Jay Cutler Could Learn from Brady Quinn

Erin McLaughlinSenior Analyst IIMarch 13, 2009

Jay Cutler is an NFL Quarterback who is acting like he is still in Junior High.

Yes, he was named to be the franchise quarterback by Mike Shanahan. Yes, he had a Pro-Bowl year last year. Yes, his new coach wasn't upfront with him about trying to bring in Matt Cassel. But somebody seriously needsΒ to act like a champion.

Cutler needs to realize the business he is in. His new coach did not draft him, so he needs to prove himself to his new coach, not cry about him publicly.

Look at a similar situation. Brady Quinn was named the starter by Romeo Crennel. A new coach comes in and says he isn't sure. Either he or Derek Anderson could be traded, or there could be an open competition. Has Brady been shaken by it? No way!

If you saw him on ESPN's First Take last week, you would have seen him being very complimentary of his new coach. He says he is excited to compete with Anderson and then lead the team.

He knows things are still in his control. He knows that there are many reasons why the new coach could want a QB competition. He also is very confident he will win. In other words, he isn't afraid of competition, and he understands the business.

Jay Cutler should really observe how Quinn has handled this. He should realize that although this new coach tried trading him, he can still show him what he has. Also, if he does get traded, he still gets to be an NFL starter.


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