WWE SmackDown Rebound: Keep Your Enemies Closer...

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IFebruary 7, 2009

SmackDown opens up with the arrival of Vladimir Kozlov in a ring that is already filled with superstars followed by The Great Khali. As Khali enters the ring, Vickie Guerrero explains that if Jeff Hardy recovers from his injuries, he will be entered into the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match at No Way Out. But before that can happen, there is still one spot remaining.

Battle Royal for Final Spot in WWE Championship Elimination Chamber

Kozlov eliminates Scotty Goldman.

Kizarny eliminated by The Brian Kendrick

Shelton Benjamin eliminates Jesse

MVP eliminates Shelton Benjamin

Chavo eliminates MVP.

Great Khali eliminates Chavo

Great Khali eliminates Kung Fu Naki

Great Khali eliminates The Brian Kendrick

Great Khali eliminates Hawkins and Ryder

Vladimir Kozlov eliminates The Great Khali

Vladimir Kozlov eliminates The Colons

Vladimir Kozlov eliminates R-Truth to qualify for Elimination Chamber Match

After the bell, Kozlov further decimates the English language when he picks up the microphone. In the back, Hurricane Helms gives his thoughts on Matt Hardy’s actions at The Royal Rumble. Helms says that he wasn’t surprised by Matt’s actions and says that he’s always had an ego problem. He calls Matt Hardy a self centered, egotistical jerk, and he will stand up for his friend Jeff Hardy…tonight.

Also, Edge is showing disdain for having to defend his title in the Elimination Chamber, but Big Show comes in and raises the stakes for Edge.

Back on the program, Matt Hardy is in the ring and is calling out Hurricane Helms. The two men are slugging it out until Matt gets the upper hand. But Helms gets control with a Lou Thesz Press. Matt tries to bolt out of the ring and out of the fight. Matt takes control and continues to decimate Helms until Helms is unconscious from the elbow shots.

Shelton Benjamin vs. MVP (Non Title)

After some insulting comments towards Peyton Manning, Shelton engages in a slugfest with MVP. MVP gets control with a huge clothesline and some forearm shots. Benjamin decides to call timeout, but MVP isn’t listening much. Benjamin gets a quick breather with a T-Bone Suplex, but MVP bounces back only to get dropped on the top rope.

Benjamin gets control after the match gets back into the ring. Benjamin starts to focus mainly on the midsection of the Franchise Player. But MVP tries to fight back with a quick belly to belly. MVP hits a huge kick, but Benjamin fights back until a miscue allows MVP to land The Drive By to pick up the win over the United States Champion and continue his winning streak.

In the back, The Bellas are giving The Colons a little kiss for good luck as they head to the ring with R-Truth for their six man tag.

The Dirt Sheet & The Brian Kendrick vs. The Colons & R-Truth

Primo gets the upper hand on The Miz with a few speed moves followed by R-Truth and Carlito. But thanks to some cheap tactics from Morrison, they get the advantage. But Kendrick wastes no time at picking the bones as he tags himself into the match for some payback on Morrison.

But Carlito returns the favor as Truth manages to get the tag to his partners. But thanks to his partners, Kendrick picks up the win over Carlito.

After the match, we look at footage from the last few weeks involving Michelle McCool as Eve makes her way to the ring for in-ring debut.

Eve Torres vs. Michelle McCool

McCool tries to bully Eve in the beginning of the match, and shows the in-ring experience by keeping her grounded. But Eve starts to fight back with some elbows and tough submission. McCool rolls out of the ring to buy some time. But it doesn’t take her long to get back in the ring and go on the assault. McCool locks in a single leg Boston Crab.

But Eve starts to fight back again with a set of dropkicks. But Michelle counters with a Heel Hook to pick up the submission victory. After the bell, she refuses to break the hold, so Maria sprints in to help her torn comrade.

In the back, Matt Hardy has made it clear that he will be here next week to pick up where he left off. But the problem is that Jeff Hardy will be returning to SmackDown next week as well. He then says that if Jeff does return next week, he will be there to welcome him back…with open arms.

Umaga vs. Kung Fu Naki

Umaga starts it off with a huge kick to the mush that looks to have knocked out the karate master. The Samoan Bulldozer then bulldozes Naki in the corner followed by the Samoan Spike to pick up the quick win in his second match since his return.

In the back, Triple H is preparing for the main event match.

After a brief RAW Rewind, we see the arrival of The Big Show and Edge.

Main Event: Big Show & Edge vs. Triple H & The Undertaker

Triple H looks straight at Taker as Big Show smirks and decides to tag in The Deadman instead. The two giants slug it out from pillar to post, but Big Show gets control with a quick knockdown. As Big Show tags in Edge, Taker sits up and dumps on The Rated G Wannabe. The Game comes in and counters a Spear into a possible Pedigree before Edge slips out of the ring. The Big Show wastes no time telling Edge that it was that close to be Game Over.

After chasing Edge around the ring, Triple H delivers the Harley Race High Knee followed by a blood rushing suplex and knee drop. Big Show gets a blind tag and drops The Game as he delivers the Spinebuster to Edge. Big Show delivers a serious head butt and a set of elbow drops before tagging in Edge. Edge nails the Edgecution to keep Triple H grounded. Edge delivers a Big Boot before tagging in Big Show.

Show comes in and delivers a huge splash followed by a sidewalk slam. Edge returns to the ring and delivers a corner spear, but he misses the second spear. Edge manages to tag in Big Show, but Big Show misses the Banzai Drop. Triple H counters into a DDT from the top rope and is able to tag in The Deadman. Taker comes in and takes out Show while delivering Snake Eyes and the Big Boot on Edge.

Taker lands Old School, and after taking a Spear, he locks in Hell’s Gates on the WWE Champion. Big Show manages to get back in the ring and break up the hold. Triple H comes back in and looks to land the Pedigree, but Show comes in and choke slams The Game. Edge shoves his partner, who in return lands that huge right hand to knock out The Rated R Superstar. Taker comes in and delivers the Tombstone Piledriver to pick up the win for he and Triple H.


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