NBA Free Agents 2012: Kris Humphries and Most Underrated Stars

Chris Hummer@chris_hummerAnalyst IJuly 10, 2012

NBA Free Agents 2012: Kris Humphries and Most Underrated Stars

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    Kris Humphries highlights a group of underrated unrestricted stars still left on the market.

    NBA free agency is well underway and the majority of the offseason headliners have already been inked to deals.

    However, there is a group of uncelebrated studs that could make the difference on a championship contender or help provide a spark for a reeling franchise. 

    So, let’s take a look at the top remaining free agents left as we enter mid-July.

Louis Williams

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    Louis Williams is one of the most underrated finishers in the NBA.

    Last season he was the Philadelphia 76ers leading scorer at 14.9 points a game—despite coming off of the bench.

    He also embraced the closers’ role and was one of the most clutch players in the league last season.

    However, that still didn't keep Williams and Philadelphia from parting ways after a second-round playoff exit.

    The 76ers went in a different direction with Nick Young, but the runner up in the Sixth Man of the Year voting in 2012 can still be a real asset to a team.

    Williams is one of the most explosive guards in the league and will really help a team put up points when the season kicks off later this year.

    Williams is a bit of a liability on the defensive end, but the 15 points a game he is capable of posting are hard to come by.

    Teams in need of scoring, like the Chicago Bulls or the Dallas Mavericks, would be smart to give the combo guard a look.

Carl Landry

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    Carl Landry has one of the highest motors in the NBA. This helps offset his slightly undersized 6'9" frame and he still finds a way to get things done on the block.

    He averaged 12.5 and 5.2 rebounds a contest for New Orleans last season. He did so using a myriad of post moves and with a bullish attitude fighting for position down low.

    He doesn't have the ability to step outside of 10 feet and knock down a jumper, but his work ethic allows him to be an effective player.

    Landry is always good for an offensive rebound or two a game, and he's one of the best spark providing energy providers in any sport.

    The Hornets still have interest in bringing him back, but other teams like the Milwaukee Bucks have also shown interest.

    Wherever he lands, Landry will provide toughness and a steady low post presence.

Aaron Brooks

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    Aaron Brooks has never been a traditional point guard.

    Still, he's one of the most explosive 1's in the league.

    After the Suns signed former Houston Rockets point guard Goran Dragic to an offer sheet this summer and drafted Kendall Marshall, Brooks really doesn't have a spot left in the desert.

    However, Brooks will still find a spot, as he will fit in well with any team in need of a guard.

    He is a capable 1, with the ability to see the floor well and push the ball up the court quickly.

    Brooks is also a capable combo guard with the ability to put the ball in the bucket in droves. He showed this ability in the 2009-10 season, when he averaged 20 points a game with the Rockets.

    Teams in desperate need of a point guard, like the Rockets or the Dallas Mavericks, could take a flier on the former Oregon Duck.

Kris Humphries

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    The former Mr. Kardashian might have been booed by fans at every stop last season, but that's no reflection of his floor game

    Humphries is actually a double-double machine.

    He averaged 13.8 points and 11 rebounds a game last season, which is kind of surprising when you consider the treatment he got from the fans and the media.

    He's a high energy guy, who grabs rebounds with his long 6'9" frame and prolific leaping ability.

    However, despite his impressive numbers, Humphries free agency period is being clouded by the Dwight Howard saga. He's a key piece in the deal and now, according to, he could be holding up the deal by demanding a multi-year contract.

    When you consider Humphries’ skills, he has every right to demand a long-term offer sheet. He's one of the most consistent players in the NBA, and would be a benefit to any team that signs him.

    Humphries would be smart to peruse offers outside the Howard trade scenarios, because he's a valuable commodity.

    When we look back at the end of next season, Humpries could very well be one of the biggest offseason signings from this class.