Tallest Man in US Finally Gets Special Reebok Shoes, Still Huge Timberwolves Fan

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 19, 2012

Photo Credit: Yahoo Sports
Photo Credit: Yahoo Sports

Igor Vovkovinskiy finally got his sneakers. 

It was a moment we all take for granted anytime we step out of a Foot Locker or any other brick-and-mortar shoe shop.

For Vovkovinskiy, it was life changing. 

He opened a box and saw his brand-new kicks, specially designed Reebok tennis shoes, and smiled. 

We reported on the tallest man in America, who also happened to be something of a Timberwolves fan, back in May.

Here he is with center Nikola Pekovic, a player who stands 6'11" in height. 

At that time he was awaiting a fitting that would hopefully change his life, which had become sedentary thanks to his massive size and the 16 operations he had on his feet. 

He hasn't been able to experience the comfort of tennis shoes since he was in sixth grade, but that has all changed. 

The Rochester Post-Bulletin (h/t Yahoo Sports) reports that the Timberwolves fan who nearly dwarfed NBA players now has some sweet sneakers of his own. 

So how did it feel for the 7-foot-8.33-inch man to put on the shoes? Here is what he had to say:

"Wow!" he said, smiling and trying to wiggle his toes in the black pair with "Igor" on the front, back and soles. "It feels so good, like I'm walking on pillows or mattresses."

The shoes are not merely massive, they are swagged out with customizations that would make any sneaker head jealous:

The shoes carry his name, as well as a Ukrainian national symbol, the Tryzub Cross. Kittredge gave Vovkovinskiy a number of size 8XL Reebok T-shirts with the design as well.

The 30-year-old, who also weighs 430 pounds, now has some shoes with serious style, even a pair with the Timberwolves colorway. 

More importantly, he hopes the tennis shoes allow him to get out and walk around, something that has been difficult for him to accomplish because of his size and the discomfort suffered with other shoes. 

Reebok just gave the tallest man in America one of the biggest joys of his life. 

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