Los Angeles Galaxy Will Get Landon Donovan Back In Time For MLS Season

Steven ColeContributor IMarch 11, 2009

Landon Donovan draws compliments or disdain on the field and on the message boards in the U.S. He often is often a target because he flamed out as the face of U.S. soccer in Europe twice already. 

Donovan most recently found out that he won't be kept at Bayer Munich, and will return to the Los Angeles Galaxy in time for the 2009 MLS season. Landon is an easy target but this time it probably wasn't his fault. He tried his best with one of the world's best soccer organizations, and wasn't good enough.

Donovan may return to MLS—and more importantly the U.S. National Team—with a renewed sense of purpose, having put his thoughts of Europe behind him. The question is whether other European clubs will ask him to join them once more. If given the right environment, Donovan does have the skills to benefit major European clubs. 

Ironically, Donovan turned 27 on March 4. Guess this wasn't the birthday present he was hoping for.

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