10 Websites and Forums Every Philadelphia Eagles Fan Should Visit

Dave StoesselAnalyst IIJune 8, 2012

10 Websites and Forums Every Philadelphia Eagles Fan Should Visit

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    As Philadelphia Eagles fans, we can never get enough breaking news, commentary and opinion.  The Eagles are one of the most talked-about, written-about and read-about teams in the NFL.

    Personally, I'm an Eagles Addict, and I'm addicted to all things related to Eagles football.  I can never get enough and I'm always scouring the Internet for Eagles-related content.

    So, if you're like me, maybe you already have your own web sites and sources for Eagles news that you check every day.  However, maybe there are some good people and/or web sites out there that you didn't know about that are excellent sources for news and insight about your favorite team.

    Therefore, I thought I'd share with you my top-10 favorite places to go for Eagles news, insight and chat.  These are places I go for all the up-to-date happenings with the team and to help offer me different perspectives as it relates to the Eagles.

    For your convenience, I've included links to their web sites and Twitter accounts if available.

Eagles Beat Reporters

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    First, we'll start with a few of the Eagles beat reporters who break the news and offer good insight and analysis:

    Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer always has the latest scoop on the Birds and combines the news with solid opinions.  You can catch him with fellow reporter Jonathan Tamari on the Inquirer's blog, Bird's Eye View.

    Sheil Kapadia covers the Eagles and provides excellent analysis and great statistics about the Birds.  You can check him out over at his Philly.com blog, Moving the Chains.  He's a must-follow on Twitter as well.

    Reuben Frank is Eagles beat reporter whose work can be seen on CSNPhilly.com.  He offers interesting insight, and if you follow him on Twitter, he'll throw out some great obscure stats on anything and everything.

Great Eagles Blogs

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    Iggles Blitz: Eagles writer and amateur college football scout Tommy Lawlor heads up this site.  If you're looking for someone who knows the Eagles and can offer calm, level-headed insight into the team's thoughts and actions, you need to check him out.

    Lawlor is also an excellent source around NFL draft time.  He is great at pinpointing potential prospects and how they fit with the Eagles.

    Blogging the bEast: This site is run by Jimmy Kempski and offers updates and insight to not only the Eagles, but on what's happening with the Redskins, Cowboys and Giants as well.

    Kempski is a Philly fan but is able to be unbiased as he writes about the Eagles' arch rivals.  I love his tag-line: "We be journalizin', son."

    Bleeding Green Nation: It just wouldn't be right if I didn't include the most popular Eagles blog on the web.  It's a great site for news, opinion and humor.  A must see if you haven't already!

    You can follow BGN on Twitter here.

    Philly Sports Muse: How about a female view on the Eagles?  Well, it's not as if that's any different, because, well, it's the Eagles we're talking about here.  However, Brandyn Campbell covers the team as well as any blogger out there.

    She is perhaps the busiest blogger I know and is great at reporting all the latest news and events.  She also has a knack for finding some good information that many of us may have missed in glut of information out there in cyberspace.

    The700Level.com: Expansive blog that not only keeps you up to date on Eagles news, but the rest of the Philly sports world as well.  These guys are smart, funny and informative and definitely worth a view!


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    Eagles Buzztap: If you're a "one stop shopper," this could be your place.  Eagles Buzztap works like a news feed in that it's a collection of Eagles content from numerous sources around the web.  Excellent place to go if you're looking for variety.

    You can also follow Eagles Buzztap on Twitter here.

    Eagles Message Board: This is the biggest Eagles chat forum and maintained by PhiladelphiaEagles.com.  Great place to go to yuk it up with fellow Eagles fans.

    The board offers a variety of personalities and opinions and has regular posters.  The main section is titled "Talk About The Eagles," and some of the more dramatic fans are called "TATErs" (nickname given to a certain subset of fans who the more experienced fans think are a little on the boorish side).

    EMB, as it's known by some, is versatile in that it offers news, rumors and humor that only the most die-hard of Eagles fans will get.  If nothing else, it's always entertaining interacting with fellow fans who bleed green.