Kane's 10 Strangest Moments in WWE

Andy Soucek@Andy_SoucekFeatured ColumnistOctober 25, 2012

Kane's 10 Strangest Moments in WWE

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    Kane has always been a bit of a strange character.

    The man who play Kane (Glenn Jacobs), deserves a lot of credit for being able to take the character in directions never though possible.

    Sometimes it doesn't work out, but somehow, just as often, it does. He's been able to reinvent himself multiple times in his career and has become one of WWE's most enduring characters.

    This year has been no exception, he's been all over the place.

    He tried to teach John Cena to embrace the hate, he made out with AJ and he somehow became a tag team champion.

    Love it or hate it, Kane should be respected for being able to spice up his character this late in his career.

    At 45 years old, it's hard to say how much longer he can continue wrestling. For fun, let's celebrate now and take a look back at some of the strangest moments of his career.

No. 10: Kane Tells Us to Suck It

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    Throughout Kane's career, he's had quite a few strange partners by his side.

    Among them are Daniel Bryan, Rob Van Dam, Hurricane and during the late 90s, his little buddy X-Pac.

    Odd as it may seem, the two worked well as a duo.

    During a time when no one seemed to like Kane, X-Pac took him under his wing and let him sit with the cool kids at the lunch table.

    At one point, the two even won the tag team championship. Before that though, X-Pac convinced Kane to share his voice with the world.

    Hesitantly, he obliged.

    On national TV, the first words that Kane ever spoke without the aid of an electrolarynx were "suck it".

    Oh, real classy, Kane!

No. 9: Kananites

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    Somebody had to stop the NWO, and it was up to Hulk Hogan, The Rock and Kane to do it.

    One night on Raw, the trio had a six-man tag match against Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and X-Pac.

    Before the big match, the three went over their game plan in the locker room.

    Hogan and The Rock were getting pumped up for the brawl when Kane burst onto the scene. To get the crowd going, he put the Rock in his place, imitated the Hulk and confused the hell out everyone else.

    Rock had his millions of fans, Hogan had his Hulkamaniacs and apparently Kane has Kananites.

    It was a rare display of ridiculousness from Kane, but it wouldn't be the last time we'd see him bust out the comedy.

No. 8: Marrying Lita

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    It's a tale as old as time, (song as old as rhyme?) Beauty and the Beast.

    Lita is easy on the eyes, you could say she's probably a bit out of Kane's league. That didn't stop Kane from trying his best to win her over though.

    Instead of using the usual methods like flowers or compliments, he went a different route.

    Apparently, if you harass a woman constantly and beat up her boyfriend enough, she just might marry you.

    At SummerSlam 2004, Kane faced off against Matt Hardy for the right to marry Lita. Things didn't go well for Matt, and he took a punishing loss. Lita was in shock as she realized what was going to become of her life.

    The wedding was beautiful, tears were shed, Matt Hardy was thrown off the stage. It was everything you could ask for.

    The marriage sadly didn't last long. There was even a miscarriage at one point, but don't blame Gene Snitsky. It wasn't his fault.

    Lita later moved on to Edge (in real life and on TV), but Kane still hasn't found that special someone... yet.

No. 7: McMahon Torture

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    Sure, Shane probably had a good beating coming to him. But hooking up a car battery to his testicles, and then electrocuting them probably went just a tad too far.

    Once Kane lost his mask, he lost his cool, and probably his mind as well. He became an unstoppable monster and would attack seemingly anyone at random.

    Too bad for Linda McMahon.

    One night, she crossed paths with The Big Red Machine. Kane then gave her a tombstone that she'll never forget (never mind the fact her head missed the ground by a foot).

    Shane was understandably upset that his mother received a tombstone piledriver on national television.

    Who wouldn't?

    He took it upon himself to exact revenge.

    Despite the obvious size and experience advantage, Shane tried his best to take on The Devil's Favorite Demon, but he came up short in their matches.

    During their feud, Kane decided to take things up a notch when he handcuffed Shane to the ring post and shocked his grapefruits into submission.

    Next time Shane McMahon tries to mess with Kane, he should at least bring the Mean Street Posse with him.

No. 6: The Unhealthy Obsession with Pete Rose

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    It all started at WrestleMania 14.

    Pete Rose came down to the ring with a mic in hand and started heeling it up in front of the Boston crowd.

    Kane's music then hit, and he sauntered his way down to the ring.

    Charlie Hustle should have ran, but instead he stood his ground. It was a mistake. He was dealt a tombstone piledriver for his foolishness.

    The next year at WrestleMania, Rose tried to get his revenge.

    He attacked Kane from behind while dressed as the San Diego Chicken. Somehow, he failed in his mission to beat up Kane.

    At WrestleMania 2000, Rose had one last trick up his sleeve. He had someone else dress up as the San Diego Chicken while he was going to attack Kane from behind with a baseball bat.

    Instead, he ate a chokeslam and was delivered a stink face.

    Sadly, this tradition of a Pete Rose beating didn't continue every year at WrestleMania.

    It wasn't until 2010, on an episode of Raw, when the two had one last go-around.

    Unfortunately for Rose, he struck out. The player with the most hits in baseball history went 0-for-4 against the real Big Red Machine.

No. 5: Kane Is the Tag Team Champions

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    Every week these days, Kane gets goofier.

    A year ago, who would have guessed that we'd see a Kane and Daniel Bryan tag team?

    He's gone to anger management, re-enacted a scene from When Harry Met Sally and been on a Love Connection spoof.

    He's also apparently the tag team champions.

    Daniel Bryan and Kane have become the ultimate odd couple of wrestling tag teams. They have a long standing love/hate relationship and are just as likely to brawl it out as they are to enjoy a good hug.

    At this stage in his career, it will be interesting to see if Kane can ever become a monster again. He's done some strange things, but his character has never consistently been this comical.

    Who knows how long Team Hell No will last? Let's just enjoy it while we can.

No. 4: Setting Jim Ross on Fire

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    Sometimes Kane has the power to start fires, sometimes he doesn't.

    One night on Raw, though, he started a fire the old fashioned way. It's too bad that it was on top of JR.

    Kane had recently been unmasked, and he wasn't adjusting to life very well without it.

    Fans were surprised to see Kane's face without horrible scars. For years we'd heard how disfigured he was.

    During an interview, Jim Ross exposed to the world that in fact Kane was never burned physically, just emotionally.

    Kane didn't take well to this intimate interview setting and felt that Ross was making fun of him. Steve Austin tried his best to talk some sense into Kane, but it was no use.

    It's too bad that no one stopped Kane from bringing a canister of gasoline to the interview.

    Kane wanted to share his pain with others, but that involved making some of that great tasting JR's barbeque.

No. 3: Isaac Yankem

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    Nobody likes going to the dentist, but that doesn't mean a gimmick should be made out of it.

    That'd be like making a gimmick out of a repo man or a tax collector! Oh, wait...

    Unfortunately for Glenn Jacobs, he was cast in such a role. Apparently he was Jerry Lawler's evil dentist, and together, the two set their sights on Bret Hart.

    Unfortunately for Yankem, every outing against Hart, he ended up on the losing side.

    After that feud ended, it was all downhill. He became nothing more than a jobber. The gimmick was pretty much doomed from the start.

    It was back to the drawing board and time to find something new for the big man to do.

    Too bad for Jacobs, the WWE somehow had an even worse idea for him...

No. 2: Fake Diesel

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    In 1996, "Big Daddy Cool" Kevin Nash, and his buddy Scott Hall left for the land of gigantic guaranteed contracts known as WCW.

    Understandably, the WWF wasn't too happy about this.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures, and they did something really desperate. They decided to recast the roles of Razor Ramon and Diesel.

    Journeyman Rick Bogner took over for da' bad guy, and a young Glenn Jacobs became Diesel. Fans were none too pleased to see this duo on TV, as it was obvious it wasn't Hall or Nash.

    They were set out to be heels, but that still didn't work. Fans just wanted to see the originals. It looked minor league on the WWF's part.

    The whole thing only lasted a couple of months before the two were taken off TV.

    While Bogner's career with the WWF was basically over, Jacobs was repackaged once againβ€”luckily this time it stuck.

No. 1: Katie Vick

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    You had to know this one was going to show up.

    For those that didn't see this story as it unfolded, I'll try to sum it up without suffering too much brain damage.

    As a teenager, while Kane was working local wrestling shows, he had a girlfriend named Katie Vick. One time they were driving together and Kane got in an accident. Katie was killed.

    Years later, HHH discovered this fact and exploited it on TV. He then insinuated that Kane had his way with her corpse.

    Apparently that was too subtle for Hunter. So later, he went into a funeral home, jumped in a coffin and simulated sex with a dummy pretending that it was Katie.

    It may be the worst segment in WWE history.

    Anyway, this upset Kane and the two feuded.

    There were quite a few things wrong with this story. First, it completely went against Kane's previous back story. He had basically grown up in the basement of Paul Bearer's house. What time did he have for dating?

    Maybe Paul let him out every once in awhile?

    Second, and most importantly, it was terrible.

    Bringing murder into wrestling just doesn't work. Necrophilia surprisingly doesn't make for entertaining television either.

    Mercifully, the whole angle only lasted a few weeks. WWE realized that it wasn't working, and HHH moved onto a feud with Shawn Michaels.

    It's a testament to Glenn Jacobs' talent that this story didn't destroy his career. Now, let us never speak of it again.

    Sound off below and list some of your favorite, strangest Kane moments. Feel free to follow along on Twitter.