Most Vicious Verbal Attacks in UFC History

Nedu ObiAnalyst IIJuly 13, 2012

Most Vicious Verbal Attacks in UFC History

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    In the realm of mixed martial arts, trash talking comes with the territory, and the UFC is not exempt from it, either.

    However, sometimes a fighter can overstep the mark and what starts out as a platform for promotional purposes escalates into something far more vicious and sinister—verbal attacks that would shock even the most hardened fan.

    Such attacks towards an opponent range from verbal degradation, threats of actual bodily harm and in some cases, murder.

    Let’s take a look.

Honorable Mention (Strikeforce and Not the UFC)

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    Nick Diaz on Ariel Helwani

    I feel that you instigate fights quite a bit...I mean that’s your job but, where I come from, people like that get slapped.

    Some might think Nick Diaz’s verbal attack on “The MMA Hour’s” Ariel Helwani was child’s play, but for Helwani, faced with a professional mixed martial artist with an axe to grind was an altogether disparate kind of animal

    It’s safe to say that a slap was definitely on the cards for Helwani, however, due to the cameras rolling the assumption is the Stocktonian thought better of it.

10. Josh Koscheck on Javier Mendez and Team AKA

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     “For the record, he was never my coach, Koscheck corrected. “He tagged along here and there.” When asked if Mendez ever worked with him Josh admitted, “of course he worked with me. But did I learn anything? Eh.”

    “If they had real coaching, you would have seen a lot more champions,” he claims. “If they (the fighters at AKA) are smart, they come (to Dethrone) and get real coaching.”

    This is what happens when you bring someone with the reputation of Josh Koscheck (not that they knew at the time) to your fold—it’s bound to end in some serious bitch backstabbing outburst.

    Since 2004, “Kos” was a resident Team AKA fighter, and for his own reasons decided to up sticks and head for the more cozy, idyllic and journey hassle-free Fresno, California, where he currently trains.

    Nothing bad with that, I mean…its all good.

    However, along comes Ariel Helwani of “The MMA Hour” shoving a microphone down his throat (not literally, but you get the gist) and all hell breaks loose.

    Kos, never the self-effacing type, but more the self-serving sort lets rip at his former coaches, (the same coaches who helped turn him into the fighter he is today) especially AKA founder Javier Mendez for their supposed incompetence and lack of championship mentality regarding fighters.

    Remember, these were the guys and the crew he called La Familia for all those years…well I hope so, but knowing Kos, he was just biding his time.

    And when that time came, he turned on them like Judas did Jesus Christ.

    Don’t laugh, what he said about AKA was tantamount to treason—a vicious verbal slight if there ever was one.

    Whatever beef he had with Mendez, he should’ve let sleeping dogs lie.

9. Quinton Jackson on Randy Couture

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    @Randy_Couture fuck u dude,u a fake ass has been,I was a real friend and kept my mouth shut when I didn't know if u would win or lose.

    Former UFC 205-pound titlist Quinton “Rampage” Jackson was none too pleased when close friend Randy “The Natural” Couture picked Matt Hamill to come out victorious in their UFC 130 bout and quickly took to Twitter to voice his discontent.

    However, to tweet or even suggest that Couture a two-division champion and UFC Hall of Famer is a fake ass has been is a vicious attack to say the least. But Couture, ever the gentleman, responded with the utmost civility.

8. Chael Sonnen on the Nogueira Brothers and Brazil

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    I was in Las Vegas when the Nogueira brothers first touched down in America. There was a bus, this is a true story. There was a bus that pulled up to a red light, and Little Nog tried to feed it a carrot, while Big Nog was petting it. He thought it was a horse. This really happened. He tried to feed a bus a carrot, and now you're telling me this country has computers? I didn't know that! (via

    Most of Sonnen’s utterances are meant to be taken with a pinch of salt, and the above quote, some would say, is no different.

    However, Sonnen’s jokes and promotional expertise put aside, it was in poor taste and as such warrants an entry into the most vicious verbal attacks in UFC history.

    Firstly, it was a heavy slight on the characters and mental aptitudes of both “Minotauro and Lil Nog.”

    And moreover, Sonnen disrespected an entire nation with regards to owning computers or lack thereof. Long story short, he referred to Brazil as a Third World country.

7. Georges St-Pierre on Nick Diaz

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    “I've known Georges St. Pierre since 2004. He's one of the nicest guys I've ever met, and he's always exactly the same no matter what the situation is, no matter who he's fighting. Since 2004, I've never seen him like he was tonight. Georges St. Pierre flipped out tonight after Nick Diaz was in the ring, and Nick needs motivation, he's got it. He's going to fight Georges St. Pierre. (St. Pierre) said, and I quote -- you're going to think I'm full of sh*t but this is the truth -- I quote, 'He's the most disrespectful human being I've ever met, and I'm going to put the worst beating you've ever seen on him in the UFC.’” (via

    Following his triumphant victory against two-division titlist B.J. Penn, inveterate bad boy Nick Diaz took to the microphone and questioned the authenticity of Georges St-Pierre’s injuries as well as his manhood.

    St-Pierre who was in attendance at the UFC 137 event didn’t take to kindly Diaz’s personal insults and let rip with this uncharacteristic verbal assault.

    Even though he aired his grievances behind closed doors, the word was out—UFC’s ultimate poster boy just went bad.

6. Nick Diaz on Georges St-Pierre

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    “I really don't appreciate this mother [expletive] sitting there at that press conference and laughing at me," Diaz said. "That's some real bitch [expletive]. He's sitting there laughing like it's funny or something. If I saw Georges on the street and called him a bitch, I bet you he wouldn't do [expletive]. I bet you if I walked up and gave him a slap, I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't do [expletive]. But you can't do that to me. That's not how it works for me. That's something to fight about.

    “The bottom line is Georges is being a little bitch," Diaz said. "He didn't step up and say anything when the UFC pulled me out of this fight. I understand sometimes you have to do what you're told, but why wouldn't you tell the media you still want to fight me? If I was Georges, I would want to fight the best. I would have asked for the Anderson Silva fight. I would have asked to fight the Strikeforce champ.

    "But he sits there like a robot and doesn't say anything at all, just like he's not going to say anything about me calling him a bitch now. If I saw B.J. Penn walking down the street and called him a bitch, we would be fighting right there on the spot.” (via

    The bottom line is Nick Diaz was meant to contest the 170-pound title against the current holder, kingpin Georges St-Pierre at UFC 137.

    However, due to the 209 son missing several press junkets, he was subsequently bounced from the card.

    And because “Rush” didn’t step up to the plate and make a case for the fight to go ahead, it led to Diaz going on this X-rated profanity ridden trip (and no, Mary Jane wasn’t complicit).

5. Wanderlei Silva on Chael Sonnen

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    Anderson Silva has had his fair share of Chael Sonnen, and to some degree so has Wanderlei Silva—on numerous occasions he’s had his résumé, relevancy and authenticity in the MMA stratosphere questioned by the West Linn, Ore., gangster.

    However, things came to a head when Ariel Helwani of “The MMA Hour” asked him what he thought of the trash-talking Sonnen. His response was swift and to the point, a bit like his moniker “The Axe Murderer”— “I will kill him fast.” (3.55)

    Silva continued on that note, pointing out what else would befall Sonnen if they should ever meet inside or outside the Octagon.

4. Bobby Southworth on Chris Leben

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    “Fatherless bastard.” (via Yahoo!)

    The inaugural The Ultimate Fighter was a melting pot waiting to explode...well, between two of the UFC’s ultimate scoundrels, Chris “The Crippler” Leben and Josh Koscheck.

    Also in the mix was “Kos’s” side kick and partner in crime, former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Bobby Southworth.

    The aforementioned duo incessantly goaded the Oregon native until Southworth stoked the fire to new heights and called him a fatherless bastard in relation to Leben's father being an absentee dad.

    On hearing that, a highly inebriated Leben went after Southworth and had to be restrained. Later the two accomplices sprayed a sleeping Leben with a water hose prompting him to go all Norman Bates—smashing a glass window with his fist and punching a hole through Forrest Griffin’s door.

    Still, there was no respite for Leben as he lost to his nemesis Koscheck in a grudge match set up by Dana White.

    Fatherless that’s vicious.

3. Rashad Evans on Phil Davis

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    I bet you won't be able to put your hands on me. I bet you would be the first one to take a shot. Guaranteed. Cause' I'm gonna put those hands on you worse than that other dude did at Penn State.

    During a pre-fight presser for their upcoming fight at UFC on FOX 2, Phil Davis (a graduate of Penn State University) made references to Rashad Evans having a china chin, something that Jon Jones had stated in an earlier interview.

    Evans then retorted by taking trash talking to whole new level when he vocalized those now infamous words (1.09).

    The former UFC light heavyweight champion was referring to a case involving Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky who was accused of pedophilia against young boys.

    Rashad Evans mostly likely uttered this in jest, but for all intents and purposes it was wrong in every sense of the word and thus counts as a vicious verbal attack.

2. Anderson Silva on Chael Sonnen

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    “I’m going to break his face and every tooth in his mouth,” Silva said through his interpreter and manager Ed Soares. “I know he’s on the call listening to this and playtime is over. There’s no more talking from him. I’m going to beat him out of the UFC. I’m going to make him pay for everything he’s said about me, my family and my country. I’m going to beat him maybe like his parents should have to teach him some manners. I’ll teach him those manners myself.

    “No more sh** talking from him. Chael Sonnen's going to get his ass kicked like he's never gotten his ass kicked before. What I'm going to do inside the Octagon is something that's going to change the image of the sport, I’m sorry. I'm going to beat his ass like he's never been beaten before.

    "This is going to be violent and I am sorry. I'm going to make sure that every one of his teeth are broken, that his arms are broken and his legs are broken. He's not going to be able to walk out of the Octagon by himself. I can guarantee that. He will need a plastic surgeon afterwards.” (from a media call, per B/R's Brian Oswald)

    For several years, Chael Sonnen had berated, insulted and thrown volley after volley of verbal diatribes at UFC middleweight titlist Anderson Silva.

    The invectives grew exponentially especially following their first fight which “The Spider” won via a last-minute Hail Mary triangle-armbar at UFC 117.

    But Sonnen being the man he is, and the fact he wanted a rematch upped the ante, this time taking pot shots at Silva’s wife and countrymen.

    Whilst the West Linn, Ore., gangster was shooting from the hip at every given opportunity, his Brazilian counterpart kept it civil and more times than not.

    However, the turning point came at a UFC 148 media conference call, and the naturally demure Silva went verbal postal on Sonnen, shocking everyone present as well as the world's MMA contingent.

    Albeit Silva didn’t inflict anywhere near the damage he was intent on dishing out, this verbal attack will surely go down in the annals of UFC history.

1. Frank Mir on Brock Lesnar

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    “A lot of individuals are so worried about being politically correct," Mir said in an interview with Mark Madden on WXDX radio. “I'd rather go ahead and say what's on my mind than to sit there and come up with some PC 'Oh, the guy is a great fighter and I have a lot of respect for him.' If I don't mean it, why is it even coming out of my mouth? ... I want to fight Lesnar. I hate who he is as a person. I want to break his neck in the ring. I want him to be the first person that dies due to Octagon-related injuries. That's what's going through my mind.” (via

    Frank Mir made this unseemly verbal assault on Brock Lesnar whilst the latter was recuperating from a bout of diverticulitis.

    However, their feud dates back to their first encounter, when Mir was awarded Submission of the Night honors after locking in a kneebar.

    Since that night, both ex-UFC heavyweight champions have been at loggerheads.

    That said, back at UFC 100, Lesnar, making the first defense of his heavyweight title, did avenge the loss, defeating Mir via second-round TKO.

    A scheduled rubber match never came to fruition as Lesnar retired from the sport following his loss to Alistair Overeem and subsequently returned to WWE.

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