WWE PG Era Just a Bad Idea

Christian GaitherContributor IFebruary 9, 2009

Lately, Vince McMahon has gone into a the PG era of the WWE.

Many people have wanted them to go to the violent entertaining attitude era, but that has not happened. They've gone to lengths to make sure kids' parents are happy, banning bra and panty's match's renaming One night Stand to Extreme Rules  and even changed John cena's F-U to the Attitude Adjuster.

But we should have seen this coming in 2007 when they renamed the pay-per-view, Vengeance, Night Of Champions. This is the worst idea I have ever heard and I'm 11!

Do you really think having everything PG is great? That is horrible!

Yes, you're still better then TNA on  so many levels, but, Vince, you don't have to go and copy the attitude era, but don't go back to the golden years where five moves used over and over again won main events.

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