WWE News: John Cena Suffers Injury During Night of Champions

Gone Baby GoneContributerSeptember 17, 2012

Courtesy John Cena'sTwitter
Courtesy John Cena'sTwitter

As you probably know by now, John Cena and CM Punk's match ended in a bit of controversy.

And to add fuel to the fire, John Cena posted the following tweet after his match with Punk.

Clearly, this is only a minor injury and Cena will be ready to compete in no time. It is, however, a testament to what these stars go through night in and night out. If this happened to the Average Joe, chances are we would take a trip to the doctor and take it easy.

In Cena's case, he will be ready to perform live tonight on WWE Raw.

Overall, I would say that these men and women are not only great performers—they are professionals. Most have been at this long enough to know when their bodies can push through it and when they need to take a break. Either way, they do their best to push through the match and give the best performance they can.

In the end, Cena has been fortunate enough to have not suffered many injuries that have sidelined him for long periods of time.

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