Three Trade Ideas for the Chicago Bulls to Ponder

Ernest Shepard@@ernestshepardAnalyst IIIJune 16, 2012

Three Trade Ideas for the Chicago Bulls to Ponder

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    With the NBA draft less than two weeks away, several teams, including the Chicago Bulls, have some decisions to make. Derrick Rose is going to be out for a long stretch, rehabbing from a torn ACL injury, forcing the Bulls to make some very tough decisions. If you are a Bulls fan, you know that the team can be a little conservative in their offseason approach. They cannot afford to be that way this offseason. Not if they want to contend for a title.

    In order to have long-term success, the Bulls must either get younger, or get some veteran help to hold serve until Rose returns. Both propositions are risky, but standing pat would be worse.

    I have put together a few draft day trade ideas for you to ponder. In a perfect world, the Bulls would go after the Magic’s Dwight Howard, but some of these ideas could work out, as well.


Trade Joakim Noah and Kyle Korver to the Lakers for Pau Gasol

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    This trade is not a sexy one for the Lakers, but that is a problem for Lakers fans.

    Why should the Lakers do it?

    The Lakers have always been about “showtime” and stars, but getting past the Oklahoma City Thunder for dominance in the Western Conference does not require more “star power." It requires athletic role players to compliment Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum.

    Noah would fit the description of the role player they need to return to prominence.

    Noah runs the floor better than any big man in the NBA, and he is a willing passer who will require touches down in the post. Bryant would be freed up to slash in the lane, while Bynum would have company in the paint, allowing him more space to score and collect rebounds.

    Korver would be a fill-in addition whom the Lakers could keep for three-point shooting—one of their biggest weaknesses during the season. Korver could also be waived, thus giving the Lakers $5 million in cap relief.

    The result for the Bulls:

    The Bulls receive a capable big man who desperately needs a change of scenery.

Trade Luol Deng and No. 29 Pick to the Hornets for Trevor Ariza and No. 10

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    Why would the Hornets do it?

    By bringing in Deng, the Hornets would be getting a defensive-minded All-star who can help them contend for a playoff spot right away.

    It is unclear, though, whether or not the Hornets would prefer to keep both of their draft picks. The only thing that we know about the Hornets’ plans is that they will most likely draft Kentucky’s Anthony Davis.

    If new team owner Tom Benson wants to win right away, bringing in Deng, drafting Davis and keeping Eric Gordon would make the Hornets playoff contenders immediately. A winning team in New Orleans would definitely revitalize the franchise. 

    The result for the Bulls:

    The Bulls receive a capable defender in Ariza and they save a reasonable amount of money in the long term.

Trade Carlos Boozer for the Rockets’ Kevin Martin

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    For every Bulls fan who wants to get Boozer out of town, this trade could work.

    Why would the Rockets do it?

    The Rockets need star power. And while Boozer is a shell of his former self, he has been a better player in the Western Conference. Carlos Boozer was not as bad as many of us thinks that he was. It's possible his numbers suffered in Chicago because his point guard didn't get him the ball enough.

    This is not an indictment on Derrick Rose, but Rose never appeared to totally trust Boozer. A change of scenery and playing with a pass-first point guard could change Boozer’s fortunes. I believe that the Rockets would be the clear winner in this trade, and they could finally give Courtney Lee some needed playing time at 2-guard spot.

    The result for the Bulls:

    The Bulls get to say goodbye to a free agency mistake while bringing in a player who has long been a defensive liability. On the plus side, Martin is a scoring guard with an expiring contract.