moment.

    Sadly, after this incident, the guardrail was wished the best in his future endeavors.

15: R-Truth's Geography Fail

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    The first rule of addressing a live crowd should always be to know where you actually are.

    R-Truth tried to excite the Milwaukee crowd, but instead annoyed them, by assuming he was in Green Bay.

    Michael Cole had a field day with this, and went off on a lengthy rant.

    Jerry Lawler tried to cut R-Truth some slack, but Cole wouldn't have any of that. It's too bad, as the old Lawler would have joined in on the fun.

    The  "Milwaukee" chant was a nice touch on the crowd's part.

14: Donald Trump's Stunner Fail

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    It could have been an all-time great WWE moment, but instead it's usually locked away in a vault.

    Donald Trump and Vince McMahon each chose a wrestler to represent them for a match at WrestleMania 23.

    Trump chose the young up-and-comer Bobby Lindsay (a great fail in its own right), while Vince chose Umaga.

    There was a hair vs. hair stipulation between the billionaires, so to the surprise of no one, Lashley won the match.

    Stone Cold, being the jerk that he is, decided to stun Trump anyway.

    Actually I take that back, Trump deserves a good Stunner or two. Stone Cold is a hero.

    Anyway, as Austin went to lay out The Donald with a Stunner, Trump fell too early and landed with a thud. In replays, WWE did some tricky editing where it's hard to tell what's going on, but it doesn't look pretty.

    The movement of Trump's hair was fascinating to watch, but that was the only good thing about it.

    Trump should have fired himself for that fail.

13: Jackie Gayda Bulldogs Herself

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    It's perhaps the most embarrassing match to ever air on Monday Night Raw.

    Christopher Nowinski and Jackie Gayda teamed up against Bradshaw and Trish Stratus in a match of one big old fail after another.

    It's hard to blame Jackie Gayda though, as she was put on TV well before she was ready.

    The worst part was the finish of the match.

    Trish is on the top rope, Jackie stumbles around looking like she doesn't know what to do. She decides to charge Trish, only to receive a boot to the face.

    Jackie then stumbles around some more while Trish hits a top rope bulldog. Actually, she missed by quite a bit and Jackie didn't fall down with her.

    And then Jackie decided to throw herself down anyway. Trish pinned her off of the phantom bulldog.

    Jim Ross summed it up best "... and mercifully, it's over."

    (Skip to about 5:30 in the match to see the worst part.)

12: McMahon's Running Fail

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    If this were a normal person, it probably wouldn't be very funny, but this was Vince McMahon, so it's at least worth a chuckle.

    During the Royal Rumble, there was some serious controversy.

    John Cena and Batista were the last two men remaining. Then, they appeared to hit the ground at the same time and eliminated each other.

    Who was going to be declared the winner?

    Vince McMahon couldn't let the Rumble end like this. No way would he stand for that... literally.

    On the way down the entrance ramp, Vince blew out one of his quads when he slammed his leg into the side of the ring.

    When he tried to stand up, he put too much weight on the other leg and blew that quad out as well.

    Vince then sat on his butt trying to dish out orders.

    The announcers, probably fearing for their jobs, failed to mention this obvious, odd moment.

11: Brock Lesnar's Shooting Star Fail

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    Okay, so maybe this one isn't very funny.

    It looked insanely painful, but was one of the biggest botched moves in WWE history.

    In the main event of WrestleMania 19, Brock Lesnar went one-on-one with Kurt Angle.

    It looked like Brock was finally ready to put the Olympic gold medalist away, when he decided to pull out a new trick.

    Lesnar went up to the top rope, leaving the announcers and fans wondering what he was up to.

    Angle looked a long way from Brock to attempt any sort of move, let alone the Shooting Star Press that Brock went for.

    While it looked impressive, Brock basically landed on his face.

    It could have killed a normal man, but amazingly Brock was able to stand up, deliver an F5 on Angle and win the match.

    While Lesnar was able to pull this off before, he not so surprisingly, never attempted the move again.

10: The Headbutt from Hell

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    There's been some cases of over selling before (like the awesome Stunner that Scott Hall took from Austin at WrestleMania 18), but this may take the cake.

    Apparently, Mark Henry's headbutts are so devastating that they somehow transcend time and space.

    They also take a couple seconds to register before violently throwing you to the ground.

    But, they're not quite devastating enough to prevent you from standing right back up.

    It's a strange paradox.

9: The RKO Fail

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    Randy Orton was trying to break up the Walls of Jericho, so he planned to lay him out Y2J with an RKO.

    He missed completely.

    So, he tried again and this time he connected.

    Now, there's something I just don't understand.

    If Orton missed the RKO the first time, why didn't he just stand up and try again? Why did he have to run back to the ropes for his next attempt?

    It just made Jericho look like an idiot for standing there and waiting to be attacked from behind.

    The next time that Orton gets mad at one of his opponents, he should watch this clip first and try to chill out a bit.

8: Sid Fails to Realize What Live TV Means

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    Sid hasn't always had the best promos, but at least he usually didn't break the fourth wall with them.

    During a live interview with Jim Ross, Sid screwed up the word "skeptic" multiple times, and couldn't regain his train of thought.

    Vicious then politely asked if he could do it again.

    The problem is, they were live, as Ross quickly reminded him.

    Give Sid at least a little credit for trying to recover, but it remains one of the most embarrassing moments of his career.

7: Mark Henry's Cage Door Fail

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    The World's Strongest Man went one on one with The World's Strongest Door and failed.

    It was truly an embarrassing moment.

    If it wasn't so funny, it'd be too cringe worthy to watch.

    During an episode of Smackdown, Mark Henry was trying to rip the door off of the cage and attack Batista.

    Apparently the door wasn't in the mood to sell that day.

    It took nearly a minute of awkwardly, and violently tugging away at the chain before he could get in. The announcers stumbled over what to say, Batista stood there, and the crowd groaned.

    The best part of it all may be the guy in the crowd yelling "come on, you're the world's strongest man, c'mon!"

6: Jackie's Wardrobe Fail

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    Jackie Gayda is mainly remembered for two things during her run in WWE.

    The first? Her horrible tag match against Trish.

    The second? Exposing her nipple to millions of live viewers.

    Sorry guys, you're on your own to find the video for this one.

    This is a photo of moments before Jackie Gayda had some trouble with her outfit. As she stood up, her top failed to keep up with her.

    She seemed pretty unaware that she was exposing herself, and confusing young children everywhere.

    I'm not going to lie, I remember watching this live with my college roommate at the time, and right after the incident we high-fived.

    I was young and immature.

    But if anyone remembers any classic Jackie Gayda WWE matches to help me forget, feel free to chime in!

5: The Iron Sheik Fails to Hide His Excitement

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    Maybe it's a trick of the eye, but it appears that something suspicious was going on in the Iron Sheik's trunks.

    From a historical context, it was one of the biggest matches in WWF history.

    This was the night when Hulkamania was truly born in the WWF.

    Hogan was somehow able to take the title from the Iron Sheik, even after being put in the dreaded Camel Clutch.

    But on this encounter in 1984, it seemed there was a little something extra going on with the clutch.

    Now, I'm not one to speculate, so I'll leave it up to the viewer to see if they notice anything funny or not.

    But believe me, once it's seen, it can't be unseen.

    (A shortened version was recently removed, so start at 6:00 for the moment in question.)

4: The Punt Fail

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    It looked like Kofi Kingston's feud with Orton was going to make him a star.

    Instead, he's continued wallowing in the mid-card for years. Botching a couple spots along the way probably didn't help his cause.

    Orton was about to deliver his devastating punt kick on Raw, when he suddenly stopped. It was almost as if he was expecting something to happen.

    He then turned towards the camera and shrugged his shoulders.

    It's hard to say why why the timing was off on this one. Maybe Kofi isn't to blame. But regardless, Orton could have done a better job of improvising.

    The way Orton stalled, and stared into camera, was a dead giveaway that something didn't go down as planned.

    Maybe he thought he was on Malcolm in the Middle and not Monday Night Raw

3: Motorcycle Fail

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    As mentioned before, Hogan and Undertaker had a pretty lousy feud.

    It was also pretty comical when it wasn't meant to be.

    Hogan had gone backstage, and stole The Undertaker's motorcycle. He probably should have just left it there.

    Taker came to the ring to get it back, and Hogan threatened to drive it right at him. He was going to roll right up that entrance way and show Taker who's boss.

    Hogan revved up, and drove about four feet.

    Then he stopped. And tried again.

    And he kept on trying and going nowhere.

    The camera stayed on the announcers for a minute while Hogan desperately struggled to move the bike.

    He couldn't just give up, as they needed the bike for the next segment where Hogan ran it over with a conveniently placed semi truck.

    Jim Ross tried to cover and said "I'm not so sure that Hogan isn't trying to mess with Undertaker's mind right now."

    Sure, Jim. Sure.

    (To see the motorcycle fail, skip to 5:00 into the clip.)

2: Brutus Beefcake's Timing Fail

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    In one of the biggest wrestling angles of all time, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake got a little too eager to make his appearance.

    After months of tension between The Mega Powers, Randy Savage finally snapped and laid out Hulk Hogan.

    It was a shocking moment.

    Beefcake ran in to try and stop this madness, then he thought better of it and left, only to come back 20 seconds later.

    What makes it even stranger is that Beefcake had his shirt on the first time he appeared. Then when he returned it was off.

    The only logical explanation is that he was going to restrain Macho Man, then realized his shirt might get sweaty, so he went somewhere to take it off before trying to save his friend's life.

    Completely understandable.

1: Mean Gene Has a Potty Mouth

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    Careful, there's some foul language in this one.

    Gene Okerlund seems like a nice guy that you wish was your uncle. He just comes across as very friendly, and could tell you lots of fun wrestling stories.

    Unless a sign falls behind his head. Then it's time to run!

    For some reason, that just sets him off.

    It was going to be a normal interview with Rick Rude (along with Bobby Heenan) before his match. Then, the unexpected catastrophe of a SummerSlam sign fell off the wall and Okerlund lost it.

    Gene was in no mood to conduct an interview after this. He dropped the F-bomb and walked off the set.

    One theory is that the interview wasn't live, and the wrong tape was accidentally played instead.

    What also makes this great is how Jesse Ventura seemed to have fun with it, while Tony Schiavone has no idea what to say.

    It was weird, hilarious and still remains WWE's greatest fail.

    Got any other favorite wrestling fails, botches or shenanigans gone wrong? Sound off below!