Liverpool FC: 10 Most Iconic Goals Scored at Anfield Stadium

Karl Matchett@@karlmatchettFeatured ColumnistSeptember 27, 2012

Liverpool FC: 10 Most Iconic Goals Scored at Anfield Stadium

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    Anfield: One of the most iconic sporting venues in the world and backdrop to a whole host of famous, spectacular and emotional scenes.

    Whether you've witnessed the goals in flesh from your seat on the Kop, or watched them from your favourite chair, watching the amazing collection of talent on show at Anfield down the years will have guaranteed a host of Liverpool players finishing off memorable moves or matches.

    The very best, most endearing of strikes retain a place in the minds and hearts of fans alike, no matter where they are scored—but they're just that extra bit special when they happen at Anfield.

    Here are the top 10 most iconic goals scored in Liverpool's stadium.

10. Steven Gerrard vs Sheffield Wednesday

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    Iconic first off not for the match itself, a low-key Premier League win over Sheffield Wednesday, but for what it was to become the first of 151 goals (and counting) by club captain, hero and multiple—trophy winner, Steven Gerrard.

    For those who had followed his progress from an early age, it was justification of their belief in him, exciting as to what the future might hold, but surely not even Gerrard himself, let alone anyone else, might have foreseen what he would go on to achieve.

    That goal was scored in 1999—2000 season.

    150 goals later and his most recent came last weekend against Manchester United, also at Anfield.

9. Fernando Torres vs Blackburn Rovers

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    Here we go, into things properly.

    A few years before his £50 million move to the blue plastic—enshrined setting of Stamford Bridge, Fernando Torres was actually a rather good striker who was famed as much for his consistency and clinical edge as for his ability to score from pretty much anywhere.

    At the height of his powers, Torres was capable of slaloming solo runs, first-time finishes, powerful headers—and this type of spectacular effort.

8. John Arne Riise vs Manchester United

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    The song which spawned a thousand chants on the Kop.

    John Arne Riise nearly took the net off the goal and the roof off the Kop with this thunderous free kick against Manchester United.

    A powerful, driven, left—footed strike which left goalkeeper Fabien Barthez with no chance.

    Anyone still want to know how he scored that goal?

7. Robbie Fowler vs Aston Villa

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    The debate will always rage about which striker was the very best finisher at their peak; for this particular writer there is only one, and it is Robbie Fowler.

    Arguably his finest goal scored at Anfield.

    This piece of skill, control and unerring accuracy was the perfect embodiment of what the man they call "God" was all about.

    This was Fowler at his peak, the destroyer of defences.

6. Gary McAllister vs. FC Barcelona

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    Nothing spectacular about this one, but this is an iconic goal alright.

    Gary Mac stepped up, the coolest man in the ground, to send the Barcelona goalkeeper, none other than now, Reds stopper Pepe Reina, the wrong way and send Liverpool through towards the UEFA Cup Final, and the third part of their 2001 treble success.

5. Stan Collymore vs Newcastle United

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    The greatest game the Premier League has ever seen, Liverpool and Newcastle United fought out an epic 4—3 match which swung back and forth before Stan Collymore settled things in injury time.

    A fierce, left—footed drive inside the near post sent Anfield wild and left Kevin Keegan slumped over the boards, another iconic moment in this particular goal.

4. Terry McDermott vs Tottenham Hotspur

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    Back in '77, Liverpool ran riot against Spurs and wiped the floor with the Londoners with a 7—0 win at Anfield.

    Terry Mac scored the final goal after a sweeping end—to—end move which Bob Paisley later described as perhaps the best goal Anfield had ever witnessed.

    Liverpool were one of the finest sides in the world at the time and utterly dismantled Spurs, who finished bottom.

    Liverpool won the league.

3. Luis Garcia vs Chelsea

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    The goal that was. Definitely was. Absolutely, unequivocally, unarguably and absolutely was.

    Just in case there was any doubt, let's just confirm that this goal sent Liverpool on to Champions League glory in the Istanbul final, while Chelsea were knocked out at the semifinal stage.

    Luis Garcia, he drinks sangria...

2. David Fairclough vs St. Etienne

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    This goal comes 8 minutes into the video of the game.

    One of the (and for a certain generation, the) greatest Anfield nights ever, Liverpool defeated what was at the time the best side in Europe, St Etienne.

    The French team led 1—0 from the first leg and when they scored at Anfield Liverpool needed three in total.

    Super Sub, David Fairclough, was the man who wrote himself forever into Liverpool folklore by scoring the vital third.

1. Steven Gerrard vs Olympiacos

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    Months before Luis Garcia left John Terry and co. in tears in the semifinal, Liverpool were within five minutes or so of crashing out of the Champions League altogether.

    They needed to defeat Olympiacos by two clear goals to qualify just from the group stage, but were 1—0 down at halftime.

    Florent Sinama—Pongolle and Neil Mellor pulled two back, but it was left to Steven Gerrard, the big man for the big occasion, to score the most memorable, iconic, vital and—given what happened in the competition later—resounding goal that Anfield has ever borne witness to.


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