Kevin or Pat Williams?

michael jordanContributor IMarch 11, 2009

Kevin and Pat Williams are two of the NFL's greatest defensive linemen.  I can't decide which one is better.

Kevin Williams has been with the Vikings for numerous years.  This past season, he racked up 60 total tackles with 8.5 sacks. In his career, he has 297 total tackles and 42.5 sacks. 

In week six of the regular season, he brought four sacks to the table.  In the first seven weeks of the regular season, he had 32 tackles and six sacks.  As a 6'5", 311 pound man, he is quick on his feet, with a 40 yard dash at 4.33 seconds.   Also, he has seven years of professional and Pro Bowl experience. 

Pat Williams is also one heck of a player.  With only 44 tackles and one sack this past season, it isn't looking good for Pat.  His career stats include 492 tackles and 18.5 sacks in 12 NFL seasons. 

Kevin Williams had almost half that many in one season.  But it is not all about tackles. 

At 6'3", 317 pounds, he weighs more than Kevin. He his also harder to move, and can take on more blocks—letting E.J. Henderson and Chad Greenway make the plays. With 12 years of experience, including trips to the Pro Bowl, it makes him an outstanding part of the Minnesota Vikings.

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Both of these players are great assets to the defensive line.  Which one is better?

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