PSG: How Adding Lucas Moura Affects Paris Saint-Germain

Christopher Almeras@@redriverhockeyCorrespondent IIAugust 8, 2012

Nene may be the player most effected by the capture of Lucas
Nene may be the player most effected by the capture of LucasAndy Marlin/Getty Images

Another week brings another big money signing for PSG. The latest deal closed is the capture of exciting Brazilian Lucas Moura. The young attacker is the latest in a long line of Brazilian talents to grace Paris with their presences. With Lucas scheduled to arrive at PSG in January, we have plenty of time to gauge how his addition will affect PSG.

While a player of Lucas' caliber could be seen as the go-to guy on most squads, PSG have put together the kind of talent that wouldn't require Moura to perform immediately. Having him train with successful professionals like Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic will help turn his potential into productivity.

The addition of Lucas gives PSG another young star with a high ceiling. By adding him to the mix with Marco Verratti, PSG have two of the best midfield talents in the world who are 20 years old or younger. This is a clear indication that PSG are looking at dominating for the long term, not just the near future. With Lucas, PSG have another attacking option with the talent to be explosive.

Perhaps the biggest immediate impact is the signal this signing more than likely sends about Nene. Having not been offered a contract extension yet, there have been whispers about PSG showing the attacker the door after this season. With Lucas coming on board in January, this is most likely the last call for the under-appreciated Nene.

Whether PSG sell him now, in January or allow him to go on the free next summer is anyone’s guess. If PSG move him to another club, Jeremy Menez will be the player who will likely replace Nene in the lineup. This will leave PSG a little lighter in depth on the right side until Lucas touches down in Paris.

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If PSG wait until January to sell Nene, they risk upsetting the chemistry of the team at the season midpoint. They also would lose a valuable, experienced player going into the money rounds of the Champions League. If Lucas arrives in January with any injuries from the Brazilian season, PSG would be at risk in their depth without Nene.

Waiting until the end of the season and allowing Nene to leave on the free may be the best option. PSG will not miss the four or five million they can expect in a transfer fee. Having Nene for the full season would allow Ancelotti more options, while giving Lucas a chance to get worked into the lineup. It would also allow PSG to send Nene off as a champion in Ligue 1.

While no one knows exactly how PSG will manage their surplus of goods, everyone knows that PSG have made the transition from solid club to European power. Adding the talents of Lucas was just another feather in the cap.


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