College Football Recruiting 2013: The Top 10 Hardest Hitters (With Video)

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IJune 7, 2012

College Football Recruiting 2013: The Top 10 Hardest Hitters (With Video)

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    Being a big-time hitter is something every football player wants to be called. Some actually are, and some mask themselves as true hitters.

    From Ronnie Lott to Ray Lewis to Steve Atwater and more, we've seen some big-time hitters in football.

    For this read, I'm going to take the 2013 college football recruiting class and give you the top 10 hardest hitters in the country.

    I won't do it with just a still picture of the player, though—I'll have video to prove it.

10. Mike Mitchell, LB

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    Mitchell is a 6'4", 215-pound linebacker from Texas. He loves to mix it up and almost goes out of his way to find contact on the field.

    A rising player, Mitchell has great size, strength and physicality in his game. He plays big at the point of attack and pops with power.

    Per, USC, Ohio State and Oregon are just a few offers to name.

9. Su'a Cravens, S

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    Cravens is a 6'1", 205-pounder who is committed to USC

    He'll likely end up as a safety/OLB type of player, and that is just fine, because he can hit with the best of 'em.

    Cravens is still filling out his frame, which isn't good for future ball-carriers because he'll add more strength and weight to deliver an even more forceful punch to targets.

8. Deoundrei Davis, LB/SS

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    Davis is from Texas and is also committed to Texas. He's a 6'2", 200-pounder who can play OLB or SS.

    Davis steps on the gas when he locates the football, identifies his target and just proceeds to hit him with the intent to separate him from the football.

    He should develop into one of the biggest hitters in the Big 12 in a few seasons.

7. Matt Rolin, LB

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    Rolin goes 6'4", 210 pounds and is a South Carolina commit.

    He can play in a 3-4 or 4-3, either as a LB or DE on the edge. He's a thumper who is great in the box, and he also locates the ball well and packs a punch at the point of attack.

    Columbia is going to love Rolin during his stay.

6. Antonio Conner, S

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    EDIT: Title of video says Leon McQuay, but IT ALSO HAS HIGHLIGHTS OF ANTONIO CONNER.

    I've called Conner the best open-field tackler in the class, but that doesn't mean the 6'1", 200-pound Mississippi native is a shoelace-grabber.

    Conner will give you a punch, using great instincts and ball vision to rev up his speed. He crashes down to the line of scrimmage and punishes ball-carriers for even thinking they can come upfield.

5. Tahaan Goodman, S

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    Goodman is a 6'2", 190-pound safety who has looked physical even at 7-on-7 tournaments, camps and combines.

    He tries to separate the ball from his target with each hit and has good force, good speed and good length. Per, he has offers from USC, UCLA, LSU, Tennessee, Oklahoma and more.

4. E.J. Levenberry, LB

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    Levenberry is a thickly built linebacker from Virginia who's in the 6'2", 230-pound range.

    Committed to Florida State, Levenberry can play the middle spot and can come downhill to fill an alley with strength. He'll bang on a fullback, shed and thump a running back with force to make a stop.

    Just look at this play.

3. Vonn Bell, S

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    Bell's biggest attributes are his ball skills and hitting ability. He could even play some boundary corner in college. He goes 6'2" and in the range of 180-190 pounds.

    Bell can burst for the ball as well as any DB in the country and has good hands to make a pick. If he knows he won't be there in time to make a play on the ball, Bell then simply decides to punish his target with a huge hit.

    Pretty much the entire SEC wants him.

2. Robert Nkemdiche, DE

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    Strong and powerful, Robert Nkemdiche is a 6'5", 270-pounder with a chiseled frame. The No. 1 overall prospect in the country, he's a physical specimen from Georgia with all the tools to dominate.

    And that includes big hitting ability.

    Nkemdiche will pop a blocker in the mouth, blow up a QB for a sack, hammer a ball-carrier in pursuit and even barrel over a tackler when he has the ball.

    His main suitors are Alabama, Ole Miss, LSU, Florida, Clemson and Georgia, according to

1. Reuben Foster, LB

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    Foster is committed to Alabama and goes in the 6'2", 245-pound range these days.

    If you're not satisfied with his ranking after watching this video, I don't know what else will please you.

    Edwin Weathersby has worked in scouting/player personnel departments for three professional football teams: the New York Giants, Cleveland Browns and the Las Vegas Gladiators of the Arena League. He spent a year evaluating prep prospects and writing specific recruiting and scouting content articles for Student Sports Football (now ESPN Rise-HS).

    A syndicated scout and writer, he's also contributed to, and Diamonds in the Rough Inc., a college football and NFL draft magazine.


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