Summer Olympics 2012: Most Musclebound Athletes for Team USA

Darin Pike@darinpikeContributor IJuly 8, 2012

Summer Olympics 2012: Most Musclebound Athletes for Team USA

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    There are countless reasons as to why people are drawn to the Olympic Games. The competition for sport and country are certainly drivers, as is the amazing physical talents of the participants.

    For some viewers, the sheer visual aesthetics is ample reason to tune in. While beach volleyball is a great sport, the odds of the groundswell of popularity like has something to do with the outfits.

    One thing that should not be overlooked is the amount of time and effort the athletes dedicate to sculpting their physique and mastering their sport. Bulging biceps and four-percent body fat don't just happen.

    Some will appreciate this article for the pictures, but it is designed as a tribute to the dedication of these amazing athletes.

    With apologies to the many deserving competitors that weren't included in the list, here are 30 muscle-bound (or at least very fit) American athletes that will be competing in the 2012 Olympic Games.

U.S. Men's Gymnastics Team

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    As the father of a young gymnast, it is hard to not notice how strong the competitors in this sport are, particularly the males. They begin to show defined muscle development very early and build from there.

    While the ladies need a blend of strength and grace, the men have apparatuses (rings and pommel horse, for example) that require raw power.

    The following eight gymnasts (five team members plus three alternates) will be representing the United States in the London Games.

    Jake Dalton, Reno, Nevada (University of Oklahoma)

    Jonathan Horton, Houston, Texas (Cypress)

    Danell Leyva, Miami, Florida (Universal Gymnastics)

    Sam Mikulak, Newport Coast, California (University of Michigan)

    John Orozco, the Bronx, N.Y. (U.S. Olympic Training Center)


    Chris Brooks, Houston, Texas (Cypress)

    Steven Legendre, Port Jefferson, N.Y. (University of Oklahoma)

    Alexander Naddour, Gilbert, Ariz. (USA Youth Fitness Center)

Carmelita Jeter

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    Athlete: Carmelita Jeter

    Age: 32

    Ht / Wt: 5'4" / 117 lbs

    Hometown: Los Angeles, California

    Sport: Track

    Events: 100-meter dash

Betsey Armstrong

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    Athlete: Betsey Armstrong

    Age: 29

    Ht / Wt: 

    Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI

    Sport: Water Polo

    Position: Goal Keeper

    Highlight: Named best female water polo player for 2010 by FINA Aquatics World Magazine.

Tony Azevedo

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    Athlete: Tony Azevedo

    Age: 30

    Ht / Wt: 6'1" / 198 lbs

    Hometown: Long Beach, California

    Sport: Water Polo

    Highlights: U.S. Team Captain; plays professionally for with Bissolati Cremona (Italy) and is one of the highest-paid in his sport.

Alysia Montano

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    Athlete: Alysia Montano

    Age: 26

    Ht / Wt: 

    Hometown: Queens, New York

    Sport: Track

    Events: 800-meters

Chaunte Lowe

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    Athlete: Chaunte Lowe

    Age: 28

    Ht / Wt: 5'9" / 130 lbs

    Hometown: Riverside, California

    Sport: Track and Field

    Events: High jump

Queen Underwood

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    Athlete: Queen Underwood

    Age: 28

    Ht / Wt: 5'5" / 132 lbs

    Hometown: Seattle, Washington

    Sport: Boxing

Jamel Herring

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    Athlete: Jamel Herring

    Age: 26

    Ht / Wt: 5'10" / 141 lbs

    Hometown: Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

    Sport: Boxing

Angelo Taylor

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    Athlete: Angelo Taylor

    Age: 33

    Ht / Wt: 6'2" / 185 lbs

    Hometown: Decatur, Georgia

    Sport: Track and Field

    Events: 400-meter hurdles

Kendrick Farris

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    Athlete: Kendrick Farris

    Age: 26

    Ht / Wt: 5'9" / 174 lbs

    Hometown: Shreveport, Louisiana

    Sport: Weightlifting

LeBron James

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    Athlete: LeBron James

    Age: 27

    Ht / Wt: 6'8" / 249 lbs

    Hometown: Akron, OH

    Sport: Men's Basketball

    Highlights: 2012 NBA Champion and three-time League MVP

Ryan Lochte

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    Athlete: Ryan Lochte

    Age: 27

    Hometown: Daytona Beach, Florida

    Sport: Swimming

    Events: 200-meter freestyle, 200-meter backstroke, 200- and 400-meter individual medley

Brittany Viola

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    Athlete: Brittany Viola

    Age: 25

    Hometown: Orlando, FL

    Sport: Diving

Troy Dumais

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    Athlete: Troy Dumais

    Age: 32

    Ht / Wt: 5'6", 160 lbs

    Hometown: Ventura, California

    Sport: Diving

Meghan Musnicki

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    Athlete: Meghan Musnicki

    Age: 29

    Ht / Wt: 5'11" / 175 lbs

    Hometown: Naples, NY

    Sport: Rowing

    Events: Women's 8

    The rest of the 42-person Olympic team also deserve consideration in this grueling sport.

Ken Jurkowski

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    Athlete: Ken Jurkowski

    Age: 30

    Ht / Wt: 6'2" / 210 lbs

    Hometown: New Fairfield, Connecticut

    Sport: Rowing

    Events: Single Skulls

Aly Raisman

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    Athlete: Aly Raisman

    Age: 18

    Ht / Wt: 5'2" / 

    Hometown: Needham, MA

    Sport: Gymnastics

Marcus Browne

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    Athlete: Marcus Browne

    Age: 21

    Ht / Wt: 6'2" / 179 lbs

    Hometown: Staten Island, NY

    Sport: Boxing

Jordan Burroughs

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    Athlete: Jordan Burroughs

    Age: 23

    Weight: 163 lbs

    Hometown: Sicklerville, N.J.

    Sport: Wrestling

    Class: 74 kg.

Kelsey Campbell

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    Athlete: Kelsey Campbell

    Age: 27

    Ht / Wt: 5'2" / 121 lbs

    Hometown: Milwaukie, Oregon

    Sport: Wrestling

    Class: 55 kg.

Sydney Leroux

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    Athlete: Sydney Leroux

    Age: 22

    Height: 5'7"

    Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and Phoenix, Arizona

    Sport: Soccer

    Leroux's parents are from the United States and Canada, making her eligible for either country's Olympic team.

    From Sydney Leroux's Twitter account, 

Hyleas Fountain

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    Athlete: Hyleas Fountain

    Age: 31

    Ht / Wt: 5'7" / 143 lbs

    Hometown: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

    Sport: Track and Field

    Events: Heptathlon

Trey Hardee

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    Athlete: Trey Hardee

    Age: 28

    Ht / Wt: 6'5" / 209 lbs

    Hometown: Vestavia Hills and Austin, Texas

    Sport: Track and Field

    Events: Decathlon; defending World Champion

Tyson Gay

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    Athlete: Tyson Gay

    Age: 29

    Ht / Wt: 5'11" / 165 lbs

    Hometown: Lexington, Kentucky

    Sport: Track

    Events: 100- and 200-meters

Jordyn Wieber

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    Athlete: Jordyn Wieber

    Age: 17 (on July 12)

    Ht / Wt: 5'2" / 105 lbs

    Hometown: DeWitt, Michigan

    Sport: Gymnastics

    Highlight: 2011 All-Around World Champion