Top 100 Soccer Jerseys for the 2012-13 Season

Mikhail Turner@MikhailTurnerContributor IIIAugust 22, 2012

Top 100 Soccer Jerseys for the 2012-13 Season

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    Bleacher Report is taking a look at the top 100 soccer jerseys for the 2012/13 season as many clubs, and international teams as well, have come out with new designs that fans will see throughout the season.

    Sometimes the designs can be a bit weird considering the club's normal colors for a certain jersey, Arsenal's 2012/13 away jersey for instance, but most of the time they get it spot on.

    Here are the top 100 jersey for the 2012/13 season.

Arsenal Home Kit 2012/13

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    Arsenal's home jersey brings all the usual stuff. Primarily red design with hints of white throughout and there is now the nice touch of blue on the sleeves.

    The Gunners didn't look so good in this jersey the first time they played an official game but its one of the best of the season.

Everton Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Everton got a great opening game win against Manchester United in this jersey. The shirt has a very classic look about with the white collar and sleeves giving it a very clean look.

Everton Away Jersey 2012/13

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    You really can't go wrong with an all-black shirt and Everton certainly doesn't get it wrong.

    The whole kit is black and Everton will be hoping they get some pick results in this jersey as they did against Manchester United in their opening game.

Tottenham Away Jersey 2012/13

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    Tottenham's away jersey follows the trend of nice sleeves and collars with the twist that the white on the sleeve does not go all the way around.

    When the whole kit is put together its a very nice look for Spurs.

Manchester United Home Jersey 2012/13

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    The virtual plaid feel of Manchester United's home jersey gives it a very interesting look. It's pretty plain otherwise but sometimes more is less.

Manchester United Away Shirt 2012/13

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    Manchester United's home jersey is pretty solid but the away jersey is even better. The majority of it is plain white but the touches of red throughout really make it stand out.

Chelsea Away Jersey 2012/13

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    Chelsea's home blue jersey is fine but it doesn't feel like anything special. White jerseys are hard to pull off and Chelsea does it really well here.

    Using the light blue stripe was a good idea instead of the darker blue that is standard for Chelsea's home jerseys.

Newcastle Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Newcastle's home jersey has a nice little twist to it. The white around the shoulders and the sleeves is different and looks great.

Liverpool Home Jersey 2012/13

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    This Liverpool home jersey has a different shade of red than previous years but it's still class. The old-school feel introduced with the collar and the overall look really help.

Liverpool Away Jersey 2012/13

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    I like red and Liverpool's home jerseys are usually amongst my favourites but not this years edition. The away jersey is better than last year's effort and the grey at the top of the chest are sort of reminds me of Star Trek.

Manchester City Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Manchester City's home jersey is simple but that isn't a bad thing. The collar gives it an old-school feel and the light blue always works well.

Fulham Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Fulham presents a very classy pinstripe home jersey this season. It's no wonder the players were able to put Norwich to the sword with a 5-0 win on Saturday.

    They looked good, they felt good, so they played good. Or maybe it was a warning to Clint Dempsey.

Barcelona Home Jersey 2012/13

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    At first glance, I disliked this jersey. It's grown on me since and maybe Barcelona's 5-1 win over Real Sociedad on Saturday helped.

    These are some almost futuristic looking jerseys which work well with Barcelona's out of this world football.

Athletic Bilbao Away Jersey 2012/13

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    Athletic Bilbao's away jersey is great. Umbro could have gone with an all-white collar to go with the black shirt but the introduction of red reminds fans of the home jersey.

Real Madrid Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Real Madrid's all-white look will forever be a classic in the jersey arena and the touches on the 2012/13 really enhance things.

    The very simple design works well with the blue collar and sleeves to make for a very sharp-looking jersey.

Valencia Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Valencia's pinstripes aren't as close together as Fulham's but there is just something about those pinstripes.

    Valencia usually goes with the plain white look with black here, which is fine, but the jersey this year, collar and all, is good.

Malaga Away Jersey 2012/13

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    Malaga's whole away kit is probably one of the best on this list. The away jersey itself is well put together with the all black shirt with the white and black sleeves makes for a really nice look.

Mallorca Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Mallorca's home jersey isn't flashy but it is really nice to look at. The pinstripes are a good addition, as well as the black on the sleeves.

Mallorca Away Jersey 2012/13

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    Mallorca's away shirt is different from the typical away jersey—and looks just as good. The red pinstripes are really nice as are the sleeves and the collar.

Rayo Vallecano Away Jersey 2012/13

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    Rayo Vallecano has a pretty good away jersey for the 2012/13 season. The red stripe is not a nuisance because of the way it latches on to the red trim at the bottom of the jersey.

Atletico Madrid Away Jersey 2012/13

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    Atletico's home jersey doesn't vary much but the away jersey is really neat. The mixture of a primarily black shirt with stripes and the touch of red on the sleeves is done well.

AC Milan Home Jersey 2012/13

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    AC Milan's home jersey is a classic throughout world football. The broad stripes work really well and the collar gives it in an old-school feel.

AC Milan Away Jersey 2012/13

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    AC Milan's away jersey is very well put together. The way the red and black is incorporated throughout the jersey does not take away from anything.

    There is intricate design on the sleeves and the team's sponsor is well-placed.

Juventus Home Jersey 2012/13

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    The bold black stripes on Juventus' jersey is what really makes it good. It's not any different from Juventus' usual color choice or style but the boldness of stripes makes it stand out.

Juventus Away Jersey 2012/13

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    Juventus' away jersey is absolutely great. You can't go wrong with an all-black look and the added touch on the sleeves works well.

Inter Milan Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Inter Milan's home jersey is a classic and still one of the best around. There aren't really any design changes to the jersey but it still looks good.

Genoa Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Genoa's mix and match home jersey is great. The mixture of blue with red and red with blue on either side makes a nice jersey.

Lazio Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Both of Lazio's jersey for the 2012/13 season look nice but it's the home jersey that gets on this countdown—it's the collar.

    There is no logo at the front to take away from anything and the light blue color is complemented well by the white on the collar and the sleeves.

Palermo Away Jersey 2012/13

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    Palermo loves the pink and found a good way to pair it with black in their 2012/13 away jersey. The stripe across the chest is great and the club could have left it at that but added some pink on the sleeves as well.

Torino Away Jersey 2012/13

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    When you can use add color to a predominantly white jersey the way Torino has, it looks really good. The addition of brown on the sleeves and the collar are good.

Paris Saint-Germain Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Paris Saint-Germain's Home Jersey looks very sleek. The colors are the same but instead of the pinstripe like Valencia and Fulham, it's just two small stripes with the white and red that do a solid job of making the shirt stand out.

Paris Saint-Germain Away Jersey 2012/13

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    When you put all of Paris Saint-Germain's away kit together, it looks really good. The jersey itself is interesting, unlike others jerseys with a shirt one color and sleeves another, the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt match.

As Nancy Lorraine Home Jersey 2012/13

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    This jersey has an old-school look and feel to it with the sleeves being a different color from the main part of the jersey.

    The way the collar is done is pretty nice as well.

As Nancy Lorraine Away Jersey 2012/13

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    As Nancy Lorraine's home jersey is well put together with the nice white stripes here and there on the sleeve and shoulders, giving it some style.

Lyon Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Lyon's home jersey's are usually a little more plain than this. The variation of usage and color is well done in all aspects and makes for a really nice Lyon jersey.

Marseille Away Jersey 2012/13

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    Marseille puts the colors of the French flag on the sleeves and the collar while sporting an otherwise simply designed jersey.

    The stripes down the middle of the shirt give a little bit of style.

Bordeaux Away Shirt 2012/13

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    Even with the huge Kia logo, Bordeaux's away jersey looks pretty good. The team crest and Puma logo are incorporated well within the "V" and the collar as well as the sleeves fit in well.

Lille Away Jersey 2012/13

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    While Lille's home jersey looks weird with the logo in the middle, the mix of white of red on the away jersey is perfect.

    The v-neck collar is great and the red touch on the sleeve is a nice addition as well.

Toulouse Away Jersey 2012/13

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    Toulouse's away jersey is interesting. The purple at the collar the sleeves and the end of the shirt are nice touches and make what would have been an all-white shirt, stand out.

Borussia Dortmund Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Borussia Dortmund's home jersey has the usual yellow but the inclusion of black on the sleeves the collar and that little strip in the middle gives it a really nice look.

Borussia Dortmund Away Jersey 2012/13

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    It may just be the mix of colors, as I don't usually like jerseys with the strip on one shoulder, but I like Borussia Dortmund's away jersey.

    The yellow works really well where it is in the black shirt.

Bayern Away Jersey 2012/13

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    Bayern Munich's simple Adidas jersey's always look good. The light orange mixed with the white works really well in this away jersey.

Bayern Munich Third Jersey 2012/13

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    Bayern's away jersey is good but its third jersey may be even better. Hopefully we'll see it a good amount of times this season

    The design in the chest area, with the little strips of red, is eye-catching and the rest of the kit is business as usual.

Bayer Leverkusen Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Bayer Leverkusen's home jersey is nice to look at as everything works well together. The black collar and sleeves are simple enough and the pinstripes top it all off.

Schalke Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Schalke's home kit is similar to Everton's in color and the classical look. The sponsorship logo isn't too overpowering and the style is overall pretty neat.

Werder Bremen Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Werder Bremen has used a variety of green home kits over the years and this 2012/13 edition may be the best.

    The style on the sleeves and the middle of the shirt aren't extravagant and the shade of green isn't annoying.

Werder Bremen Away Jersey 2012/13

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    Werder Bremen has two good jerseys to play in this year. The black, with lighter colored hoops and the addition of green on the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt really works.

Ajax Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Ajax has virtually the same style for all its home jerseys and this edition is no different. It still looks very good though.

    Adidas has come out with some great jerseys for this list and it is no different here with Ajax's red stripe down the middle of a white shirt.

PSV Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Here's another red and white mixture from one of the Eredivisie's big boys. PSV's stripes are always on display but the really nice touches on this jersey is on the sleeves and the all-red back.

Rangers Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Rangers are planning to start life in the Scottish Third Division with some style. Rangers' home jersey may not look like the flashiest of any of these other entries but sometimes less is more.

Besiktas Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Besiktas presents a nice white jersey with a good design and smart use of the logo. The Toyota logo is not overpowering anything and the nice little strips down the very middle of the shirt are nice.

Besiktas Away Jersey 2012/13

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    Besiktas has two good kits for its season. The jersey for their away kit is really great, and while similar to the likes of Newcastle and Juventus, has its own style.

Galatasaray Away Jersey 2012/13

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    Galatasaray's away jersey presents all the usual Galatasary colors in a very stylish manner while being able to hold the crest and a sponsor's logo in the front.

Fenerbahce Home Jersey 2012/13

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    The colors work together really well in Fenerbahce's home jersey and the stripes and the customary stripes are not overdone.

Anderlecht Away Jersey 2012/13

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    Anderlecht's away jersey is another great entry from Adidas. You can't go wrong with pinstripes and the purple along the side of the shirt is a good touch as well.

Sparta Prague Home Jersey 2012/13

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    It's hard to see the stripes on this jersey from afar but Sparta Prague's home jersey for the 2012/13 season is stylish.

    Those stripes coupled with the solid black collar and plain, except for a logo on side sleeves, makes for a really good jersey.

FC Copenhagen Away Jersey 2012/13

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    FC Copenhagen has a sleek looking black away jersey this season. There isn't much designing to speak of but the touches of white throughout makes it look really good.

Benfica Away Jersey 2012/13

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    Benfica will be looking pretty sharp in their away games this season. The black on red mix is always good though the jersey isn't spectacular it's worthy of this list.

CSKA Moscow Away Jersey 2012/13

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    CSKA Moscow keeps all the usual colors in its away jersey and does it well.

    The gold on the sleeves as well as the addition of the blue and red along the sleeves and collar gives what would have been a plain white jersey some color.

Spartak Moscow Away Jersey 2012/13

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    The logo on the front of Spartak Moscow's away jersey isn't half as annoying as the one on the home jersey.

    This virtually all-white shirt has some interesting design features which one has to look at closely. It's a bit difficult to describe but you should be able to notice the difference in color in this picture.

Shaktar Donetsk Away Jersey 2012/13

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    Shaktar Donetsk a white shirt with a nice nod to the clubs usual colors along one side of the chest are and one sleeve.

    It all works relatively well.

Boca Juniors Home Jersey 2012/13

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    No one can deny that the classic colors of Boca Juniors looks really good. The club's home jersey this season is simple but very nice to look at.

Boca Juniors Away Jersey 2012/13

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    Boca Juniors will be looking good on the road as well with a strong away jersey. The black stripes give the shirt a really cool look and the hint of yellow on the sleeves tops it off.

River Plate Home Jersey 2012/13

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    River Plate produces another classic world football jersey with no frills. Still, the River Plate jersey is very stylish and Adidas did a good job with it.

Santos Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Even though there are a lot of logos on this jersey it still looks really good. Neymar and company will be looking good in the all-white jersey.

Club America Home Jersey 2012/13

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    The bright yellow mixed with the red and blue on the sleeves makes Club America's jersey one of the best of the season.

    It's otherwise pretty plain but still looks good.

Chivas De Guadalajara Home Jersey 2012/13

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    The usual stripes are in use here for Chivas Guadalajara's home jersey. The sleeves could have used a bit more red but overall it is still a good jersey.

Corinthians Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Corinthian's all-white home jersey is nice to look at and has some subtlety to it as well with some intricate little patterns.

    The black collar works well.

Corinthians Away Jersey 2012/13

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    Corinthians away jersey is simple yet elegant with an all-black strip and a great white collar. It is a great look from Nike.

Australia Home Jersey 2012/13

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    The Socceroos home jersey has the usual Australian colors but the stripe down one side and the block on the opposing sleeve are good ideas.

    The federation crest is also well positioned and Nike didn't go the usual route of putting it inside the stripe.

Honduras Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Honduras went with the pinstripe look for its new home jersey and pulls it off well. The blue on the collar is a good touch and the "H" gives it a somewhat classical feel.

Honduras Away Jersey 2012/13

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    Honduras' away jersey incorporates the style of the nation's national flag in a very interesting manner. The bold stripes and the collar are also good pieces.

Algeria Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Algeria's home jersey probably looks better displayed like this as it's easier to see the intricate design on the front of the shirt.

    The simple white shirt is also endearing and makes for a good jersey overall.

Algeria Away Jersey 2012/13

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    Algeria's away jersey looks really nice. The fact that the colors are light makes the faded look work really well and the crest and logos are not too big.

Cameroon Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Cameroon's jersey represents the "Indomitable Lions" well as you can see with the use of a lion on the front.

    Considering its style and that major design piece, one could just as easily wear this on the pitch as they could going out on the town.

Ivory Coast Home Jersey 2012/13

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    A lot of African nations seem to be finding some way to add their nickname's to the jersey.

    Ivory Coast, nicknamed "The Elephants" does so here with the elephant's head below the crest. It works well thanks swoop of the elephant's trunk which imitates the three lines below it.

Ghana Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Ghana has a classy home jersey which some may prefer over some of Puma's other African jerseys. It is easier to add stars to a jersey than lions or elephants and that enables Puma to pull of a simple but stylish jersey.

Ghana Away Jersey 2012/13

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    Ghana's away jersey is not as simple as the home jersey but it's still as good. It is all about choosing colors that work well together and Puma gets it right for this piece.

Senegal Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Senegal didn't have so great a time in this jersey during the 2012 African Cup of Nations. Still, it is another great piece of work from Puma as the use of the tree creates a spectacular effect.

Peru Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Peru's home jersey is similar to River Plate's with the lone stripe going diagonally across the shirt. The colors work well and the collar looks really nice.

Brazil Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Anyone who watch the Olympics saw Brazil in this jersey. Nothing over the top or out of the ordinary here but a very neatly done Brazil jersey done by Nike.

Uruguay Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Uruguay's home jersey is another simple one but it's still good. The white on the collar and the sleeves is neat and the pinstripe look is a nice touch as well.

Turkey Home Jersey

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    Nike went down a more plain route with this jersey for Turkey. Simple jerseys are sometimes the best and this jersey falls into that category.

Turkey Away Jersey 2012/13

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    Turkey's away jersey is not as simple as the home one but it still looks really good. The bar across the chest works well and the use of the crescent moon and the star is well done.

Croatia Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Croatia's home jersey already debuted in Euro 2012 and the squad looked quite good in it.

    The checkered style of Croatian jerseys are usually done well and Nike made no mistakes with this one.

England Home Jersey 2012/13

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    England had two of the best jerseys at Euro 2012. The home jersey was simple and the red was used well in the collar.

England Away Jersey 2012/13

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    While England's home jersey is nice, the away one is even better. It has an old-school feel about it with the collar and light blue on the collar tops making for a very clean-looking jersey.

France Home Jersey 2012/13

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    "Les Bleus" have a really good jersey for their home encounters. The collar is really nice and the stripes are a good touch.

France Away Jersey 2012/13

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    France's whole away kit itself is quite exquisite. The jersey is not only great to look at but must have been fantastic to wear as well.

    Leaving everything plain would still have made for a great jersey but the blue stripes on the sleeves worked really well.

Republic of Ireland Home Jersey 2012/13

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    The gold stripes going across the jersey are the best part of Republic of Ireland's jersey. The different shades of green are also useful.

Germany Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Germany's away kit is ghastly but the home kit, especially the jersey, is really good.

    The three simple stripes across to represent the German colors as well as the collar and the sleeves all work well together.

Italy Home Jersey 2012/13

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    You can't beat a classic and Italy presents us with a great one. The shiny blue shirt gives it a little flash and the collar has all the colors of the Italy flag.

Italy Away Jersey 2012/13

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    Italy's away jersey is really nice to look at. The block of blue across the chest area is incorporated really well and the collar looks sharp.

Netherlands Away Jersey 2012/13

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    Netherland's away jersey keeps that touch of "Oranje," but it's not something you normally see from the team.

Portugal Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Portugal's home jersey is as simple as you like. It is still pretty stylish and that is helped by the use of green in various areas.

Portugal Away Jersey 2012/13

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    Portugal's away jersey is one of their best in recent years. The colors of the nation are incorporated pretty well in the white shirt.

Spain Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Spain's home jersey follows the natural pattern of a mainly red shirt with yellow throughout. The shirt is still pretty stylish with the numbers, crest etc. all looking neat.

Czech Republic Away Jersey 2012/13

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    The Czech Republic makes good use of various parts of the jersey to produces a really good jersey.

    All the colors of the nation are a part of the jersey itself with and come together really well.

Poland Away Jersey 2012/13

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    Poland's away jersey is great. The white block in the middle which includes the crest for Polish federation and the Nike symbol is not distracting and the otherwise simple design is nice to look at.

Sweden Home Jersey 2012/13

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    Sweden is another team going with the pinstripe look and they pull it off as well. The Swedish national team usually has a plain jersey but the blue stripes work well.