NBA Power Rankings: Which Teams Are Losing Ground During the Offseason?

Benjamin J. Block@BenjaminBlock21Correspondent IIAugust 22, 2012

NBA Power Rankings: Which Teams Are Losing Ground During the Offseason?

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    The NBA offseason is primarily a time for General Managers to reflect on the season that they just had, and come up with ways to improve for the next season.

    This concept is easier said than done, as many teams have lost ground on the rest of the league, and the 2012-13 season hasn't even gotten underway yet.

    Here's an update of how all 30 NBA teams have done this offseason, starting with the organization that lost the most ground.

NBA Team That Has Lost the Most Ground This Offseason Is Your Orlando Magic

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    The Magic automatically take the crown as the NBA team that lost the most ground this offseason.

    Not the crown that you want if you're an NBA General Manager.

    Whether you like Dwight Howard or not, he is currently the best center in the league and the Magic just lost his services, even though it was a long time coming.

    New GM Rob Hennigan inherited a mess of a situation down in Orlando, here is the roster that he has to play with for the 2012-13 season.

Atlanta Hawks Lost Big

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    The Hawks were big losers this offseason and lost significant ground on the rest of the league's elite.

    The departure of Joe Johnson and his 18.8 ppg will really hurt the Hawks offensive unit and the acquisition of Kyle Korver and his 8.1 ppg won't exactly fill the void.

    They still have Josh Smith, but without Joe Johnson to rely on, we'll see how effective Al Horford, Jeff Teague and company truly are. 

The Dallas Mavericks Were Big Losers This Offseason

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    The Mavericks lost Jason Kidd, lost out on the chance to get Deron Williams, leaving Dirk Nowitzki to fend for himself.

    They did pick up the elderly Elton Brand and Chris Kaman, along with Darren Collison and O.J. Mayo but in a competitive Western Conference, the Mavs were pretty big losers this offseason.

    They should be significantly worse on the defensive end with this new unit and they look like they'll be taking a step back in 2012-13. 

Charlotte Bobcats Lose Ground Despite Offseason Additions

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    What can be said about the Charlotte Bobcats?  

    There is good news and bad news for GM Michael Jordan. The good news is that the Bobcats will definitely eclipse their seven wins from last season. The bad news is that even though they drafted Michael Kidd-Gilchrest and acquired Ramon Sessions this offseason, they still have too much ground to make up.

    Their seven wins last year was so bad that even though they improved this offseason, they still qualify for losing ground on the rest of the league.

Sacramento Kings Don't Gain Too Much Ground This Offseason

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    The Sacramento Kings can be excited about drafting Thomas Robinson, but that's about it.

    They managed to only win 22 games last season, despite the fact that they ranked 6th in the NBA with points per game.

    Draft pick Robinson along side DeMarcus Cousins will put fanny's in the seats but it doesn't do nearly enough for them to pick up any ground on the rest of the league this offseason.

    The Kings have some nice individual talent for you fantasy players, but they're nowhere near ready to contend in the Western Conference.

Cleveland Cavaliers Didn't Improve by Much

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    The Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame is still the biggest attraction in Cleveland, sorry Cavalier fans.

    The draft pick of Tyler Zeller doesn't help the Cavs pick up much ground this offseason, despite the fact that they have Kyrie Irving entering his sophomore year.

    There's just not a lot to the Cavs roster that makes you think that they've had a productive offseason.

Washington Wizards Don't Pick Up Much Ground

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    The Wizards have a new logo but unfortunately, that won't help them make up any ground in the NBA.

    They did draft Bradley Beal to play alongside the talented John Wall, but the rest of the supporting cast is full of B and C-level "stars".

    The Wizards won't be much better or worse than they were last year.

Memphis Grizzlies

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    The Grizzlies lost O.J. Mayo this offseason and drafted Josh Selby to try and fill his shoes.

    Not too much else changed for Memphis, and it appears as if they lost some ground on the NBA this offseason.

    They should experience some growing pains in trying to figure out life after Mayo and expect them to take some steps backwards.

Detroit Pistons Didn't Do Much

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    The Pistons draft picks Andre Drummond and Kyle Singler both come in with a lot of question marks and if the Detroit has any chance at improving, one or both of them will have to come in and hit the ground running.

    I don't see that happening, atleast not right away.

    It's going to be a long season for Detroit as Brandon Knight and Greg Monroe are just not enough fire power to propel this team forward. 

Milwaukee Bucks Were Stagnant

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    The Bucks had a great pick-up in the middle of the season last year when they grabbed Monte Ellis to join Brandon Jennings in the back court.

    Since then, nothing.

    They have an odd mix of guys and nobody on that team excels on both ends of the floor.

    Unless Scott Skiles can get them to overachieve, they will be the same or worse than last season.

Utah Jazz Should Be Around the Same as Last Year

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    Tyrone Corbin's Utah team didn't really improve or fade this offseason. 

    Their young core nucleus of Derrick Favors and Gordon Hayward should provide enough offense night in and night out.

    The fact that Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap and Mo Williams are all in the last year of their contracts, can have great potential for the Jazz this coming season.

Toronto Raptors

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    The Raptors brought in Landry Fields and Kyle Lowry this offseason and drafted stud Quincy Acy, so I don't think they lost any ground this offseason.

    Their offense just got a little more explosive and they should be able to contend in the East now for a playoff spot.

Portland Trailblazers Have Gained Some Ground

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    Portland did a lot of good things this offseason, despite losing veteran big man Marcus Camby.

    They brought in a solid coach in Terry Stotts to lead a team that underachieved majorly last season. Stott's new voice should really resonate with a group of men that quit on Nate McMilan last year.

    With LaMarcus Aldridge and Nicolas Batum headlining a solid cast, they gained some ground this offseason.

    Expect the Blazers to return to the upper echelon of the West. 

The Boston Celtics Lost Little Ground If Any

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    Despite losing Ray Allen, the Celtics were lucky enough to retain big man Kevin Garnett and they also have Avery Bradley who appears like he'll be in the fold for years to come. Jason Terry comes over and Rondo and Pierce are still fixtures.

    Their draft was very strong as they got Fab Melo, Kris Joseph and Jared Sullinger.

    They didn't appear to have lost too much ground, but that all depends on how all the new pieces gel in Beantown.

Phoenix Suns

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    The Suns will be without Steve Nash for the first time in a long time, but they did a great job at not losing any ground this offseason.

    Goran Dragic comes back to replace his former mentor Nash, as general of the team.

    Plus they brought in the immensely talented Michael Beasly and Luis Scola to bolster their front court.

    If this new-look Suns team can gel early, they should be able to improve on their .500 record last season and make up ground on the league.

Chicago Bulls

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    The Bulls lost Omer Asik and Ronnie Brewer this offseason and for those two reasons, Chicago lost a little ground this offseason.

    You know that the Bulls will play great defense under Coach Thibodeau's system, but they didn't do much to help out their young all-star Derrick Rose in this offseason.

    With other teams in the East making moves, the Bulls definitely lost some ground.

Denver Nuggets

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    The Nuggets signed JaVale McGee this offseason after his rental at the end of last season proved to be a positive move for Denver.

    Andre Iguodala is the new face in town and with Gallinari and Lawson already in place, the Nuggets made up a lot of ground this offseason.

    If those four players in particular can learn to play together, Denver will be a force in the West.

Houston Rockets

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    The Rockets made a big splash this offseason acquiring Jeremy Lin, Omer Asik and with the draft of Jeremy Lamb.

    They definitely didn't lose any ground this offseason and they should be very competitive in 2012-13.

New Orleans Hornets

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    The Hornets drafted Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers and just like that, they have an explosive offense with an incredible defender in Davis.

    They didn't lose any ground, they got significantly better and did it the best way possible, through the draft process.

The Golden State Warriors

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    Golden State didn't lose any ground this offseason.

    In fact, their pick of Harrison Barnes could have been the steal of the draft. Add him to Andrew Bogut and Stephen Curry and they may have something there.

    They should be better as Mark Jackson enters his second year as head coach.

Philadelphi 76ers

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    The 76ers landed the second best center in the league in Andrew Bynum this offseason, so I would say that they didn't lose any ground.

    Him alone should make them a very feared opponent for anybody, especially since the team is mostly intact from last season with the exception of Iguodala.

Minnesota Timberwolves

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    Minnesota has a young nucleus of Ricky Rubio, Derrick Williams, Kevin Love and now add Andrei Kirilenko to the mix.

    The Timberwolves did not lose any ground whatsoever.

    They look to be building a powerhouse for many years to come.

New York Knicks

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    The Knicks added Ronnie Brewer, Marcus Camby, Jason Kidd and Raymond Felton.

    So no, they didn't lost any ground, they should compete for the Eastern Conference Title in 2012-13.

The Brooklyn Nets

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    The Nets will start the new era of basketball in Brooklyn with Joe Johnson, Deron Williams, Kris Humphries and Gerald Wallace.

    Not bad.

    They didn't lost any ground this offseason. 

Indiana Pacers

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    The Pacers made great moves last season to go deep into the playoffs and this offseason they didn't lose any ground.

    The roster has stayed relatively the same, and they added a big body down low in draft pick Miles Plumlee.

San Antonio Spurs

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    The Spurs have maintained their great balance of young and old and have made it through another offseason without losing ground.

    They'll be back for more in 2012-13.

Los Angeles Clippers

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    Chris Paul and the Clippers had a great offseason, not losing any ground at all.

    Lamar Odom came back to his first NBA team, they loaded up on scoring with Jamal Crawford and Grant Hill, and they bolstered their defense with Ronny Turiaf.

Oklahoma City Thunder

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    All the important pieces from OKC last season is back this season so the offseason has been a big success for them.

    No losing ground for Kevin Durant and company. It's championship or bust in 2012-13.

Los Angeles Lakers

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    After this offseason, the Lakers starting five will be Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Dwight Howard (once he's healthy), Metta World Peace and Steve Nash.

    Enough said. 

Miami Heat

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    The 2011-12 NBA Champion Miami Heat have added Ray Allen to the mix so it's safe to say that their offseason went well.

    They didn't lose any important pieces and certainly didn't give up any ground either.