Jay Cutler: Where Will It End?

Mark JohnsonContributor IMarch 11, 2009

Just when you think things are quieting down between Pro Bowl quarterback Jay Cutler and Denver Broncos rookie head coach Josh McDaniels, the story takes yet another twist.

Early last week, Cutler was informed of a trade possibility in which he would be shipped off to Tampa Bay or Detriot, and be replaced by former Patriots quarterback Matt Cassell.

Next, Cutler came out against McDaniels, claiming to be betrayed. Cutler's outcry sparked massive trade rumors among the media, which lead to Josh McDaniels telling the Denver Post, "Jay Cutler will not be traded."

The whole situation took its next twist last night when Cutler and McDaniels reportedly spoke for the first time since the Cassel rumors broke headlines. According to the Denver Post, Cutler left the meeting feeling he would be traded by draft day if the Denver Broncos can find the right deal.

Now the question rises: Who could make this trade happen with Denver?

If you Broncos fans reading this article are screaming, "Nobody!" that's just the denial speaking.

There are realistic options out there for Denver. Considering the Broncos have a young roster with consistent holes on defense and a potentially solid backup quarterback in Patrick Ramsey, Denver has options to make major upgrades to their roster.

I say to you Broncos fans: Cutler may not be traded. However, if he is, keep in mind it will be for the betterment of your defense, whichโ€”as we have seenโ€”wins championships.


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