WWE Hell in a Cell 2012: Ranking Every Hell in a Cell PPV Event so Far

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WWE Hell in a Cell 2012: Ranking Every Hell in a Cell PPV Event so Far

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    Hell in a Cell is still a young PPV, but it has had some very entertaining matches in the short time it has been around.

    This year will mark the fourth Hell in a Cell event, having replaced No Mercy on the schedule in 2009 when the first HIAC PPV was broadcast.

    This event is one of WWE's signature stipulation-themed shows where it revolves around a specific match, this case being Hell in a Cell, obviously.

    This slideshow will take an in-depth look at each event as a whole and rank the three previous events based on overall matches and not just the matches inside a cell.

Hell in a Cell 2010

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    The event ranking lowest on the list also has the least number of matches on the card of the three events with a total of six.

    Daniel Bryan defeated John Morrison and The Miz in a US title match that saw Bryan win a triple-threat submissions-count-anywhere match.

    This match was good, but at a meager 13 minutes it could have been much better.

    In a match that had little storyline behind it, we saw Edge defeat Jack Swagger. Both superstars are talented and were able to make the match somewhat entertaining, but at this point, Swagger had already started going downhill.

    Wade Barrett defeated John Cena in a match where the fate of Nexus was on the line. This was the beginning of the end for what started as a promising storyline.

    Natalya defeated Michelle McCool to win the Divas title in a quick match that showed very little of what these two women were capable of.

    The first Cell match of the evening saw Randy Orton defeat Sheamus to retain the WWE championship.

    This match showed how brutal Sheamus could be and it showed how the Viper was able to be just as violent.

    The best match of the night was a pairing who have worked well together for over a decade.

    Kane defeated The Undertaker to retain the World title in one of the few times The Big Red Monster has ever been able to put down The Dead Man.

    Paul Bearer played a big part in this match in what would end up being one of the last times these three men would be in one place together.

    It is sad that this event ended up at the bottom of the list considering one of the all-time great feuds of Kane and Undertaker was a part of it.

    With only six matches, it makes it hard for this event to compete against more stacked cards.

Hell in a Cell 2011

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    Last year's event comes in second on the list, and ironically it also had the second most matches out of the three events with seven.

    This is not done by the number of matches, but it sure seems to help when there is more to go off of when ranking the events.

    We witnessed Sheamus defeat Christian in the opening match. This was a non-title match but it ended up being one of the better matches on the card.

    The second match saw the two feuding Sin Caras go head to head with Sin Cara Azul getting the win over Sin Cara Negro, eventually turning him into Hunico.

    These two are probably the only two who can make each other look as good as they did in this match.

    Air Boom (Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne) defeated Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler in an exciting tag title match. Had Swagger and Ziggler won, the two might have stayed a team longer than they did.

    The IC title match saw Cody Rhodes go over John Morrison in what was a top contender for match of the night. Both men showed why WWE should be able to rely on mid-card guys for solid matches.

    It still boggles the mind as to why John Morrison was never pushed farther up the ladder in WWE and Cody Rhodes is beginning to fall into that same position.

    In one of the most pointless matches on the card, we saw Beth Phoenix defeat the now WWE-free Kelly Kelly in a short match.

    The first Cell match between Randy Orton and Mark Henry had the World's Strongest Man defeat The Viper.

    Henry really rose to the occasion during his title reign and hopefully when he returns, WWE puts him right back up there competing for the World title.

    The main event of the evening saw Alberto Del Rio win the WWE title from John Cena in a triple-threat Cell match with CM Punk as the other challenger.

    It is funny to think the WWE title match will have two of the same three people in it from last year for this year's event, so long as Cena is able to compete.

    The reason this event ranked above the event from 2010 is because the matches on the card were simply more entertaining.

    The main event was spectacular with all three men showcasing why WWE keeps them in the spotlight.

    This was one PPV that was worth buying, even if it does not sound like it on paper.

Hell in a Cell 2009

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    The inaugural event take the top place on the list and one big factor in that decision is that this PPV featured three Cell matches as well as the most stacked card with eight total matches.

    The opening match saw Undertaker defeat CM Punk inside the Cell to win the World title from the cocky superstar, who will be stepping into the cell this year as champion once again.

    This match showed how Undertaker could still tell a better story than anyone as well as how CM Punk would be one of the top talents in WWE someday.

    The second match was a show-stopper as Dolph Ziggler took on John Morrison for the IC title. Morrison retained, but both men came out looking like winners after the show they put on.

    Mickie James defeated Alicia Fox in a sloppy match that slowed down the pace of the whole show.

    Jeri-Show (Chris Jericho & Big Show) defeated Batista and Rey Mysterio to retain their tag titles in a decent match. Batista held his own in the ring with the more experienced WCW alumni.

    Randy Orton defeated John Cena inside the cell to win the WWE title in another match in their long rivalry.

    Orton won with the punt kick in a brutal exchange where both men seemed like they could win at any moment.

    Drew McIntyre beat R-Truth in a singles match that actually went less time than the Divas match.

    Kofi Kingston impressed in a match against Jack Swagger and Miz where he retained the US title against two more-than-capable opponents.

    The main event of the evening was a non-title match between DX and Legacy members Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase.

    Even though it felt like this was a golden opportunity to put DiBiase and Rhodes over, we still saw a DX victory.

    Despite that it was still an outstanding match that showed the two younger superstars' strong suits while highlighting two veterans who could still play with the big boys.

    Except for a few small hiccups, this was a very entertaining PPV and it is one that ended up having a few matches worthy of inclusion on "Best Of" DVDs.

What Is to Come at Hell in a Cell 2012

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    This year's event has only one match where we already know who is facing off and that is Big Show vs. Sheamus for the World title, but we do not even know if it is a cell match yet.

    WWE could be waiting to make that announcement as a part of the storyline later on to keep things moving forward during an unusually long time between PPVs.

    We do know that Team Hell No will be taking on either Rhodes Scholars or Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara (who I have dubbed SinSterio).

    The WWE title match is likely to be CM Punk defending against John Cena, but if Cena is not ready by then, we could see Ryback step into his place, which would be very interesting.

    Ryback is still undefeated but he is nowhere near being ready to hold the WWE title, so Punk could end up handing him his first loss.

    The IC title could end up being contested between Kofi Kingston and Miz after what we saw on Monday when Kofi and Miz had an altercation with Larry King and his wife watching from the ramp.

    US Champion Antonio Cesaro is not really in a feud right now, but WWE could always pull a "Lets do a battle royal where the winner faces the champion" scenario.

    One token Divas match will likely take place with some filler matches to be added later.

    One rematch we could end up seeing is Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton.

    Ziggler needs a big win before cashing in his case and Orton could be the guy to give it to him, seeing as he is the only top babyface who is taking clean losses these days.

    We still have a couple weeks until the show, so things are likely to change in the coming Raws and SmackDowns.

    Thanks for reading and please feel free to share your rankings of the existing Hell in a Cell PPV events.

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