Don't Eat The Dome Dog: The Worst Hotdog in Baseball

Andrew NorbinContributor IMarch 12, 2009

There are many good aspects about being a Twins fan.

We play good baseball. We have good fans, who love the team, and we are finally getting a new stadium.  I hope all of these things follow the team next year to Target Field.

There is one thing that I hope does not follow the team...The infamous dome dog!  This little baby of mystery meat is something Twins fans have put up with for years and it must stop!

While most other stadium food will cost you a weeks' pay and a beer with be a steal at $6.75, on certain nights,  you can get yourself a glimmering dome dog for a buck!  Most unsuspecting fans think, "What a great deal!"  But my friends, please don't be fooled.

I have seen many friends and family miss home runs, web gems, and other exciting plays, because the dome dog has left them paralyzed in a bathroom stall.

I understand there are other stadium foods out there that are bad, but humor me, for we are the title holders for worst hot dog in the game, the Hormel classic dome dog, please eat with caution.

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