Breaking Down New Brooklyn Nets Uniforms

Jessica Marie@ItsMsJisnerCorrespondent IISeptember 19, 2012

Source: @eLone
Source: @eLone

It is fitting that, in tandem with the big move to Brooklyn, the Nets are debuting some brand new fashion to celebrate.

You can't make the transition from New Jersey to New York without a big-time style upgrade.

The new-look Nets debuted their new look on Wednesday morning, according to a tweet from Nets insider and enthusiast @eLone:

From everything I've heard from Nets insiders, these are the new Brooklyn Nets jerseys:…

— eLone (@eLonePB) September 19, 2012

And without further ado, the full-size photo:

But before you call it a dull and boring letdown, let's consider what the Nets uniforms used to look like:

It was certainly one of the league's more sophomoric, amateurish uniform designs. Generally, when it comes to game-day style in basketball, less is more.  

There is always a temptation to embellish, but rarely does that look cool. The best uniforms, stretching all the way from the NCAA to the pros, are the ones with the least amount of chaos going on. The best uniforms are the simplest ones—the ones that let the colors do the talking, rather than the fonts and the graphics.

Consider the Duke Blue Devils, proud owners of some of the prettiest uniforms in college basketball:

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And, of course, the Celtics, whose uniforms are accented only by a bright green hue, plus a little bit of gold and black here and there:

And the best news for Nets season ticket holders is that black goes with everything, so Brooklyn fans are going to be one stylish crowd.

There was way too much going on with the Nets' old logo and the old uniform; too many colors, too many graphic elements and slanted, over-touched fonts generally end up looking silly far more frequently than they look good.

The new unis are a big upgrade. They're simple, in an old-school NBA kind of way. They hearken back to the glory days, when the players wore short shorts and cared more about the number of championships on their resumes than the number on their paychecks.

The look is a little Oakland Raiders-y, but less is more. It's classy. You wouldn't expect anything less from Jay-Z's team.