NBA Rumors: Post-Draft Updates for Each Team

Bradlee Ross@rossbeCorrespondent IIJune 29, 2012

NBA Rumors: Post-Draft Updates for Each Team

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    The 2012 NBA Draft may finally be over, but that doesn't mean that teams aren't done making trade and stirring up rumors. Here, we will break down for you the latest rumors for each team after draft day.

    There are many NBA storylines that didn't end Thursday night in the draft. The Houston Rockets are still looking to get Dwight Howard. The Los Angeles Lakers have been unable to get the deal they wanted for Pau Gasol. And so many other teams are still trying to improve their rosters before next season begins.

    Here's the latest rumor on each team post-draft.

Atlanta Hawks

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    Josh Smith remained an Atlanta Hawk on Friday, but that doesn't mean he'll stay one for long.

    According to Marc Stein of ESPN, Hawks' GM Danny Ferry has decided to not decide on what to do with Smith until he's had a chance to survey the situation more. Apparently Boston, LA, Houston and Orlando are all interested, but Ferry won't be dealing him until later this summer if at all.

    Smith is a talented player, but he's made it well-known that he wants out. Ferry could be missing a good opportunity.

Boston Celtics

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    The Boston Celtics had two picks in Thursday night's draft, but the latest rumor on them has nothing to do with those.

    According to A. Sherrod Blakely of, the Celtics are heavily interested in trading for O.J. Mayo of the Memphis Grizzlies, just as they were at the trade deadline last season.

    With Ray Allen potentially leaving, Mayo could become an important piece of the puzzle in Boston moving forward.

Brooklyn Nets

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    The fans of the now-Brooklyn Nets haven't had much to cheer about of late. Let's give them some now.

    According to Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld, Deron Williams is leaning toward staying in Brooklyn and re-signing with the Nets. That's got to be good news for a franchise that has literally nothing if they lose Williams.

    Many thought Williams would head to his home town of Dallas, who is also pursuing him. However, it appears that the mantra "There's no place like home" may not be true for the point guard.

Charlotte Bobcats

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    According to the Charlotte Observer, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist had absolutely no idea that the Bobcats were taking him with the No. 2 overall pick. Apparently the Bobcats did not tell MKG that he was the pick ahead of time, which makes sense since the pick was involved in trade rumors leading up to the draft.

Chicago Bulls

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    Now that the Chicago Bulls are done with the draft, their management will turn its attention toward signing head coach Tom Thibodeau to a long-term extension. Right now though, that isn't looking like the easiest thing in the world.

    According to K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune, "significant work remains" for the Bulls and Thibodeau to reach a deal. He also points out how that isn't abnormal at this stage.

    I have no doubt that the Bulls will get Thibodeau signed soon. But, the longer it takes, the worse it looks for the organization.

Cleveland Cavaliers

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    The Cleveland Cavaliers pick of DIon Waiters at No. 4 overall had some people questioning the pick and scratching their heads. According to Pat Galbincea of the Plain Dealer, the watch party in Cleveland for fans was filled with boos and questions after Waiters was announced as the pick.

    Waiters made a rapid climb up draft boards since the college season ended, but hardly anyone thought he'd be taken that high. It will be interesting to see if the pick works out.

Dallas Mavericks

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    Jared Cunningham might not have been a guy that very many people saw going in the first round, but the Dallas Mavericks liked him enough to get him there and Rick Carlisle seems to be behind the move.

    According to the Boston Herald, Carlisle was quoted as saying that Cunningham was "a guy we feel can make plays at both ends of the floor." It was a stretch at such a high pick, but it could be a big payoff for Dallas.

Denver Nuggets

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    The Denver Nuggets drafted Evan Fournier with the No. 20 overall pick Thursday night. However, the jury is still out on whether the 19-year-old player from France will play in the NBA next season.

    According to Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post, Denver general manager Masai Ujiri said that the Nuggets "wanted that flexibility," when asked if Fournier would play in Denver next season.

    The Nuggets have a very full roster already and drafted two other rookies on top of Fournier. It wouldn't surprise me either way, but I'd bet he stays over in Europe another year.

Detroit Pistons

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    According to Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press, the Pistons have declined to offer forward Vernon Macklin a qualifying offer, making him a free agent. Macklin spent last season on the bench and is a victim of the numbers game. The Pistons are simply running out of room to sign him.

Golden State Warriors

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    Unfortunately, Golden State Warriors' head coach Mark Jackson is probably having a hard time focusing on the pretty good draft his team had on Thursday night.

    According to the New York Post, an affair Jackson had with a stripper has recently come to light in the form of an extortion case. It's terrible for Jackson, a spiritual, family man who made a mistake. Apparently his former mistress used compromising photos of him to extort money, but now has been busted by the feds.

Indiana Pacers

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    In his last draft with the Pacers, Larry Bird thinks he made a good first round draft pick.

    According to the Indianapolis Star, Bird stated that he thought Plumlee would be the next Jeff Foster, and a player who could do the dirty work for this team in the years to come. That's high praise, but if it works out, Plumlee could be a steal.

Los Angeles Clippers

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    Lamar Odom is headed back to the team that originally drafted him, and his wife can finally stop complaining about being in Dallas.

    According to AP writer Stephen Hawkins, Odom is headed to the Los Angeles Clippers. The Dallas Mavericks are trading Odom in a further effort to shed salary for a run in free agency. The deal also has Mo Williams going from LA to the Utah Jazz.

Los Angeles Lakers

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    Just because the Los Angeles Lakers were unable to secure the right trade on draft night doesn't mean that they are done shopping around players and trying to improve their roster.

    According to Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Times, the Lakers are hoping to "hit a home run." What that means exactly could be difficult. The Lakers are very strapped when it comes to cap space, as they have just an $8.9 million trade exception and a mid-level slot worth around $3 million to work with.

    A trade will likely have to be what happens if the Lakers are going to do anything to bolster their already-sagging roster. Deron Williams and Josh Smith could be in the mix.

Miami Heat

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    The Olympics are being held in London this year, but Dwyane Wade won't be there.

    The two-time NBA champion will sit out the Olympics to have surgery on his troublesome left knee, according to ESPN. Apparently the surgery is just a "clean up" procedure, and Wade should be walking on his own again within a few days.

    This isn't a major deal. He'll be back in plenty of time for the Heat next season, and does anybody honestly think the USA team will struggle without him? I didn't think so.

Memphis Grizzlies

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    According to Peter Vecsey of the New York Post, the Memphis Grizzlies have offered up Zach Randolph in exchange for Lakers power forward Pau Gasol.

    Such a move would pair up the Gasol brothers, who are both legit seven-footers. It would an interesting trade both ways, but I can't see the Lakers agreeing to it. It doesn't make them any better.

Milwaukee Bucks

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    According to Steve Aschburner of, the Milwaukee Bucks had been "crossing their fingers"  and hoping that North Carolina's John Henson would be available for them at No. 12 overall. They got their wish.

    It seems odd that such a team that has plenty at power forward would take another one, especially such a thin one, when they really need a center. But that's why they get paid the big bucks right?

Minnesota Timberwolves

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    The Minnesota Timberwolves were interested in Pau Gasol at the trade deadline last season, and it appears that interest is still there.

    According to a report from the Huffington Post, the Timberwolves offered the Charlotte Bobcats their first round pick from last year in Derrick Williams for the No. 2 overall pick. The plan was apparently to offer that pick in a package to LA for Gasol.

    The Timberwolves are a young team that is just a few pieces away from contention in the eyes of many, and no one can blame them for wanting to pair Gasol with superstar Kevin Love.

New Orleans Hornets

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    The New Orleans Hornets had a good draft Thursday night, taking Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers in the first round. Now, they just have to try and keep their other star on the team.

    According to Jimmy Smith of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, the Hornets offered shooting guard Eric Gordon a qualifying offer on Thursday. Although, Gordon was injured for nearly the entire NBA season last year, he is still considered to be one of the best young shooting guards in the NBA.

    He turned down a four-year extension worth about $50 million back in January, so it should interesting to see if any other teams are willing to pay him much more than that.

New York Knicks

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    The New York Knicks drafted Greek player Kostas Papanikolaou in the second round of the draft, but there is no chance he'll be playing for them this upcoming season.

    According to the Long Island Press, Papanikolaou is still under contract in Greece, so the Knicks will evaluate him after next season and see if he is ready then. It makes sense, especially since a player picked so low won't have an impact on the roster anyway.

Oklahoma City Thunder

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    Perry Jones III might have been too much of a risk for the rest of the NBA, but he certainly wasn't for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

    According to the Shawnee News-Star, Thunder GM Sam Presti stated that they wouldn't have taken Jones if they hadn't been comfortable with the pick. Apparently, the Thunder organization was very impressed with Jones' workout at the Chicago combine.

Orlando Magic

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    The Orlando Magic still haven't hired a coach, but they are looking to accelerate the search.

    According to Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel, new GM Rob Hennigan will speed up the process of finding a new coach now that the draft is over and done with. Apparently Hennigan wouldn't go into the specifics of what that actually meant though, so take that for what it is worth.

    Hennigan is a disciple of the Oklahoma City mantra, in which you never tell anyone anything you're doing until you've already done it. Good for the organization, but bad for us.

Philadelphia 76ers

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    Maurice Harkless believes he should have been invited to the green room for the draft and apparently the Philadelphia 76ers agreed enough to draft him.

    According to ESPN, Harkless stated that he "should have been invited to the green room," but that he felt blessed to be drafted. That chip on his shoulder could end up being a big reason why Harkless becomes one of the best players out of this draft.

Phoenix Suns

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    According to an AP report, the Phoenix Suns have given qualifying offers to restricted free agents Aaron Brooks and Robin Lopez, which allows them to match any offer any team may give them in free agency.

    Brooks and Lopez are both decent supporting characters, but their return will not do anything for the Suns' biggest problem: the serious threat of departure from point guard Steve Nash.

Portland Trail Blazers

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    The Portland Trail Blazers still have not hired departed coach Nate McMillan's successor. However, they could be after an opposing coach in their own division.

    According to, if the Oklahoma City Thunder and Scott Brooks don't reach an agreement on a contract extension soon, Brooks will be a serious candidate for the Blazers to pursue. It makes sense for Portland, as Brooks is a coach who has had major success with young talent.

Sacramento Kings

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    According to the Daily Democrat, the Sacramento Kings hope to keep Jason Thompson and thus form a frontcourt core of Thompson, DeMarcus Cousins and No. 5 overall pick Thomas Robinson.

    The Kings are in danger of losing Thompson, who is a restricted free agent this offseason. Although they did give him a qualifying offer, there is no guarantee they'd match an offer they thought was ridiculous. Still, if they have to lose one frontcourt player, Thompson would be the odd man out.

San Antonio Spurs

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    According to Jeff McDonald of the San Antonio Express-News, Danny Green and Patrick Mills have both gotten qualifying offers from the San Antonio Spurs to remain with the organization despite being restricted free agents.

    This is big for the Spurs, as both Green and Mills were important cogs in the San Antonio machine. Green is a tough defensive player with a smooth shooting stroke, while Mills is a talented point guard. Both are critical moving forward.

Toronto Raptors

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    Jerryd Bayless of the Toronto Raptors will be a restricted free agent , and it appears that both parties want to stay together.

    According to a report from The Star, Bayless has "fallen in love with" Toronto and the Raptors returned the sentiment by offering him a qualifying offer for next season. Bayless even went as far as to say that he is buying a place in Toronto whether the team keeps him or not.

    It's nice to see that kind of dedication these days.

Utah Jazz

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    The Utah Jazz are apparently in on the Lamar Odom to the Clippers deal, and they'll be getting an interesting player in return.

    According to ESPN, the Jazz are willing to take on veteran guard Mo Williams from the Clippers so that the Mavericks can unload Odom's salary without taking any back. Williams was a successful player coming off the bench for the Clippers, and he would probably be in a similar role in Utah barring any other personnel moves.

Washington Wizards

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    The Washington Wizards believe that their annual place in the lottery will be coming to an end after this year. Or, at least it better be.

    According to a report from the AP, Wizards' owner Ted Leonsis told reporters that he didn't want this team to be in the lottery anymore and that if it was, it would be "unacceptable."

    No pressure, right? These players and executives better be on their games. Otherwise, it appears this owner will make heads roll if wins aren't rolling in.

Houston Rockets

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    According to an AP report, Houston head coach Kevin McHale confirmed that it "would’ve been nice to be able to pull off a trade." Apparently though, such a trade fell through and Houston was forced to take the best players it could get at those picks.

    I wouldn't rule out a trade quite yet though. The Rockets got some very tradeable assets with those picks.


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