Stone Cold Steve Austin

Lucas BerndtCorrespondent IMarch 13, 2009

Hey today I've decided to talk about Steve Austin. Many people know him as the beer guzzling anti-hero but that's what made him great.

Stone Cold was such a fun guy and he did the coolest things ever. I mean he got to ride over The Rock;s new car with a monster truck. He also made sure you were entertained doing things like flipping his opponents off.

Now he also got the raw end of the stick sometimes. I mean when he was thrown off that bridge by The Rock. He got his revenge though with what I said earlier running over The Rock's car with a monster truck and hitting The Rock into the grave that was made for Steve.

This guy also had a really cool finisher. I mean he had the Stunner and he could do it so many different ways. Like he could flip someone of before he did it or after. He could cuss at them before or after. That is how a move should be.

He also ended a match right. I mean a victory drink is a great ending. He made it something fun too. I mean clanging to beer cans together then drinking from both. That is awesome.

That is it for today I might go into his history next time, but until then bye.

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