Porter Mayberry May Be Shortest Professional Slam Dunk Artist

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 26, 2012

High-flying things do come in small packages. Taking a note from the history pages of such dunkers as Spud Webb and Nate Robinson comes Porter Mayberry—a dynamo with a basketball in his hands. 

With just a few weeks to go before we ramp up the NBA season, it's high time we satisfy our hunger with some brilliant dunks. 

For that, we savor the anti-gravity antics of Porter Mayberry, a professional dunker—whatever that means. Seriously, if someone knows how one could make a living by just dunking a ball, please let me know. In fact, this knowledge may help sustain Vince Carter's career. 

Thanks to BroBible, we spotted this video complete with a wealth of dunks from the man the YouTube description lists at 5'5". That's rather remarkable when you consider the world was amazed when 5'9" Nate Robinson threw it down; or when all 5'7" of Spud Webb did the same. 

Let this be a lesson to all you height-challenged people out there, you don't need to be tall to effectively dunk a basketball. 

You just need an amazing wealth of talent and a complete disregard for gravity. 

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