TNA Bound for Glory 2012 Results: 10 Fun Facts from Last Night's Historic Event

Graham GSM Matthews@@WrestleRantFeatured ColumnistOctober 15, 2012

TNA Bound for Glory 2012 Results: 10 Fun Facts from Last Night's Historic Event

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    Last night, TNA presented its eighth annual Bound For Glory event live from Phoenix, Arizona. After having an impressive year since the start of 2012, TNA's recent success reached the ultimate climax at this year's Bound For Glory pay-per-view.

    In recent years, Impact Wrestling has been known for its often screwy finishes and absolute asinine booking, which had turned off many viewers for quite awhile. However, it's since improved immensely since January of this year and successfully provided one of its best Bound For Glory events in years.

    Unlike in years' past, this BFG event actually had a WrestleMania-like feel to it, with most of the matches having some sort of backstory or meaning behind them. By the end of the broadcast, I felt the show certainly lived up to (or even exceeded) by original expectations in being an enjoyable event.

    Throughout the event, I gathered a handful of fun facts that I found interesting, which I'll list in chronological order here. Of course, you may not find the following facts to be fun by any means, but nevertheless, I thought each monumental moment was significant enough to make note of it. 

Rob Van Dam Remains Undefeated at Bound for Glory

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    While Undertaker may be 20-0 at WrestleMania, Rob Van Damn has developed a streak of his own in recent years at TNA's biggest event of the year. Since arriving on the scene in early 2010, RVD has yet to lose a match at Bound For Glory, regardless of who his opponent may be.

    In 2010, RVD returned to the ring and defeated arch-rival Abyss in a brutal Mosnter's Ball match. The following year, he defeated former friend Jerry Lynn in arguably the match of the night.

    Despite being placed on the Bound For Glory 2012 card at the last possible second, the ECW original made the most of it and defeated Zema Ion to win his first X-Division Championship.

    Rob Van Dam's strong showings at Bound For Glory each year are truly one of a kind.

First X-Division Title Change Since 2006's Event

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    Since the start of TNA a decade ago, the X-Division has always been one of the company's key components. The division's title has also maintained its prestige since its inception, but was recently forgotten about after Austin Aries forfeited the gold.

    Once Zema Ion won the X-Division title, the adrenaline junkies were hardly featured on television, which ultimately meant that the strap wouldn't be defended at Bound For Glory. However, Rob Van Dam issued a challenge to Ion this past week on Impact Wrestling, to which the title-holder accepted his invitation.

    Similar to last year, the X-Division Championship match once again kicked off Bound For Glory, but with a different result. RVD shockingly defeated Ion to capture the title, making this the first BFG event to feature an X-Division title change since 2006 where Chris Sabin defeated Senshi to capture the gold.

Samoa Joe Scores His First Victory at BFG in Exactly Five Years

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    In recent years, Samoa Joe has been vastly underutilized by TNA in a variety of ways. From being buried in last year's Bound For Glory Series to being "kidnapped" two years back, Joe's tremendous talents have often gone to waste for as long as I can remember.

    However, TNA has done an excellent job in rebuilding Joe back up over the last year, which culminated in him winning his first Television Championship a few short weeks ago. At last night's Bound For Glory, Joe was successful in retaining his newly-won title against his former tag team partner Magnus in what was a an extremely solid match.

    This victory would mark the Samoan Submission Machine's first win at Bound For Glory in exactly five years, since defeating Christian Cage at 2007's event. Let's hope this valiant victory is a sign of things to come for Samoa Joe. 

Bobby Roode's Losing Ways at Bound for Glory Continue

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    For every winning streak, there is a losing streak, and Bobby Roode is a prime example of the latter. Although he's had a breakout year over the course of 2012, he was unable to defeat longtime friend and foe James Storm in a Street Fight at Sunday's Bound For Glory event.

    However, Roode is unfamiliar to losing on TNA's grandest stage of them all, as he's continuously lost every match he's competed in at Bound For Glory since 2008. It's interesting to note that his last victory at BFG came when he successfully defended his World Tag Team title alongside Storm in 2008, and that his latest loss came at the hands of the Cowboy as well.

Austin Aries Goes from Opening BFG to Closing BFG the Following Year

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    In 2010, then-United States Champion The Miz opened WrestleMania 26 a part of a tag team match with Big Show. The following year, he closed WrestleMania 27 by successfully defending his WWE Championship against John Cena in the main event.

    Austin Aries, too, had a very similar buildup over the last year.

    At last year's Bound For Glory event, Austin Aries walked into the event as X-Division Champion and walked out X-Division Champion after defending his title against Brian Kendrick in the opening bout. Fast forward a year later, he defended his TNA World Heavyweight Championship (albeit not successfully) against Jeff Hardy in the main event of Bound For Glory 2012.

    That's an amazingly impressive transition any way you look at it.

Jeff Hardy Debuts New Entrance Music for the Third Consecutive Year

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    Since returning to TNA on the premiere edition of Impact in 2010, Jeff Hardy has entered the arena to a variety of different entrance themes. All of which, of course, are performed by Hardy himself and his band Perowhy?gen.

    For the last three years at Bound For Glory, Hardy has debuted a new entrance song at each event. In 2010, it was "Another Me," which was used for his heel run that lasted for all of five months.

    Upon his return to the ring last year, the Charismatic Enigma debuted "Resurrected" as his newest entrance song, which was perfectly fitting given his redemption story. This past Sunday, he debuted "Reptilian" as his latest hit, which is basically a mix of all the aforementioned singles, but still cool nonetheless.

    I guess this will be an annual tradition going forward, but hey, I'm not complaining. I've enjoyed every theme he's released so far, so I'm anxious to see what else he can come up with.

Austin Aries's First Pin-Fall PPV Loss Since Returning to TNA

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    In the summer of 2011, Austin Aries returned to TNA with a new motivation and purpose. He earned his TNA contract by defeating three other unemployed X-Division stars to secure his spot on the TNA roster at 2011's Destination X event, and hasn't lost any momentum since.

    Although he lost a Triple Threat match against then-X-Division Champion Brian Kendrick and Alex Shelley at Hardcore Justice 2011, he wasn't the one pinned, so he remained undefeated on pay-per-view nearly 15 months. Not many wrestlers can say they've accomplished such a feat, but sadly, all good things must come to an end.

    At last night's Bound For Glory event, Jeff Hardy defeated Aries via pin-fall to win his TNA World Heavyweight Championship, thus putting an end to his scintillating streak on pay-per-view. Nevertheless, Aries is still the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived, so there is a chance he'll maintain momentum despite coming up short against the Charismatic Enigma. 

Jeff Hardy and Tara Repeat History and Once Again Capture Gold

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    Two years ago, Jeff Hardy and Tara were entering Bound For Glory with gold on their mind, as both were contending for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and Knockouts Championship respectively in multi-man matches that night.

    Despite being against all odds, both former WWE Superstars walked out of Bound For Glory golden that night, a feat that would once again be accomplished at this year's event.

    While Tara reclaimed the Knockouts Championship from Miss Tessmacher on Sunday night, Jeff Hardy also reclaimed the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in the main event. On a side note, Hardy is now the second person in history behind Sting to hold all three designs of the TNA World title. 

First Face to Go over in the Main Event of BFG Since 2009

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    For years, TNA had the tendency to end their biggest event of the year on a sour note, just for the sake of swerving the fans. While the overall event might not have been all that bad, the conclusion of the show would almost always disappoint.

    This was the case in 2008, 2010 and 2011, where a heel went over the face and walked out of Bound For Glory as the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Prior to this year, the last time we saw a fan favorite emerge victorious in the main event was at 2009's event, where AJ Styles successfully defended his World title against Sting.

    While there were blatant cheers for Austin Aries throughout the night at last night's Bound For Glory event, Jeff Hardy was easily the intended face for the contest. Having him go over Aries to win his first TNA World Championship in nearly two years was undoubtedly a monumental moment and the perfect way to end an excellent event.  

Most Title Changes in BFG History

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    A sense of "change" certainly seemed to be in the air during last night's Bound For Glory event, as a total of four championships ultimately changed hands by the time the night concluded.

    To kick off the evening, Rob Van Dam defeated Zema Ion to win his first X-Division Championship. A short while later, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez won a Triple Threat tag team match to win the World Tag Team Championships.

    For the fifth time in her career, Tara recaptured the TNA Knockouts Championship by defeating Miss Tessmacher, tying Angelina Love for most reigns as Knockouts Champ. Finally, Jeff Hardy was able to defeat Austin Aries to capture his third TNA World Heavyweight Championship in the night's main event.

    All that accounted for, this was the most title changes ever featured at a Bound For Glory event. TNA has an abundance of champions these days, but I'll accept the excessive number of title changes given the fact it happened of their biggest show of the year.

    For the first time in years, I had an optimistic feeling regarding the future of TNA after watching last night's Bound For Glory broadcast. It was a truly memorable event that proved to the naysayers that they have indeed changed for the better over the last year, and these aforementioned fun facts made night even more historic.

    Thanks for reading, Bleachers, and be sure to drop a comment below with your thoughts on last night's Bound For Glory event. As always, your criticism and overall feedback on my latest piece is welcomed and greatly appreciated.

    GSM out.

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