Interview Excerpt: Budding NBA Talent Patrick Ewing Jr. Contributor IMarch 12, 2009

The Good Point was able to catch up with Patrick Ewing Jr. back when he announced that he had been picked up by the Reno Bighorns of the NBDL.

The Bighorns are the New York Knicks affiliate and play the same run-and-gun offense that D’Antoni has imposed in New York, and Reno appears to be as good a training ground as any for the budding talent.

Ewing expressed his belief that he is an NBA-caliber player, while acknowledging that time to further develop his skills will only serve to make him more prepared when he gets there. If college basketball differs from NBA basketball, then the D-League certainly falls somewhere within that.

“The D-League is definitely a pro league," Ewing said. "A lot of the players have NBA experience at some point and it’s a lot faster-paced than college. I’m here to work on everything because, in order to become a better player, all areas have to be better.”


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