WWE RAW Mistake, and Randy Orton's "Wife"

Maribel RRKOContributor IMarch 11, 2009

As many of you have noted, the woman identified last night on Raw as Randy Orton’s wife, Samantha, was not his real-life wife, the former Samantha Speno.

The woman playing the role of Samantha was former Playboy playmate Laura Croft, according to pwinsider.com.

Now I thought it was really her, until I looked it up, and on www.pwinsider.com said that is wasn't her..pretty good giveaway, when they actually showed the photos, and you can clearly see the difference.

Another thing.. WWE really messed up in the whole "Triple H attacking Randy Orton is his home" segment. In the Raw pictures section of WWE.com, it appears as if an out of sequence photo made it into the bunch.

In pictures 18 and 19, you see HHH and Randy Orton fighting outside of Orton's home, and HHH is just wearing his shirt. But in picture 20, when the police are arresting him, he magically has his jacket back on. That whole segment was pre-taped, as you could clearly tell.

(btw this is my first article... so if its crappy.. don't judge me harshly ok? lol!)

Thanks for reading.

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