MLB Player Survey: Breaking Down the 10 Most Entertaining Leaks

Joel Reuter@JoelReuterBRFeatured ColumnistJune 14, 2012

MLB Player Survey: Breaking Down the 10 Most Entertaining Leaks

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    A recent survey from Men's Journal polled 100 current MLB players on a number of different things, and while the issue will hit newsstands on Friday, some of the results have been leaked already.

    The survey will provide an interesting snapshot of how MLB players feel about their peers and a number of other things surrounding our national pastime.

    While the full results won't be available until tomorrow, here is a quick look at the results that have been released so far and my feelings as to whether or not they are surprises. 

Worst Physical Shape

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    1. Todd Coffey (40%)


    An unnamed division rival put it best when he said, "Have you seen him running in from the bullpen? He has bigger boobs than half the girls I've dated."

    Generously listed at 240 pounds, Coffey is far from physical conditioned. But that hasn't kept him from being a solid late-inning reliever in years past.

    Surprising or Not?

    Not. Not at all.

Best Physical Shape

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    1. Giancarlo Stanton (28%)


    There is no question that the 6'5", 245-pound Stanton is a physical specimen, and his stature gives him some of the best pure power in baseball today.

    Still only 22 years old, one has to wonder if it is possible for him to get even stronger moving forward. Scary.

    Surprise or Not?

    No surprise here, though I am curious to see who falls in behind Stanton. Will Jamie Moyer get any love for still pitching at 49 years old? 

Biggest Trash Talker

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    1. Orlando Hudson (31%)
    2. Nyjer Morgan (17%)
    3. Chris Carpenter (14%)


    Without actually being on the field and hearing players interact, it is hard for fans to get a gauge of who is actually trash-talking.

    Hudson, recently released by the Padres and now playing for the White Sox, likely isn't doing as much trash talking these days with a .207 average on the season.

    Morgan, on the other hand, is as obnoxious a player as there is in the MLB. He's another player who strikes me as unable to back up his talk with his play on the field.

    As for Carpenter, he's always seemed like more of a fiery competitor as opposed to your prototypical "trash talker."

    Surprise or Not?

    Again, this one is a tough one for fans to have much insight into, but I am by no means shocked that "Tony Plush"  made the list.

    In addition, I'm kind of surprised that Bryce Harper is not on this list, if for no other reason than the reputation that preceded him when he got to the big leagues. 

Smartest Manager

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    1. Joe Maddon (25%)
    2. Mike Scioscia (20%)
    3. Jim Leyland (8%)


    For the last several seasons, Maddon has managed to piece together strong bullpens from almost nothing, and turned lineups that certainly don't rank as playoff caliber into offensive forces. 

    From entrusting guys like Kyle Farnsworth and Fernando Rodney to close, to utilizing someone like Ben Zobrist and even hitting Carlos Pena lead-off, Maddon is one of the best minds in baseball.

    From there, two well-respected veterans follow him in Scioscia and Leyland, and I doubt anyone will complain about their inclusion on this list.

    Surprise or Not?

    I would have been surprised if Maddon had not been No. 1. In all honestly, I'm a bit surprised he didn't take the top spot more decisively.

Least Respected Manager

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    1. Ozzie Guillen (36%)
    2. Bobby Valentine (14%)
    3. Manny Acta (5%)


    Few head coaches across professional sports are a bigger distraction and attention whore than Guillen, as the story often revolves around him as opposed to the team he is coaching. Perhaps Rex Ryan of the New York Jets has him beat there, but he is leagues better as a head coach. 

    As for Bobby Valentine, he has looked out of his element in his return to managing in the MLB. He called out veteran Kevin Youkilis and has made a fool of himself on more than one occasion for his comments.

    From there, the voting appears as though it was pretty well spread out. Indians manager Manny Acta came in third with just five percent of the vote.

    Surprise or Not?

    Guillen and Valentine at one and two is not a surprise at all, and I have to wonder when this poll was done in relation to the Fidel Castro comments by Guillen and the Youkilis incident by Valentine. What did Manny Acta do though to warrant the No. 3 spot? 

Most Underrated Player

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    1. Michael Young (15%)
    2. Shin-Soo Choo (9%)
    3t. Ian Kennedy (?%)
    3t. Howie Kendrick (?%) 


    Young has long been one of the league's most overlooked players despite doing everything asked of him in 13 seasons with the Rangers.

    While he has earned his share of recognition as a seven-time All-Star, his career numbers say he should be a superstar in the league and he simply isn't.

    Choo brings all five tools to the field for the Indians, but is by no means a flashy player which explains him coming in second. 

    As for third place, both Kennedy and Kendrick enjoyed breakout seasons last year and are still fairly young so it may be a bit early to declare them underrated.

    Surprise or Not?

    Young is certainly deserving of the title of most underrated, but expect a pair of guys enjoying breakout seasons this year in Gio Gonzalez and Adam Jones to give him a run if they don't start getting more recognition.

Most Overrated Player

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    1. Joba Chamberlain (?%)


    There is no doubt that Chamberlain has fallen well short of expectations during his time with the Yankees, as he was once viewed as a future staff ace and Cy Young contender.

    He carved out a niche in the bullpen, but a freak injury will keep him off the field this year and he has largely fallen to the back of the minds of MLB fans. 

    Surprise or Not?

    I think this is a bit of a surprise, because to put it bluntly, who really cares about Joba Chamberlain anymore? He is rarely talked about, and that was the case even last season when he was playing. I'm not sure who is most deserving of the top spot here, but it shouldn't be Joba.

Most Hated Player

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    1. A.J. Pierzynski (34%)
    2. Alex Rodriguez (10%)
    3. Nick Swisher (9%)


    There are not a whole lot of guys baseball fans would rather see punched square in the face than Pierzynski, and former Cubs' catcher Michael Barrett delivered us that magical moment several years back.

    From clashing with the Giants organization earlier in his career to his abrasive personality and everything in between, Pierzynski will likely hold this title until he retires.

    From there, it is no surprise to see a pair of Yankees follow him as they are one of sports' most hated teams. Heck, A-Rod is the poster boy of everything people hate about the Bronx Bombers.

    Swisher has an outgoing personality that the Yankees clubhouse sorely needed before he came to the team. You either love him or hate him.

    Surprise or Not?

    No huge surprises at all really. This would have been my best guess for the top three most hated players. I wonder if Ubaldo Jimenez will crack the list after his offseason of throwing his old organization under the bus and plunking former teammate Troy Tulowitzki

Team You Would Least Like to Play for

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    1. Oakland A's (19%)
    2. Toronto Blue Jays (10%)
    3. Kansas City Royals (9%)


    The A's absolutely deserve the top spot here, as they are trapped in a never-ending rebuilding effort. Trading two cost-effective young starters in Gio Gonzalez and Trevor Cahill this past winter showed that the organization is only worried about one thing, and that is trimming payroll.

    A team on the rise, the Blue Jays no doubt crack the list simply because many players don't want to call Canada home for half of the year.

    The Royals have long been one of the worst teams in baseball, and while they are on their way up it is no surprise that many guys don't want to play there.

    Surprise or Not?

    I am shocked that the A's only received 19-percent of the vote, as their organizational philosophy combined with their fan base's overall lack of interest should have made them the run-away winner.

    In fact, the top three here only made up 38-percent of the voting, meaning these results were very spread out. Another surprise to me, as I wouldd expect most players to have a set handful of teams they find unappealing.

Most Obnoxious Fans

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    1. Philadelphia (36%)
    2. San Francisco (22%) 
    3. New York (12%)


    A raucous group, Phillies fans undoubtedly get on the nerves of everyone but themselves. That earns them the top spot here, though they are a group that is passionate about their baseball.

    Not sure why the Giants warrant the No. 2 spot, as they don't really stand out as a particularly abrasive fan base. Their undying support for Barry Bonds is a bit annoying, I'll give them that.

    In third place, the entire city of New York was lumped together and they still managed just a third of the votes that Phillies fans received.

    Surprise or Not?

    Huge surprise across the board here. First off, how do Los Angeles Dodgers fans not lead this list after all of their ugly incidents of fan violence? Also, how does Tampa Bay not make it here as they continue to under-support one of the best teams in all of baseball? And what is the reasoning behind lumping both New York teams together?


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