Ranking the 10 Best Alternate Jerseys in the NBA

Danny Dukker@DannyDukkerCorrespondent IIOctober 21, 2012

Ranking the 10 Best Alternate Jerseys in the NBA

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    The NBA is different from other professional leagues in many ways, but most notably, in their uniforms.

    Teams in the NBA tend to have the most interesting designs on their jerseys, and are always coming up with something new. Alternate jerseys are a fan-favorite.

    They are worn only a handful of times every year, but are usually the best ones in the team's wardrobe.

10. Atlanta Hawks "ATL"

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    These jerseys seem to be hit or miss with a lot of people, but they are a hit with me. Not saying they are amazing (they are the last spot), but the design works.

    The colors go together well, and the ATL on the front adds some style. Not the best jerseys in the world, but we are just starting.

9. Red and Yellow Houston

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    Very nice looking jerseys for Houston. They didn't go overboard with the yellow (most likely to avoid looking like crossing guards) and the color works with the red.

    Making these alternates also prevents fans of getting tired, as it is a rather strong combination.

8. Miami Heat All Black

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    These jerseys had potential to be much higher, but there is just one thing that puts them so low; everything is black.

    It works with the jersey, but why the number and name? That's doing way too much. If they had white numbers and names on the jerseys, they are top five.

    Very slick looking and professional, but they went one step too far.

7. Dallas Mavericks

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    Blue and light blue is not the most daring color combination, but it gives it a nice old school feel. Nothing flashy with the design, but the dark blue really works well on a jersey.

    There is also a little touch of silver, which plays off the two blues well.

6. Utah Jazz Green

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    The Jazz have some of the best jerseys in the league, whether they are home, road, or alternates. Their green alternatives fall right in line with what I would expect.

    In terms of design itself, there is nothing crazy going on here, just classy green and yellow with a little touch of blue on the side.

    If these jerseys were any other color combination, they probably would not work, but when all the colors combine, they go together great.

5. Boston Celtics: St. Patrick's Day Special

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    These jerseys make sure that St. Patrick's Day is a special time in Boston.

    The gold and green just look great together, and the design is simple. Boston decided not to put a giant design to ruin the whole thing, instead, they just touched up their already set jerseys.

    Great alternates.

4: Chicago Bulls Black

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    This is the second black jersey on the list, and it won't be the last.

    Black is a great color for uniforms, but not many teams have it as their primary color because it can start to get bland after some time.

    For the Bulls, the black made sense because it goes very well with the red and white colors of Chicago. Their jerseys are what Miami's could have been, all black, but still kept the signature look.

3. Los Angeles Lakers: Sunday White

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    The tradition of wearing these every Sunday as well as on holidays is a great one by the Lakers.

    Pretty much every jersey the Lakers have is great one, and lot has to do with the colors. Purple and gold are both very strong colors, both also carrying an association with royalty.

    The jersey commands respect, and the Lakers are a perfect team to have it. On Sunday, the jerseys are touched up a bit, but look just as classic.

    Why mess with success when you can just tweak it?

2. Denver Nuggets: Rainbow Throwback

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    The jerseys here are based on a previous design from the 80's with some pretty strong changes.

    In fact, the 80's jerseys are ranked No. 1 on my own list of 25 worst looking jerseys in NBA history. While, I haven't really warmed up to those, I like these.

    I felt like the 80's jerseys were doing too much, and the Nuggets decided to throw out the dominant white/purple color and replace it with yellow. Bright yellow I might add.

    What we have now is one of the funniest jerseys in the NBA, as well as one of the best.

    The skyline of Denver is presented in rainbow colors, put on a bright yellow background, and then put on JaVale McGee. I'm pretty sure that speaks for itself.

1. Minnesota Black

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    We end with another black jersey and I can't even tell why these are so good, they just are.

    The blue, grey, and white sides work with the dark black jersey, and the colors of the number and name are perfect. It simply works in every single way.

    In fact, I would even say that these should become regular jerseys; they would sell very well to any basketball fan.

    Thank you for reading and please comment to tell me if I missed any particular jersey!


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