Why Brooklyn Nets Fans Should Absolutely Be Excited

John Nizinski@@jniz73Analyst IIIJuly 29, 2012

Why Brooklyn Nets Fans Should Absolutely Be Excited

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    The Brooklyn Nets fans have not been quiet this offseason. They have been making headline after headline with trades, signings and rumors.

    Recently, the Nets and their fans have not had much to be excited about. They have been in a rebuilding phase the last couple of seasons and have been at the bottom of the NBA. However, they have made the necessary moves and worked themselves out of the bottom all the way into the top of the league.

    Nets fans have every right to be excited, and here is why.

Move to Brooklyn

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    The biggest thing for the Nets, going into next season is their move to Brooklyn. The Nets have been in New Jersey since 1977, but lately they have not been able to generate a large fan-base or draw a serious crowd to their games.

    Brooklyn has not had a major sports team for the last 55 years. They have been craving a team since the Dodgers moved across the country to California. There is something special about the Nets getting a fresh start in a place where there is a lot of buzz for a professional sports team.

    Not to mention, there is now another NBA team in New York.

Knicks and Nets Rivalry

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    The Nets are moving into New York with a strong team, which means there is going to be an immediate battle between the Knicks and Nets for the city. The Knicks are clearly New York's team, but there is an undeniable buzz around the Nets.

    The Nets will open their new arena in Brooklyn against the Knicks, which throws the teams immediately into their rivalry.

Deron Williams Commitment

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    The Nets took a chance two seasons ago, by trading for Deron Williams. They made the move without a long-term commitment from him.

    There was much speculation, after Williams became a free agent this offseason, that he could go and sign with Dallas. However, the Nets were able to prove that they were the best team for him to sign with, and they re-signed him to a max contract.

    Now fans can now watch Williams and know that he is fully committed to their team and this is where he wants to be.

A Healthy Brook Lopez

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    Despite the Nets' struggles, they have had the enjoyment of watching Brook Lopez develop. Lopez is one of the best young centers in basketball and, with a few improvements in his rebounding and strength, could be a star in the league.

    Unfortunately, he was injured for the majority of last season, which stunted his growth and development. He should be healthy and ready to go this season. Fans should be hopeful that he will be able to stay healthy like he did before last season.

MarShon Brooks Is Still Here

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    While it would have been unbelievable if the Nets were able to acquire Dwight Howard in a trade, one perk of them failing to make a trade is that MarShon Brooks is still here.

    Brooks proved in his rookie season that he can score the basketball. While there are plenty of things he has to work on to become a star in the NBA, he is an exciting young player with loads of potential.

    While Kobe Bryant is a stretch, Brooks is often compared to him. Anyone that is compared to Bryant is someone that fans should want to watch develop.

    Not to mention, Brooks is going to be a valuable weapon off the bench.

Complete Starting 5

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    The Nets have been able to form a strong starting five with their successful offseason:

    PG: Deron Williams

    SG: Joe Johnson

    SF: Gerald Wallace

    PF: Kris Humphries

    C: Brook Lopez

    These five players compliment each other very nicely and may be the most balanced starting five in basketball.

    The backcourt of Williams and Johnson is arguably the best in the NBA. Wallace is a versatile player that can do everything. Humphries developed into a nice offensive force in the paint but is more valuable for his defense and rebounding, which makes up for the lack of Lopez's talents in that area. Meanwhile, Lopez is among the top scoring centers in basketball.

Playoff Potential

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    Among all things that Brooklyn Nets fans should be excited for, the most important thing is winning. The Nets should be able to win somewhere around 40-50 games, if not more, next season. 

    They definitely have the potential to be a playoff team and could even be seen as championship contenders on paper. Nets fans are sick of losing, and those losing days should be in the rear-view mirror.