Byron Leftwich a Bear?

Nate Lawson@NateLawsonCorrespondent IMarch 11, 2009

1985 was a long time ago for most Bears fans. I am a Cubs fans and a Bears fan, so I hope you realize how badly I need some sort of championship in football or baseball. But we are going to stick to the Bears and their main problem.

First thing that comes to mind as a Bears fan is what are we going to do about the quarterback position. To be quite honest, you cannot honestly view Kyle Orton as a franchise quarterback. Lord knows Rex Grossman is not one.

Who could the Bears possibly bring in to fill the void if?

Byron Leftwich, that's who.

Although he may have had some physical problems and some reliability issues, is it not time for the Bears to bring in a quarterback that has something different. Byron could really deliver that.

I know a lot of fans think Kyle Orton is good. Let me explain. Kyle Orton does not lose games, but he does not win games either. With Devin Hester not returning touchdowns, and the defense not performing as well as they used to, the Bears need to bring in someone who at least has the potential to be dynamic.

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Why not Byron Leftwich?