Is Lane Kiffin's Time at Tennessee Coming to an End?

Michael SchulzeCorrespondent IFebruary 12, 2009

As each day passes, Lane Kiffin continually validates Al Davis' decision to fire him four games into the 2008 NFL season.  Unfortunately for the Tennessee Volunteers, as each day passes, Kiffin makes Tennessee's decision to hire him as their new head coach look like a colossal mistake. 

The boy wonder's mistake, in accusing Florida Coach Urban Meyer of cheating, when Meyer called Tennessee recruit Nu'Keese Richardson while Richardson was visiting Tennessee, has been widely reported and soundly criticized. 

Kiffin was ridiculed when his lackluster apology to Florida and Coach Meyer came off as more of an impetuous kid's "I'm sorry you're mad" type of apology.  Much to Tennessee's chagrin, Kiffin wasn't finished and certainly hadn't learned his lesson.

A few days later, while at a basketball game with Richardson, Kiffin sent text messages from Richardson's phone to rival recruiters to confuse the recruiters and keep Richardson in Tennessee.  Kiffin's deception simply confirmed Davis' judgment that Kiffin is a "professional liar." 

To make matters even worse, Tennessee, itself, reported Kiffin for a possible recruiting violation when Kiffin had recruits come out of the players' tunnel onto the field by running through a smoke machine.  UT reported "a possible secondary violation involving the simulation of a game experience for recruits on an official visit." 

After all these antics and missteps, the following question has to be asked:  How long is Kiffin going to be the head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers? 

When will the University decide that they can't risk being found guilty of recruiting violations committed by their hypocritical young coach who has admitted that he hasn't read the recruiting rules? 

Will Kiffin last four games into the 2009 SEC season?