Alex Rodriguez Admits Steroids Use...Who Is Next?

Mike Almighty@MikeLikesPintsContributor IFebruary 10, 2009

Alex Rodriguez, baseball's current biggest star, has now admitted to using steroids.  A-Rod was a part of a list of 104 players who tested positive during a survey test in 2003 that was supposed to remain confidential, but somehow leaked Rodriguez's name. 

So who are the other 103 players? Would they be surprises? Or is there no such thing as a surprise anymore? Was steroids more common than we ever lead to believe?

There are a few players we could put on that list, and they are players who found themselves in the Mitchell Report.  Players like former Yankees Jason Giambi and Roger Clemens. Andy Pettitte may have been on that list as well.

It has leaked that Barry Bonds, whether he knew or not, has tested positive for steroids. Miguel Tejada, and Eric Gagné made it into the report as did Benito Santiago and Gary Sheffield who both had ties to steroids back in 2003. Randy Velarde admitted guilt. 

For Gagné, he was at his best around 2002-2004, and has since had a severe drop off in performance since then.

There could be well over 100 names listed here that could be on that 2003 list.  What makes it disturbing about the list of 104 is that it was only a sample of players in the league, it was not everyone in the league. 

Though a lot were tested, 1,198 total, how many who were not tested would have tested positive?

It is important, now that A-Rod has admitted guilt. As much as we wanted him to remain clean his entire career, so many wanted him to fail. So what does this mean for him? What does this mean to the validity of the Mitchell Report that could not use that list of 104? 

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I think even more damaging would be if Derek Jeter, Greg Maddux, Pedro Martinez, Albert Pujols, or even Curt Schilling ended up testing positive. Could some of the "good guys" be covering up their guilt, or have been lucky enough not to test positive? The bag is long out of the hat. Anything is possible, right?


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