Ranking the 25 Players Kansas City Chiefs Fans Dislike the Most

Farzin Vousoughian@farzin21Contributor IIIJuly 18, 2012

Ranking the 25 Players Kansas City Chiefs Fans Dislike the Most

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    In the NFL, fans enjoy rivalries. Part of that is disliking some of the best players within and outside their team's division.

    Some of those players have been involved in crucial moments that have helped to define a rivalry, giving fans of the opposing team something to remember, good or bad.

    In this slideshow, we will look at 25 current NFL players who Kansas City Chiefs fans strongly dislike.

25. Dolphins WR Chad Ochocinco

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    Back in 2003, Chad Ochocinco made a statement, promising that his team at the time, the Cincinnati Bengals, would take down the 9-0 Chiefs. Ochocinco's statement held true as the Bengals pulled off the upset.

    Recently, Ochocinco tweeted Chiefs wide receiver, Dwayne Bowe, inviting him to join the Miami Dolphins. Fans did not take this message well.

24. Jets QB Mark Sanchez

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    The Chiefs have only gone up against Mark Sanchez once in his young NFL career. But that one game got a lot of Chiefs fans angry as he scored four touchdowns, throwing for two and running for two more.

    With Sanchez's inconsistency, Chiefs fans surely thought he'd have a bad day. But it was the complete opposite.

23. Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski

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    It is no secret that Rob Gronkowski is a beast. He scored 17 touchdowns last season, with two-touchdown performance in six contests. One of those games came against the Chiefs on Monday Night Football.

    Gronkowski was Tom Brady's best friend that night, catching four passes, with half of them resulting in touchdowns. Chiefs fans are hoping that their team will be better prepared for Gronkowski the next time they meet.

22. Cowboys WR Miles Austin

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    Before October 11, 2009, no one knew Miles Austin. But on that day, the Chiefs knew Austin better than everyone else.

    Tony Romo and the rest of the Dallas Cowboys were under pressure from the national media. It was thought that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would fire head coach Wade Phillips had he lost to the 0-4 Chiefs.

    Austin resurrected the Cowboys season that day, coming up with 10 catches for 250 yards and two touchdowns. Cowboys players, coaches, front-office members and fans were full of smiles when he capped off his day with a 60-yard touchdown catch-and-run in overtime.

21. Chargers RB Ryan Mathews

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    San Diego's Ryan Mathews is emerging as one of the league's top running backs. The Chiefs are familiar with a former Charger, Ladainian Tomlinson, who never had any problems carrying the pigskin against the Chiefs.

    Mathews has not been perfect against the Chiefs, but he has found a way to run and catch the ball against them. Mathews still remembers Derrick Johnson stripping the football away from him in Week 1 of 2010 on Monday Night Football, Mathews' debut, and does not want to let that happen again.

20. Raiders K Sebastian Janikowski

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    If a kicker makes this list, he must have done a lot to anger a fanbase. Chiefs fans won't hide from the fact that Sebastian Janikowski has angered them more than once.

    Four times in Janikowski's career, he has booted a game-winning field goal against the Chiefs to give the Raiders a big divisional win. He also converted a 56-yard field goal against the Chiefs. No kicker has successfully made one longer than that against Kansas City.

19. Falcons TE Tony Gonzalez

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    Tony Gonzalez is not really hated. But fans are still upset that he wanted to win with another team, thinking that he could not win anymore in Kansas City.

    Gonzalez requested a trade during the 2008 season and eventually got his wish in the 2009 offseason when Scott Pioli took over as general manager. His first regular-season game against the Chiefs and his first return to Arrowhead Stadium will be in Week 1 of the 2012 season.

    When the public-address announcer says Gonzalez's name, we'll find out if the fans will applaud him.

18. Lions RB Jerome Harrison

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    It only took one game, but it was enough for Chiefs fans to hate him. Jerome Harrison was with the Cleveland Browns in 2009 and came to Arrowhead Stadium for a blacked-out game.

    Jamaal Charles had no problem running all over the Browns, but he was the second-best running back that week. The only problem was that Harrison had a better day. In fact, Harrison had the third-best rushing performance in NFL history.

    Harrison bulldozed his way for 286 yards and three touchdowns and was featured on every single sports show all week. For any Chiefs fans who missed the game due to the blackout, they had no problems finding highlights on television or the Internet all week.

17. Broncos DE Elvis Dumervil

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    Elvis Dumervil has been one of the AFC West's top pass-rushers since he entered the league. In 2007, the Broncos dominated the Chiefs in Denver, winning 41-7.

    Dumervil had a big game, coming up with three sacks. Over time, he has recorded a few more sacks in his career against the Chiefs.

16. Ravens QB Joe Flacco

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    The Chiefs have met Joe Flacco a couple of times. But Chiefs fans don't like him for the 2010-11 postseason match.

    The Chiefs won the AFC West for the first time since 2003 and wanted to win a playoff game for the first time in 16 years. But Flacco led his Ravens to a 30-7 win. Flacco was 25-of-34 passing with 265 yards and two touchdowns to help the Baltimore Ravens pick up an easy postseason win.

15. Chargers T Jared Gaither

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    Nothing makes fans more angry than to see a player struggle for their team, only to play the complete opposite when playing for a divisional rival.

    Jared Gaither was cut by the Chiefs during the 2011 season after committing a false-start penalty. He joined the Chargers shortly thereafter and became Philip Rivers' favorite blocker as he had no problems protecting his blind side.

14. Raiders RB Darren McFadden

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    Darren McFadden is one of the league's top rushers since coming out of Arkansas in 2008. Despite missing a couple of games against the Chiefs, McFadden has rushed for 305 yards in his five games against them.

    His second career NFL game was against the Chiefs. He not only had his first 100-yard game, but he racked up 164 yards to help the Raiders beat the Chiefs.

13. Bears QB Jay Cutler

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    Jay Cutler was expected to play against the Chiefs for the first time since being traded to Chicago, but he was hurt and didn't play.

    While with the Broncos, Cutler had his good and bad moments against the Chiefs. His four-touchdown game in a 41-7 victory in 2007 was what prompted Chiefs fans to hate him. At the time, it was thought he would become the next hated Bronco by Chiefs fans.

12. Broncos CB Champ Bailey

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    Champ Bailey, one of the most respected cornerbacks to ever play the game, has not intercepted a pass against the Chiefs since 2007. However, Bailey still makes it hard for Chiefs receivers to get open and find the football.

    Bailey's current Chiefs rival is Dwayne Bowe. For the most part, Bailey has managed to keep Bowe quiet in order to do what it takes to help the Broncos. But Bowe was on his way to having a career game against Bailey before getting injured in the 2011-12 season finale.

11. Chargers S Eric Weddle

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    Fans don't tend to like certain elite players if they are within their division. Eric Weddle is viewed that way by Chiefs fans.

    Weddle tied for first in the league this past year in interceptions with seven. But he came away with a gift against the Chiefs in Week 3.

    Chiefs QB Matt Cassel's screen pass to Dexter McCluster was intercepted by Weddle, securing a 20-17 win for his Chargers.

10. Broncos T Ryan Clady

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    In the 2008 NFL draft, the Chiefs decided to use their fifth pick on Glenn Dorsey. They were hoping that Ryan Clady would be available with the 17th pick. But he was taken eventually by the Broncos.

    But for the most part, Tamba Hali has not had much of a problem getting around Clady to take down quarterbacks. But Clady still gets a lot of respect around the league and is viewed as one of the top tackles in the league.

9. Steelers WR Hines Ward

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    Hines Ward is another wide receiver who is not popular with fans of other teams in the AFC North. But Chiefs fans don't like him for a certain touchdown celebration he once had at Arrowhead Stadium.

    While seeing fans at The Red Sea and how they acted, Ward mocked them after catching a touchdown pass early in a game against the Chiefs in 2009. But it turned out the Chiefs survived, giving fans the last laugh.

8. Raiders DL Richard Seymour

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    Richard Seymour hasn't done much for the Raiders against the Chiefs since being traded in 2009. But in Week 16, he shattered all playoff hopes in Kansas City.

    Seymour was named AFC Special Teams Player of the Week after blocking two field goals from Ryan Succop. The blocks benefited the Raiders, as they forced the game into overtime and won to stay alive in the AFC West title race.

7. Chargers TE Antonio Gates

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    While Tony Gonzalez is on this list, fans don't want to see his records get shattered, especially if it comes from a player within the AFC West.

    Antonio Gates is an electric tight end and could shatter all of Gonzalez's tight-end records. Chiefs fans certainly don't want that and hope their former tight end can hold on to his top numbers and not lose it to a Chargers player.

6. Broncos OLB Von Miller

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    Von Miller has only been in the league for one season and Chiefs fans already dislike him. One big moment that added fuel to the fire was his hit on Matt Cassel, sending him to the IR (and bringing in Tyler Palko.)

    Chiefs fans love and remember Derrick Thomas and would hate to see a player with his skill-set play for the Broncos. Miller, who grew up idolizing Thomas, has been compared to Thomas.

    Miller may not be hated by a lot of Chiefs fans now, but he will be eventually as he continues to terrorize quarterbacks.

5. Patriots QB Tom Brady

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    Because of his success, Tom Brady is one of the most disliked quarterbacks in the NFL. Fans dream to see their team dominate and win three Super Bowls in four seasons. But Brady made it a reality for his fans, making himself not likable to many fans.

    Brady has performed well, for the most part, against the Chiefs. Most recently, he threw two touchdown passes and earned a 109 quarterback rating against the Chiefs in a game in 2011.

4. Free Agent RB Larry Johnson

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    Larry Johnson had some remarkable years with the Chiefs. However, those mean nothing to Chiefs fans today.

    Johnson, whose jersey number was worn by almost every Chiefs fan from 2005-07, ruined his legacy. He got into trouble multiple times off the field and put forth little effort on the field to help his team.

    Johnson's Twitter comments about his former head coach created a war between himself and some fans. He used a gay slur in an uncalled for manner and was chased out of town by fans who loved him at one point.

3. Jets QB Tim Tebow

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    The world held a grudge against Tim Tebow for being passionate about his religion and for finding unique ways to win. Since Tebow was with the Broncos, Chiefs fans hated him even more.

    Tebow had a two-completion game against the Chiefs in the first meeting in 2011, which created a lot of frustration. In the end, the Chiefs got their revenge and their fans were happy to see him get shut down in the season finale.

    The Chiefs held the Tebow-led Broncos team to three points, the best by any team in the NFL.

2. Philip Rivers

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    The Chargers and the Chiefs have had shootouts. Philip Rivers has played a big part in this recent rivalry and has come away with some big wins over the Chiefs.

    In both games against the Chiefs in 2008, Rivers and the Chargers beat the Chiefs by one point. In their second meeting, Rivers led his team to a huge comeback after being down by two possessions with two minutes to go.

    Chiefs fans have seen their fair share of success against Rivers. In fact, Rivers' most humiliating moment came this past year on Monday Night Football. When it appeared the Chargers were about to win by running the ball and killing the clock, Rivers fumbled a snap with a minute left in regulation, giving the game away to the Chiefs.

1. Broncos QB Peyton Manning

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    Peyton Manning has yet to play a game with the Broncos, but his rivalry with the Chiefs has already gotten off to a hot start.

    In Manning's last two meetings against the Chiefs while playing for the Indianapolis Colts, he threw an interception in each game and failed to score a touchdown. Despite the individual struggle, the Colts bailed out Manning and pulled out a win.

    This offseason, the Chiefs offered Manning a contract, but he declined, showing no interest in coming to Kansas City. With Denver being his new destination point, Chiefs fans are now eager to see their defense face off against him twice per season.