College World Series 2012: FSU, Mike Martin Must Let Sluggers Be Aggressive

ABCCorrespondent IJune 18, 2012

James Ramsey
James Ramsey

Mike Martin, the heralded skipper of the Seminoles, makes his batters go to the plate with a conservative approach. His offensive
approach, at least during the regular season, feasts on weak ACC pitching not
being able to throw strikes, and then when some momentum was built up—or when
the bases got juiced due to walks—his talented ‘Noles find ways to get runs

This type of micromanaging can guide a team through the ACC
and land a coach 40+ wins every year, but it’s also the reason Mike Martin has
never secured a championship in Omaha. He refuses to change his approach in Omaha—he’s
now 68 years old—and it causes his hitters to be behind in the count.

FSU’s batting lineup needs to be set free, to be unshackled.
The pitchers in Omaha have guided their teams to the storied city for a reason—it’s
because they know how to throw strikes.

FSU doesn’t lead the country in walks because its players
are naturally inclined to be patient. FSU takes that honor because it doesn’t
face solid pitching during the regular season.

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If Mike Martin decides to abandon his ACC-style batting
approach—which is to take pitch after pitch, especially the first one—the
Seminoles will have a chance for glory in Omaha.

The legendary Seminole skipper must give his men the green

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