My Team (Detroit) vs. Your Team (Indians)

BigRegAnalyst IMarch 10, 2008

Let's take a look at the potential lineups for each team shall we...


                Detroit            Cleveland              Advantage

  •  Granderson         Sizemore             Granderson...

Although Sizemore started the All-Star game last year, if you look at the numbers Grandy had the better year. 

Topped off with the extremely rare 20,20,20,20 season. (By extremely rare I mean only Willie Mays, Frank Schulte, and 2007 NL MVP Jimmy Rollins)

  • Polanco               Cabrera                  Polanco

Cabrera was great the second half of the year, but until he starts hitting a consistant .330 and having little to no errors on the year I have to give it to Polly.

  • Cabrara (Miguel)  Blake                     Cabrara


  • Sheffield             Hafner                   PUSH

Even w/ Sheffield having as bad of second half as he did last year his numbers are comparable to Pronk.  

  • Ordonez            Whoever plays left       MAGGLIO

The guy batted .363, I really dont care who you put out there

  • Guillen              Garko                    Guillen

This one was close also, but in the end until Garko becomes an All-Star and learns to play first a little better (lowest fielding percentage in the AL), I have to give it to a proven All-Star.

  • Renteria           Peralta                    Renteria

This one could very easily go the other way, but until Renteria shows me that he is cursed in the AL (2005 Boston), I have to go w/ him. 

P.S.  Peralta spells his first name dumbly, Jhonny, and that automatically loses.

  • Pudge             Martinez                 Martinez

Martinez is the best in the business, and Pudge is getting old and will not take a walk.

  • Jones/Thames  Michaels                Push

Based off of stats, they are about even. 


  • Verlander        Sabathia              Sabathia

 I wanted to make this a push so badly because Verlander had one less win, a slightly higher ERA, and didnt win the Cy Young, but CC is a fatty. 

  • Bonderman     Carmona             Carmona

Carmona owned Detroit last year and Bonderman had his problems last year (First half vs second half)

  •  Willis            Westbrook           Willis

Westbrook was decent last year but this will be a GREAT year for Willis as AL hitters have never seen his windup before

  • Rogers           Byrd                     Push

Both throw slow and need to hit their spots, as that type of pitcher anything can happen. 

Plus Rogers beats up camera men and Byrd is on the HGH!!!

  • Robertson      Laffey                   Push

An average vet or a rookie.  This one is all based on Laffey's year, they know what they will get out of Robertson.

  • Bullpen                                      Cleveland

Detroit bullpen is shaky at best, whereas Cleveland's was one of the best. 

  • Todd Jones       Borowski              Push

Which ever one you want, I'll take the other.  They both will scare the piss out of you!!


Mascot        Tigers

Cleveland has a freaking red indian with big teeth and a feather.  Can it get any more racist!

Stadium      Push

I love Comarica but have heard the Jake is great to.  Until I go, I can't say.

Manager     Leyland

The guy smokes two packs a day and still knows more about baseball then anyone.

And the final tally is (drum roll please)

Detroit  9

Cleveland  4



Cleveland, have fun in looking up at Detroit all year!!


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