The JoeSportsFan Show, Episode 5: A Bit Weird

JoeSportsFanSenior Analyst IMarch 12, 2009

Latest edition of the JoeSportsFan Show available now, live and in living audio!

And what a show it was. Items for discussion include:

  • Dan Leone, formerly of the Philadelphia Eagles stadium staff, got fired because of his Facebook status, a status that chastised the Eagles for letting Brian Dawkins go. “RETARTED.” That unfortunately does not mean that if you speak highly of your employer, you get a promotion to beer vendor or head line judge.
  • The strangest Wiffle Ball segment to date, with ample help from Top 7 writer Jason Major, Coldhardfootballfacts.com founder, and head troll Kerry J. Byrne and the Don from Hugging Harold Reynolds.
  • A ripe, hearty bag of crap for all to enjoy.
  • Plus, insight from Coach K, a cameo from Mr. Belding, midgets, midgets draped in queso dip, Jesus on the playing field, Full House, Norm from Cheers, Sam Malone from Cheers, Michael Vick’s home, Empty Nest and much, much more…like Charles Barkley, Gus Johnson, and Lucky Charms.

To download the mp3, click here.

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