Power Ranking the Top 25 World Soccer Team Mascots

Thomas Atzenhoffer@socceratzCorrespondent IIOctober 25, 2012

Power Ranking the Top 25 World Soccer Team Mascots

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    There is no true way to quantify the effect of mascots on a football match. It is true that they serve as another key link between the club and the fans as they are there to inspire support.

    However, mascots also can be key community figures to extend the reach of their club and show support to aspects outside of the game.

    In the long run it is about those that you remember and that you can enjoy the antics of that makes a mascot great and that keeps you always interested to see again and again.

    To follow are the best in the game and there are few that you may not recognize.

Castle (Real Valladolid)

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    Spanish La Liga Segunda side Real Valladolid pays homage to their home region of Castile and Leon with a mascot that resembles a castle tower that strolls the crowd, lifting the fans.

Cozmo (LA Galaxy)

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    Since 2003 the frog-like alien mascot Cozmo has been ever-present for Major League Soccer's L.A. Galaxy.

    Not only can he play keeper or striker, but the lovable mascot also is a key activist in the club's community.

Berni the Bear (Bayern Munich)

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    Even Frank Lampard needs a little help every now and then from the local support.

    Bayern Munich mascot Berni the Bear is one of Europe's most lovable bears in the mascot fold.

Billy the Badger (Fulham)

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    Fulham FC mascot Billy the Badger has been known to cut a rug or two in his day.

    Thanks to him the fans can do more than just admire the boats from Craven Cottage's terraces.

Milanello (AC Milan)

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    AC Milan introduced Milanello in 2006 and he has been charming the Red Devil faithful ever since.

    Summer 2012 signing Antonio Cassano was instantly drawn to his new supporter on signing day.

Rammie (Derby County)

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    Derby County mascot Rammie was the first full-time mascot in English football.

    He has been raising the spirit of fans for the Rams as well at local events for years.

Mighty Red (Liverpool FC)

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    Liverpool unveiled Mighty Red this summer as a means to further connect with the fans in the stands.

    He is a rendition of the famous Liverpool Liver Bird.

Benfica Eagle (Benfica)

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    Portuguese giants Benfica are one of several clubs in Europe that use a live eagle as their mascot.

    The eagle named Victory symbolizes the club's pursuit of excellence.

Erwin (Schalke 04)

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    Schalke 04 mascot Erwin not only is loved by the fans, but he is always there for the players in the squad when they feel a little down and out.

Deepdale Duck (Preston North End)

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    Preston North End mascot Deepdale Duck is the first mascot to have been red-carded; see him escorted off of the pitch during a match with Derby County here.

    The mascot is one of the more unruly mascots in the English football leagues and is more than willing to incite a scrap.

Herbie the Hammer (West Ham United)

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    West Ham United mascot Herbie the Hammer has gone through several versions in recent years, but one of his most endearing ones is in the picture above.

    The Hammers need all the support they can get this season as they fight for a mid-table place in the English Premier League.

Olimpia (SS Lazio)

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    Rome based Italian Serie A side SS Lazio is another side that uses an eagle as their official club mascot.

    Olimpia is known to do a crowd fly-over before every match.

Nelson (Portsmouth)

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    Although he has had some rough years in the past few seasons between multiple administration periods, Portsmouth mascot Nelson continues to be there with the fans and the club through thick and thin.

Griffin (Genoa CFC)

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    Genoa CFC of the Italian Serie A is known to be extremely involved with the club's players from being part of in-game celebrations to helping lift the crowd in post-match revelry.

Baggie Bird (West Bromwich Albion)

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    West Bromwich Albion mascot Baggie Bird has no fear when it comes to making sure the crowd is ready and energized to support their club.

Moonchester (Manchester City)

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    This mascot quite literally was over the moon last season. Manchester City mascot Moonchester enjoys a 100 percent record in the English Premier League with one season under his belt and one league title in the cabinet during his reign.

Stamford the Lion (Chelsea FC)

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    Chelsea's crowd go-getter, Stamford the Lion, has lots of reasons to roar about currently in the English Premier League.

    However, the recent stumble to Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League is not something he will be proud of.

Timber Joey (Portland Timbers)

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    Major League Soccer club Portland Timbers have a lumberjack break out a chainsaw and fill the air with the aroma of fresh-cut wood that has that burnt-yet-fresh scent.

    It is enough to churn the Timbers crowd into a frenzy of football-loving support.

ChivaFighter (Chivas USA)

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    From Guadalajara Mexico, Chiva Fighter came to California to defend all things Chivas and to lead the crowd as his army of faithful supporters of the club.

    However, Chiva Fighter is also quite the dancer, as you can see him break it down with the Chiva Girls here.

Samson (Sunderland)

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    Sunderland's favorite black cat, Samson, is always keen to not only support the club in action, but also off the pitch in various community events.

Fred the Red (Manchester United)

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    No mascot combines bear and devil better than that of Manchester United.

    Fred the Red parades as a devil in disguise, bending the the crowd to his ear just as a silver-tongued devil would.

    Of course he fits the part considering the amount of silverware in the trophy cabinet since his arrival at the club in 1994.

Jünter the Horse (Borussia Mönchengladbach)

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    Junter the Horse of Borussia Monchengladbach has been around since 1965.

    The lovable mascot has been around to see the club at the height of its glory days and has stayed constant even through the tough times.

Fritzle the Alligator (VfB Stuttgart)

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    Another German club favorite is Stuttgart's Fritzle the Alligator.

    He even has a fan club dedicated to the young supporters of the first team.

Hoffi (TSG Hoffenheim)

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    Another great German mascot is Hoffi of Bundesliga side TSG Hoffenheim.

    The cheerful fan favorite is also one to host many a family day for the club's younger generation. 

Gunnersaurus Rex (Arsenal)

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    There are few mascots more loved than Arsenal's Gunnersaurus Rex.

    The lovable green dinosaur is always there to help inspire the club to victory and is one of the most excited mascots in the sport when his club gets on the scoreboard.


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