The 50 Most Awkward High Fives in Sports

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterJuly 20, 2012

The 50 Most Awkward High Fives in Sports

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    High fives are as much a part of the fabric of America as baseball, apple pie and Bruce Springsteen. In fact, much like the crowd-pleasing "U-S-A!" chant, adding a high five to just about any occasion is guaranteed to make it better. 

    It certainly makes the sports world a better place! Particularly when the high five is very poorly executed and embarrasses all parties involved. If laughing at someone else's failure isn't what this great nation is all about, then I don't know why we're here. 

    But since we are here, how about we take a look at 50 of the most awesomely awkward high fives in sports history?

50. Gary Neal Needs No One!

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    The Situation: In a game against the Hornets, Spurs guard Gary Neal heads up to the free-throw line all by his lonesome, but he doesn't let a lack of a human being prevent his celebratory high fives after he sinks it. 

    Awkwardness Score: 0

    We're starting off on the awesome side, and we'll ease on into the awkward. 

    Recovery Score: 0

    This is just like stretching before you work out. 

    Overall High Five Score: 0

49. Audrey Is Not Interested, Dude

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    The Situation: Aubrey is playing in her first soccer game and she has no interest in placating her teammates with excessive enthusiasm. She's not feeling the game, and she's not feeling the high five. 

    Awkwardness Score: 0

    Too adorable to be awkward.

    [Whoa-oh here she comes, watch out boy she'll chew you up! Whoa-oh here she comes, she's a man-eater!]

    Recovery Score: 0

    Kids have short attention spans; that little boy probably forgot what he was even holding his hand up for by the time he walks away. 

    Overall High Five Score: 0 

48. Saints Fans Make Me Miss New Orleans

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    The Situation: The Saints are down by 14 against the Cowboys at home, but fans in New Orleans have dealt with much worse.

    Which is why these two (probably) boozy fans are celebrating first downs in the fourth quarter. 

    Awkwardness Score: 1

    They miss in a big way, but it's New Orleans! I don't think I've connected on a single high five in NOLA ever.

    Recovery Score: 0

    Ain't nothing to recover from, and that's what's great about the Big Easy—it's like Vegas, but with mosquitos. 

    Overall High Five Score: 1

47. Clippers Girls Dance in Slow Motion...I Forget What Else

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    The Situation: The Clippers girls are shaking their stuff, and some good samaritan on the interwebs was kind enough to put it in slow motion so we can see them fail to connect on their high fives. 

    Awkwardness Score: 0

    Hot broads in slow motion…nothing awkward about that. 

    Recovery Score: 1.5

    Wasn't much to recover from. 

    Overall High Five Score: 1.5

46. Pool Player Doesn't Appreciate the Fans

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    The Situation: A professional pool player can sink every ball in 55 seconds, but can't make time to high five a few fans who have subjected themselves to watching professional pool…live. 

    Awkwardness Score: 2

    It's a little awkward, but a lot rude. 

    Recovery Score: 0

    This guy is kind of an ungrateful jag. 

    Overall High Five Score: 2

45. Andrew Bogut Sees Imaginary Teammates—6 of Them

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    The Situation: Then-Bucks center Andrew Bogut sinks a free throw, and if his teammates aren't there to praise him, he'll do the job himself. 

    Awkwardness Score: 2

    It's more awesome than awkward, but he should have stopped at four imaginary handshakes—otherwise he's high-fiving the imaginary opposition. 

    Recovery Score: 0

    Who needs to recover from being awesome?

    Overall High Five Score: 2

44. One Pacer Leaves Another Pacer Flapping in the Breeze

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    The Situation: Aside from the dismal video quality, the video title says it all.

    Jeff Foster just wanted a little high five love from his Pacers teammate, T.J. Ford, but Ford leaves him hanging for the longest seven seconds of his life. 

    Awkwardness Score: 2.5

    The poor video quality makes the incident look like a cartoon, which is actually much less awkward. 

    Recovery Score: 0

    I could barely see the initial incident, so who knows what happened next—probably just left him hanging for another four hours. 

    Overall High Five Score: 2.5

43. The Broncos' Resident Narc Tries to Befriend the Referee

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    The Situation: The referee is reviewing a call at Mile High Stadium, and for some reason a Broncos staff member leans in for a low five as the ref jogs back out on the field. 

    Awkwardness Score: 3

    The attempt is discreet, but the fact that he's trying to befriend the ref is a bit peculiar. He doesn't even look like a member of the coaching staff. 

    Recovery Score: 0

    The ref doesn't even see the guy. 

    Overall High Five Score: 3

42. High Five Fail: Rugby Roughians Edition

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    The Situation: The Roosters just scored on the Eels, which are awesomely named Australian rugby teams, and which means it's time for an uncoordinated attempt at a high five.

    They're probably just dizzy from all the concussions. 

    Awkwardness Score: 4

    Well, they miss and hit each other in the face, but rugby is kind of an awkward sport as it is. 

    Recovery Score: 0

    Meh, no time for do-overs when there are bones to break. 

    Overall High Five Score: 4

41. Teenage Leafs Fans Embarrass Themselves

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    The Situation: A couple of nerd-bomber Leafs fans are trying to pull off their secret handshake on cue, with the added pressure of the cameras on them. It's goes predictably poorly. 

    Awkwardness Score: 4

    If these kids looked more like kids who could handle the spotlight, it would have been more awkward. The scene plays out exactly how I thought it would. 

    Recovery Score: 0.5

    The fans don't recover in the slightest, but the guys making the video laugh hysterically at them, which totally counts for something

    Overall High Five Score: 4.5

40. Rafael Nadal Bypasses the Bobbies

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    The Situation: Ever the adorable and gracious winner, Rafael Nadal collects his trophy after winning Wimbledon in 2010 and proceeds to high-five fans on the way out, and doesn't stop until he reaches the po-po. 

    Awkwardness Score: 4

    Rafa probably isn't skipping them on purpose because he hates the fuzz, but it's a funny coincidence. 

    Recovery Score: 1

    The bobbies don't recover, but since Rafa is seriously on the move, it doesn't seem as bad.

    Overall High Five Score: 5

39. Vintage 1980s High Five Fail

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    The Situation: The video quality for this is terrible—just skip forward to 1:45 if you want to see a couple of track and field guys', decked out in 80s running gear, high five fail. 

    Awkwardness Score: 3

    The attempt is awkward, but nobody is really paying attention to the guy attempting the high five. 

    Recovery Score: 2

    So, it's almost as if it never even happened. 

    Overall High Five Score: 5

38. Brian Scalabrine Is Invisible

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    The Situation: Celtics forward Brian Scalabrine is injured and attempting to dish out a few congratulatory high fives after the game, but it seems his pale complexion has rendered him completely invisible. 

    Awkwardness Score: 6

    Everything about Scalabrine is awkward, so why should this be any different?

    Recovery Score: 0

    Absolutely no attempt to rectify the awkward situation is made, probably because Scalabrine is obviously invisible under the bright lighting. 

    Overall High Five Score: 6

37. Rio Ferdinand Feels Uncomfortable

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    The Situation: Footballer Rio Ferdinand attempts low fives before finally landing a handshake.

    Obviously he feels like a nerd around boxers David Haye and Audley Harrison. 

    Awkwardness Score: 6

    Ferdinand's cool-guy leather jacket helps distract from his social awkwardness. Next time he should wear the matching pants. 

    Recovery Score: 0.5

    He tries his best, but it's not anywhere near enough to redeem himself. 

    Overall High Five Score: 6.5

36. Rugby High Five Fail Shames a Nation

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    The Situation: A couple of rugby players attempt a high five and are mocked by an Australian announcer for sucking at it. 

    Awkwardness Score: 7

    The slow motion really adds to the effect. 

    Recovery Score: 0

    Once you've shamed yourself, your team, your sport, your family and your entire nation, how can you come back from that?

    Overall High Five Score: 7

35. Cowboys Fans Fail to Connect

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    The Situation: Potentially drunk Cowboys fans are celebrating a Dallas first down of the second quarter during a Monday Night Football game waaaaay back in 2008. 

    Awkwardness Score: 8

    One guy is going for the double-high five, one guy is going for the single-high five and they both miss. This would have been higher if I thought they were sober. 

    Recovery Score: 0

    The camera cuts away instantly, but you know there's no coming back from that. Shouldn't we expect a higher standard from fans of "America's Team?"

    Overall High Five Score: 8

34. Louis Oosthuizen Needs a New Caddy

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    The Situation: During the final round of the Masters on Easter Sunday in 2012, Louis Oosthuizen tries to high five his caddy, but his caddy fails at life. 

    Awkwardness Score: 6

    This all rests on his caddy. Dude should have known to adjust his angle in order to make proper contact—isn't that a caddy's job?

    Recovery Score: 3

    The recovery isn't great, but Oosthuizen clearly tries to make contact a second time. Perhaps trying to disguise it as a double-high five?

    Overall High Five Score: 9

33. Kobe Bryant Takes on Superman and Walks Away with His Cape

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    The Situation: Legendary adversaries Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal engage in tactical low five/dap warfare, and Kobe emerges victorious. 

    Awkwardness Score: 5

    This only gets a five because it's only awkward for Shaq. 

    Recovery Score: 5

    These are just points because they didn't hit each other. 

    Overall High Five Score: 10

32. Raider Faked Out, Quickly Recovers

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    The Situation: The Raiders and the Texans are playing, and Oakland's Bruce Davis is all kinds of fired up. The line judge decides it's the perfect moment to fake him out. 

    Awkwardness Score: 2

    I'm actually not sure if the LJ meant to fake him out. 

    Recovery Score: 8

    Davis moves right on to the next high five and doesn't miss a beat—his enthusiasm stole the show.

    Sorry, zebra!

    Overall High Five Score: 10

31. Roger Federer and Pete Sampras Encounter a Cultural Divide

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    The Situation: At some kind of charity match in 2011, we learned that Swiss/American relations may have a little work to do when Roger Federer came in for a high five and Pete Sampras moved in for a dap. 

    Awkwardness Score: 8

    Sadly, we don't get to see how this one played out, but we know it got off to a very awkward start. 

    Recovery Score: N/A

    There's just no way to know. 

    Overall High Five Score: 10.5

30. McIlroy and McDowell (Sorta) Hug It out

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    The Situation: PGA golfers Rory McIlroy and Graeme McDowell are attempting a post-bro-hug high five, and the results are disastrous. 

    Awkwardness Score: 6

    It was relatively awkward, but imagine the same incident between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson—it could be so much worse.

    That sounds amazing, doesn't it?

    Recovery Score: 5

    They recover with another bro hug. 

    Overall High Five Score: 11

29. No Love for Tony Allen?

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    The Situation: Tony Allen sinks a free throw for his Grizzlies and is obviously looking for a little recognition.

    Anybody? Bueller?

    Awkwardness Score: 3

    The key to avoiding a big embarrassing spectacle on a high five fail is not to let it linger—he backed right off. 

    Recovery Score: 8

    Allen is obviously going up for a high five, but his backpedaling is almost the perfect disguise.

    Overall High Five Score: 11

28. Brewers Fans Chugging Brew

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    The Situation: A couple of Cubs fans are in Milwaukee for a loss to the Brewers, but a couple of sauced locals ease the pain of defeat with their drunken buffoonery.

    Awkwardness Score: 6

    They completely miss on the high five attempt, but they probably won't even remember it in the morning.

    Recovery Score: 6

    They connect on the second attempt and look pretty pleased about the situation—and I'm pleased for them.

    Overall High Five Score: 12

27. Kevin Love and Marc Gasol Exchange a Bro Bump

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    The Situation: Though very gifted basketball players, Marc Gasol and Kevin Love attempt some awkward white-boy celebrating during the 2010 NBA Rookie-Sophomore Challenge. 

    Awkwardness Score: 8

    It seems like they can't decide between a high five and a chest bump, so instead they just slam into each other. 

    Recovery Score: 4

    They then slam into each other a few times, which makes it look more like an awkward, white-boy plan they had all along. 

    Overall High Five Score: 12

26. Texas Tech Triumphs, Foolish Fans Fail

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    The Situation: Texas Tech scores the winning touchdown over Nebraska, and a couple of fans show why they are in the stands and not playing sports. 

    Awkwardness Score: 8.5

    These guys just really miss the mark. Entirely. 

    Recovery Score: 4

    They don't actually recover at all, but I appreciate the effort. Everyone gets a trophy!

    Overall High Five Score: 12.5

25. Patrick Ekwall, Swedish Reporter Nerd, Ignored by Jock

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    The Situation: A Swedish sports reporter tries to get a high five from a soccer player after he scores a meaningless goal in the studio.

    Sadly, he's totally ignored, which probably brought back all kinds of painful high school memories. 

    Awkwardness Score: 10

    That had to sting. 

    Recovery Score: 3

    At least he didn't cry.

    Overall High Five Score: 13

24. When Mr. Mayor Met Mr. Met, and It Was Weird

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    The Situation: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Mr. Met awkwardly touch hands at a City Hall event in May 2012. 

    Awkwardness Score: 10

    From the looks of this photo, I'm guessing Bloomberg is a Yankees fan, and Mr. Met is a Democrat.

    Recovery Score: 3.5

    I can't imagine it got much better from here, but I'm giving Mr. Met the benefit of the doubt that he could salvage something. 

    Overall High Five Score: 13.5

23. Chris Paul *Denies* Sugar Ray

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    The Situation: Clippers superstar point guard Chris Paul nets the game-winning basket at the buzzer and heads over to high-five some fans.

    Paul may or may not have purposefully avoided 90s pop plague Sugar Ray—I like to think he did. 

    Awkwardness Score: 10

    Being a celebrity seemingly dissed at the Staples Center is probably pretty awkward for Mark McGrath, but he's probably used to being ignored. 

    Recovery Score: 4

    Sugar Ray doesn't even attempt to play it off, but he's still rich, and we remember his stupid name.

    I guess it's not a total loss for him.

    Overall High Five Score: 14

22. Mascot Might as Well Be Invisible

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    The Situation: Female sprint athletes are competing in (what I think) are the IAFF World Championships in Berlin in 2009.

    Upon competing their race, a cuddly mascot wants some high five action. 

    Awkwardness Score: 10

    The fact that the bear is there in the first place is insanely awkward, and then he is left hanging with three women looking right at him. 

    Recovery Score: 4

    The bear really has no course of action aside from slowly lowering his hand (and head) in shame.

    But he probably gets to keep the bear costume—score!

    Overall High Five Score: 14

21. Horrible Little Fans Leave Russell Westbrook Hanging for All Eternity

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    The Situation: Thunder superstar point guard Russell Westbrook just took his turn at the Taco Bell Skills Challenge at the 2012 NBA All-Star Game, and he goes looking for some love from the fans. 

    Awkwardness Score: 10

    Those kids leave Westbrook hanging for what feels like an eternity. 

    Recovery Score: 4.5

    Westbrook gets a few points for doing everything he can to get some attention and the high fives he so richly deserves. 

    Overall High Five Score: 14.5

20. Bobby Valentine + Herm Edwards = WTF

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    The Situation: What do you get when you put Bobby Valentine and Herm Edwards in the same room and require them to interact?

    Something pretty amazing, that's what. 

    Awkwardness Score: 10

    Bobby V. reached out for the handshake. Herm E. reached out for the dap.

    Hence, Bobby V. shook Herm E. clenched fist. 

    Recovery Score: 4

    They didn't recover well, but nobody got hit, nobody got fired and nobody got yelled at.

    Oh, and they managed to keep talking for another 30 seconds—minimum. 

    Overall High Five Score: 14

19. PGA Golfers Can't Jump

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    The Situation: Bernhard Langer and Tom Lehman are golfing, and one of them sinks a put.

    Then they…uh…celebrate?

    Awkwardness Score: 10

    At first it looked like they were going in for the chest bump, but then they both backed off.

    It looked like they were going in for the high five, and then they both backed off. 

    Recovery Score: 5

    At least they didn't fall or split their pants. 

    Overall High Five Score: 15

18. Rugby Fans Clearly Aren't Seeing Straight

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    The Situation: People are playing rugby, something good happens and then two guys in the stands attempt to rejoice together. 

    Awkwardness Score: 8

    Their attempt is valiant, but painfully inept.

    Recovery Score: 8

    These dudes completely miss on the high five, but connect on a weird arm embrace instead. I actually liked it better than the high five.  

    Overall High Five Score: 16

17. Rafer Alston Facilitates a Team High Five

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    The Situation: The Nets' Brook Lopez heads back to the bench in a huff, and then totally rebuffs his teammates when they try to show him some love.

    Cold, bro!

    Awkwardness Score: 6

    Lopez is obviously in a mood, so ignoring their high fives is to be expected. Some people just like to be alone and pout when crap hits the fan.  

    Recovery Score: 10

    Lopez might not be in a mood, but thankfully Bobby Simmons has Rafer Alston by his side to help facilitate the high five and right the wrong.

    Remember, there's no "I" in "team."

    Overall High Five Score: 16

16. Nebraska Assistant Coach Is Easily Spooked

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    The Situation: Nebraska lines up against Texas to kick the game-winning field goal…and it's good!

    Everyone is excited, but someone is too afraid to high five the head coach. 

    Awkwardness Score: 10

    Dude literally goes up for the high five, and then backs off like Bo Pelini is a stick of dynamite.

    Wonder what the story is there.

    Recovery Score: 6.5

    At least Pelini isn't phased by his assistant punking out on him—the recovery points are all awarded to him. 

    Overall High Five Score: 16.5

15. Bosh Doesn't Play 3rd Banana to LeBron and D-Wade in Awkwardness

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    The Situation: In the 2012 NBA Finals, the Heat's Chris Bosh proves once and for all that he's absolutely the most awkward dude in all of South Beach.

    That probably doesn't make up for all the wedgies LeBron gives him. 

    Awkwardness Score: 10

    Bosh really misses on the first attempt at the high five and almost hits some dude in the face. Maybe D-Wade didn't see it, though!

    Recovery Score: 7

    The big man quickly recovers and manages a passable high five with the dude he almost hit in the face.

    Score one (and only one) for Boshie!

    Overall High Five Score: 17

14. Robert Kraft Is Being Weird Again...

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    The Situation: Patriots owner Bob Kraft is celebrating a New England touchdown against the Dolphins. He immediately starts dishing out high fives to his owners' box neighbors, but things go downhill after the first one.

    Awkwardness Score: 10

    I just haven't been able to look at Kraft the same... 

    Recovery Score: 7

    At least he wasn't doing this, so he gets some recovery points.

    Overall High Five Score: 17

13. NCAA Selection Committee Shows Their Age, Which Is OLD

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    The Situation: The NCAA Tournament Selection Committee finishes the selection process in 2009, and then they all immediately convene for very awkward congratulatory gestures in a small room that are being broadcasted on national television. 

    Awkwardness Score: 10

    Everyone is awkward and failing at life in this video. I was literally embarrassed for them—four years later. 

    Recovery Score: 7.5

    All these recovery points go to the one guy who recognizes their epic levels of humiliation and failure, and wisely decides to just go in for a hug. Bravo! 

    Overall High Five Score: 17.5

12. Adam Morrison's Non-Bust Moment

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    The Situation: NBA draft mega-bust Adam Morrison reaches the pinnacle of his career in the league by busting up a Mavericks high five—ninja style.

    Michael Jordan should just watch this clip when he gets all weepy-eyed about wasting this pick. 

    Awkwardness Score: 8

    The awkwardness is mostly on the part of the Mavericks he's busting up. Instead of pushing Morrison out of the way, they just envelope him. 

    Recovery Score: 10

    Morrison gets an A+ for pulling a Rajon Rondo and making things weird. 

    Overall High Five Score: 18

11. Matt Leinart Gets No Respect

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    The Situation: The Cardinals are beating the Giants, and backup quarterback Matt Leinart is ready to hand out some high fives since he is unable to throw footballs. He just wants to contribute! 

    Awkwardness Score: 18

    I know that's breaking the rules, but it's going to be happening through the rest of the list. 

    Hightower and company treated Leinart like a leper. It's ridiculously uncomfortable to watch!

    Recovery Score: 0

    Leinart makes no attempt to save face—just walks away with his head down. Yikes.

    Do you think he even remembers his glory days at USC, or did he spend too many nights on the business end of a beer bong? 

    Overall High Five Score: 18

10. The Hits Just Keep on Coming for UCLA Sports

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    The Situation: UCLA football fans have a rare moment to celebrate something, and some dude ruins it by going all Broadway in the stands. 

    Awkwardness Score: 10

    The fan's actions are inexplicably awkward for a college football game, but endlessly entertaining.  

    Recovery Score: 8.5

    I'm giving everyone around him an 8.5 for not grabbing the guy by his t-shirt and telling him to get a hold of himself. 

    Overall High Five Score: 18.5

9. Canucks Fan Will High-Five You No Matter What

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    The Situation: It's the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals; Canucks fan No.1 wants a high five from Canucks fan No. 2, but Canucks fan No. 2 isn't at all interested.

    Thankfully, Canucks fan No. 1 doesn't let that deter him in the slightest. 

    Awkwardness Score: 10

    I have to give Canucks fan No. 1 credit for being ridiculous enough to high-five a stranger's forearm in solidarity during the Canadian national anthem. 

    Recovery Score: 8.5

    Even though the camera pans away, again, I gotta give Canucks fan No. 1 credit for confidence and trust he recovered in a big way—perhaps by throwing a beer on someone.

    I'll also give Canucks fan No. 2 the benefit of the doubt that he did not throw a punch.

    Overall High Five Score: 18.5

8. Kevin Love and Wes Johnson Are Socially Awkward

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    The Situation: Timberwolves teammates Kevin Love and Wes Johnson share an awkward moment of almost physical contact of some sort.

    I'm sure it scared them both off human touch for months. 

    Awkwardness Score: 19

    Just yikes on the level of awkward.

    Although, it makes me like them both even more. 

    Recovery Score: 0

    A big goose egg for one of the most uncomfortable white-boy moments in basketball history. 

    Overall High Five Score: 19

7. Wait, Is This a Rerun?

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    The Situation: A high school basketball player has an NBA moment.

    Unfortunately, it's an uncomfortable moment reminiscent of the infamous Kevin Love/Wes Johnson incident. 

    Awkwardness Score: 9

    This is like when you run into someone on the sidewalk and you both keep moving the same way—if there are points on the line and an audience watching. 

    Recovery Score: 10

    When in doubt, just copy someone else's awkward, at-the-last moment, and say it was an homage. 

    Overall High Five Score: 19

6. Eagles Owner High-Fives His Wife in the Face

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    The Situation: The Eagles have just defeated the Cowboys to earn a spot in the 2008 NFL playoffs, and nobody is more excited about it than owner Jeff Lurie.

    His wife, however, is another story. 

    Awkwardness Score: 10

    Lurie fails to connect with his wife's hand, but he does manage to connect with a palm to her face. God bless the Fox cameraman who caught this precious moment.

    Recovery Score: 9.5

    Smacking your wife in the face on live television is pretty awkward. When the cameras panned back to them, they put on happy faces, which is a complete win.

    I probably would've hit him back.

    Overall High Five Score: 19.5

5. Danny Ainge Dodges a Dude

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    The Situation: The Celtics just took Game 1 of their 2012 playoff series against the Sixers, and Danny Ainge, team president, has just one high five to hand out.

    Spoiler alert: It's not the awesome guy behind him. 

    Awkwardness Score: 10

    Personally, I think he picks the wrong guy for the high five, but if you want to see something really awkward, watch this in slow motion. 

    Recovery Score: 10

    Getting the brush-off like this would wreck a lesser man, but that dude handles it like a champion.

    I still think Ainge owes him a high five... 

    Overall High Five Score: 20

4. Packers Fan Fails Fantastically

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    The Situation: The Packers have just won a home game in early January, and quarterback Aaron Rogers is thanking the fans with a line of high fives.

    Well, that is until one uncoordinated cheesehead takes a face-first tumble.   

    Awkwardness Score: 10

    This guy is obviously so excited to score some hand-on-hand action with the King of Green Bay, but he completely blows it. Dude is probably going to regret it for the rest of his life!

    Recovery Score: 10

    The guy who falls out of the stands just lays there, humiliated in front of his idol, but Rodgers just laughs it off and keeps moving like the pro he is. 

    Overall High Five Score: 20

3. Showalter Surprises

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    The Situation: The Orioles' Mark Reynolds hits a solo home run and completely leaves his manager, Buck Showalter, hanging out there like a fool.

    Click here to see the animated GIF. 

    Awkwardness Score: 10

    There was no miss or anything; Reynolds completely misses the whole scene, and you can instantly see the wheels in the manager's head spinning. 

    Recovery Score: 10

    In a seemingly hopeless situation, Showalter nails it.

    Overall High Five Score: 20

2. Apparently 16 Is Now the Loneliest Number

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    The Situation: Proving that there is nobody in sports lonelier than the back-up quarterback, Wisconsin's Scott Tolzien wanders around for 17 painfully awkward seconds without landing a single high five! 

    Awkwardness Score: 20

    It's sooooo uncomfortable.

    Kudos to Tolzien for not quitting the team at that exact moment—I would've been out the door. 

    Recovery Score: 0

    He'll never, ever recover from that. None of us will. 

    Overall High Five Score: 20

1. What About Phil?

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    The Situation: Kobe Bryant shows some love for his Lakers teammates, but completely forgets about his head coach Phil Jackson.

    And this is during a championship year!

    Awkwardness Score: 10

    This is one of the most deliciously awkward moments in sports history, and it could only be brought to you by the great Phil Jackson. 

    Recovery Score: 10

    Sure, we don't buy for a second that Jackson was just going to wipe his face with either fist, but he's the king! If Phil is selling it, I am buying it. 

    Overall High Five Score: 20