Nueva York Knicks: NBA Teams Will Wear Spanish Uniforms Wednesday

Tony ArnoldineCorrespondent IMarch 3, 2009

In another clever marketing scheme aimed at making money—I mean, to represent the NBA's Noche Latina program—teams will wear special jerseys on Wednesday that replace the usual English words that appear on the front with the Spanish version...and you can buy them online!

For example, the Knicks' home uniform will read "Nueva York." The Bulls become "Los Bulls," the Heat become "El Heat" (shouldn't it be "El Calor?") and the Mavs become "Los Mavs," etc.

As someone who took six years of Spanish (but can't put a sentence together), I like the idea. It's a great way to represent a growing Latin American fan base and, of course, make a few dollars for the cash-strapped league through merchandise sales.