TNA Live: Rate Your Interest in the 6/14/12 Edition of Impact

Shane CombsCorrespondent IIJune 13, 2012

TNA Live: Rate Your Interest in the 6/14/12 Edition of Impact

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    We are moving into the third edition of TNA’s live summer of Impact, yet this week will also be where it all begins again.

    Impact went live just before Slammiversary, so even though the live shows were beginning, many of the then-current feuds still had to end.

    Last week, I rated my interest for Impact at a cautious B-. Impact far surpassed that rating for me.

    The preview for the 6/14/12 edition of Impact is now up at

    What is your interest rate in the Impact where the 2012 Bound for Glory series kicks off with a Gauntlet match?

Hulk Hogan Presents Mr. Anderson...Anderson

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    Much to the chagrin of general manager Hulk Hogan and his latest hopeful Sting, Bobby Roode is still the TNA Heavyweight champion.

    Yet the list of challengers grows longer and longer and arrives sooner and sooner.

    The old cliché goes out of the frying pan and into the fire and Bobby Roode will go from facing Sting at Slammiversary to Mr. Anderson on Impact.

    I used to be a fan of Mr. Anderson, even when many were not, but I believe he has grown stale of late.

    But do you know why I am still excited about this match?

    Because it is a Heavyweight title match that features Bobby Roode.

    Bobby Roode’s title reign grows more prestigious by the week, and with Hulk Hogan skulking in the shadows, it is always intriguing to see what will happen next.

    I look to see Bobby Roode maintain his championship, but with the odd positioning of this title match (the week after a PPV), one has to wonder if it will extend into the weeks to come.

    I give this one four out of five stars.

AJ, Dixie and Serg

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    Forgive this first sentence, but part of where Impact surged past my expectations last week was with AJ Styles, Dixie Carter and her husband, Serg.

    I was somewhat skeptical (yet hopeful) about this program.

    TNA is placing great stock in it.

    On last week’s Impact, I praised the fact that this program mixed well with the new reality-based theme in TNA.

    Some were opposed to that statement.

    I liked the touch of having AJ Styles leave the building. His character is seen as fairly conservative, I believe, about his business, which is wrestling.

    To have AJ Styles leave the building for a time was a nice touch and highlighted the turbulent situation in which he has found himself.

    With that said, this remains a program that could be hit or miss. You have two people in Dixie and Serg who are not well-practiced on TV and one in AJ Styles, who sometimes seems as if he isn’t, either.


    I am cautious not to lowball it after enjoying last week’s segment.

    I will rate my anticipation at three-and-a-half out of five stars.

    I can see them living up to this, but I can also see them bottoming out.

The Bound for Glory Series

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    As of June 14, the Bound for Glory series will be upon us again!

    I did not use that exclamation mark in vain.

    I heard about the Bound for Glory series last year, but I was not watching Impact regularly at that time.

    To be excited about TNA at the time of a Bound for Glory series seems to be the recipe for much excitement and enjoyment, all focused on pro wrestling and being the very best.

    The wrestlers included (which we will know as of the end of Impact) will begin to be scored in all their matches in the coming months!

    (Again with the exclamation point, warranted.)

    This puts far more emphasis on every match.

    The scoring begins on Impact with a Gauntlet match.

    The winner of the series ultimately goes on to get a world title shot at TNA’s biggest PPV—Bound for Glory.

    I’m sure many will see James Storm—who returned at Slammiversary—as a favorite.

    As long as Bobby Roode is champion, I think people will keep a close eye on James Storm.

    Another guy who has recently declared that he wants to be the man is Austin Aries.

    What better time than now to raise your ambitions, Austin?

    I look forward to having the list of wrestlers, to see them score points, win, lose, rise and fall.

    This is pro wrestling highlighted, and it is something that I am most excited to be a part of viewing.

    I give the kickoff to the Bound for Glory series five out of five stars.

Interest Rating for 6/14/12

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    This week TNA will begin covering its bases for the short and long term.

    How they handle the next few weeks may speak volumes to how they handle the next few months.

    I am giving this Impact an A- for interest rating.

    This is up a full letter grade from last week, partly due to TNA exceeding my expectations and partly due to the Bound for Glory series.

    The series seems, if done right, to be a privilege to experience and I will only assume the best until proven otherwise.

    What is your interest rating for the 6/14/12 edition of TNA Impact?